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RE:VisionFX Twixtor v6.2.1 for OFX
Software » Video Apps | автор: SonyQ (26.08.15)
RE:VisionFX Twixtor v6.2.1 for OFX

Program Name: RE:VisionFX Twixtor v6.2.1 for OFX
Program Type: OFX Plug-In
Developer: RE:Vision Effects, Inc
Homepage: _
Release Date: 26.08.2015
Interface Language: English
Platform: Scratch, Nucoda, HitFilm, Natron, Nuke, Sony Movie Studio & Vegas Pro
File Size: 10.34Mb

Twixtor позволяет ускорять, замедлять или преобразовывать частоту кадров в видеоряде для получения превосходных визуальных результатов. Несравненное качество изображения достигается в результате синтеза модулем Twixtor новых уникальных кадров путем деформации и интерполяции исходных кадров.

Основные возможности
- Расчет векторов движения в каждом пикселе
- Деформация и интерполяция кадров в видеоряд с «искривленным временем»
- Интеллектуальная обработка полей ввода и вывода при необходимости
- Растягивание последовательности с использованием одного параметра масштабирования
- Синхронизация кадрирования для полного управления на покадровой основе

Что такое OFX?
В 2009 году была сформирована Ассоциация открытых эффектов (The Open Effects Association, OFX), которую первоначально организовали семь компаний: Assimilate, Autodesk, Digieffects, FilmLight, The Foundry, GenArts и RE:Vision Effects. Её цель - разработка и популяризация открытых стандартов в среде профессионалов по созданию визуальных эффектов. Это позволяет художникам создавать впечатляющие эффекты для всего, что демонстрируется аудитории. Изначально ассоциация сосредоточилась на улучшении открытого стандарта на подключаемые модули для обработки изображений с эффектами, разработанного компанией The Foundry в 2004 году. Назначение же OpenFX API состоит в уменьшении интенсивности разработок и поддержке, необходимой для подключаемых модулей на различных платформах монтажа и обработки.

Twixtor raises the bar in motion estimation. Twixtor is much more accurate, tracks objects farther, and exhibits fewer artifacts when there are objects crossing in the scene. This means less tearing and stretching of objects as they cross or go out of the frame.

Twixtor enables you to speed up, slow down or frame rate convert your image sequences with visually stunning results. In order to achieve its unparalleled image quality, Twixtor synthesizes unique new frames by warping and interpolating frames of the original sequence... employing RE:Vision's proprietary tracking technology that calculates motion for each individual pixel.

Frame rate conversion supported within After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro, Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer, Symphony and Newscutter. Frame rate conversions can often be accomplished in other applications by writing out image sequences and reading them back in with a different frame rate setting.

Twixtor Features for Nuke and Scratch
• 8 and 16 bits per channel and unclamped floating point image support
• Option to automatically enhance dark imagery or imagery with poorly defined edges. In many cases, footage that was difficult to track becomes much more well-behaved upon retiming
• Contains an option to add or remove motion motion blur, as appropriate
• Support for marking material so that Twixtor does not motion-interpolate across a cut
• Object separation. Support for foreground and background separation using a specified matte. Twixtor then tracks each layer separately for improved results. This feature uses proprietary filling and tracking techniques when working on the background layer even when it is obscured by the foreground! In certain hosts there is support for up to 3 foreground layers.
• Track Point Guidance. Up to 12 user-defined points can be specified to help guide Twixtor's motion estimation. By using the tracking points you can explicitly tell Twixtor where a pixel moves from one frame to the next in order to guide Twixtor's calculation of motion vectors. You can set the position of each point at each frame by hand.
• Motion Vector Import. Give Twixtor motion vectors generated elsewhere (like from a 3D system) to time remap footage.
• Motion Vectors Export. You can now output the motion vectors that Twixtor generates internally. This powerful feature comes with visual debugging modes to more intuitively assess and tune the quality of the motion estimation. The motion vectors can then be used elsewhere in the pipeline (including the Twixtor plugin that imports motion vectors).
• Note for Toxik users, we properly locate the points from the center of project is 0,0 reference so you can use expressions to connect to tracker locations to Twixtor's Tracking Point settings.

Twixtor Features for Vegas, HitFilm, Natron, Movie Studio
• Warping and interpolation of frames to "time warp" input footage
• Keyframable retiming for complete control on a frame by frame basis
• Option to automatically enhance dark imagery or imagery with poorly defined edges. In many cases, footage that was difficult to track becomes much more well-behaved upon retiming
• Contains an option to add or remove motion motion blur, as appropriate
• Support for marking material so that Twixtor does not motion-interpolate across a cut

GPU Support
Please read our GPU FAQ carefully to see if your GPU is supported.
Our GPU FAQ >>

What's new in v6.2.1:
- Added support for more OFX hosts.
- Fixes a bug where red frames were incorrectly produced in Vegas and Nucoda.

- Assimilate Scratch, v4 or later
- Digital Vision Nucoda (tested in versions released in 2014 and later)
- FXHOME HitFilm 3.0.0576 and up
- Natron v1 and up, 64-bit only
- Sony Movie Studio 11.0 and up, 64-bit only
- Sony Vegas Pro 10.0d and up, 64-bit only
- The Foundry Nuke, 5.1 v2 and up, 64-bit versions only

RevisionFX.Twixtor.for.OFX.v6.2.1-AMPED [Serial]>>>>>>

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