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JixiPix Artista Impresso Pro v1.09 for Adobe Photoshop
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (25.08.15)
JixiPix Artista Impresso Pro v1.09 for Adobe Photoshop

Program Name: JixiPix Artista Impresso Pro v1.09
Program Type: Adobe Photoshop Plug-In
Developer: JixiPix Software, LLC
Homepage: _http://jixipix.com/artista-impresso-pro/details.html
Release Date: 24.08.2015
Interface Language: English
Platform: Adobe Photoshop CS3+/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015
File Size: 68.19Mb

Artista Impresso Pro - создавайте шедевры в стиле импрессионизма. Используйте слои, чтобы объединять различные стили рисования и глубину мазков импрессионистов. Работает как подключаемый модуль к Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom и Elements. Поддерживает действия, прозрачность, смешивание, команду 'Последний фильтр', пакетную обработку, 16-битные режимы RGB и градации серого.


Artista Impresso Pro - Use layers to combine paint styles and depth for impressionisms strokes that stand out. For professionals who like creative control we give them Layers for blending multiple paint styles and brushes to paint on and off the impressionism strokes. We have also included an ultra-impressionism effect called 'Tache' to cover the painting with broken brush strokes or dabs of color that literally stand out, apply them sparsely or cover the entire painting, the choice is yours.

The 19th century brush-wielding Impressionist artists were crazy about flowers and gardens, and it was good. With flowing brush strokes and thickly painted texture, Van Gogh made his Sunflowers immortal with harmonious movement of color, contrast, and form. Monet made his Water Lilly Pond a celebrity. It took their genius and a lifetime of practice navigating the riot of their senses, but these extraordinary artists took what they saw and felt in the petals and leaves and transferred their impressions onto canvasses full of beauty, mood and meaning.

Lucky you, 21st century software wielding seer and lovers of beauty, Impresso gives you the same enduring attention to detail, light, color and texture by transforming your photos into multi-textured, stroke-filled Impressionist masterpieces. Keen eyes will love how Impresso maintains the balance of your piece! The results are captivating paintings brimming with passion, life, and beauty.

A pro workflow adds impressionism styles per layer. With Layers, users can blend styles using brushes to paint on or off areas in the painting! Also, included is the powerful Ellipse Detail tool to add finely painted details to faces, flowers or to create focal points in landscapes. Once completed , resize then hit the 'Apply' button to render small brushstrokes inside the Ellipse. With layers photographers and artists now have the power to composite multiple impressionism styles for impressive results.

• Alla Prima ('wet-on-wet' or 'all-at-once')—is great for portraits! This beautiful paint style starts by filling the painting with an abundance of brushstrokes. A library of artistic finishes compliments this style by adding light, color and movement with controls over strength.
• En Plein Air (in open air) is perfect for landscapes. This stroke-filled effect consists of eight artists' palettes created by famous impressionists. Use them as they are or edit the paint colors to make your own palette. The Save Preset feature keeps the palette and all the layers intact for future projects.
• Tache ('spot' or 'blot') applies broken brushstrokes throughout the image. This technique of laying thick patches, flecks and dabs of color is great for making paint look as if it stands out from the surface. Apply a light spackling of strokes or fill the painting with dabs of color—the choice is up to you!
• Canvas layer is added to each painting created. By creating a canvas layer, it can now be turned on or off for viewing strokes created on previous layers. As with traditional methods, the canvas is an integral part of the painting, so we have locked the layer to keep it from being accidentally deleted.

• Three stroke styles: #1 is a series of straighter strokes, #2 combines the first style with curved ones, and #3 is an abstract set. Then the Tache effect has its own custom set of brushes designed for depth.
• Three Impressionism styles: Alla Prima, En Plein Air and Tache (pronounced tash)
• Pro Layers with built-in Impressionism styles for multi-layer types and options to duplicate, reorder, and delete them
• Control over detail ellipse tool, stroke size, stroke volume, bristle strength & depth, artistic finishes and the painted edge
• Save Preset to save customized paint palettes and keep all strokes & layers intact for future projects
• Smart brushes to remove or add impressionism effect—the brushes are smart because they remove the effect by stroke
• Mask with fill, invert and clear to support brushes and layers
• Canvas and linen texture
• 8 Impressionist palette styles
• One-touch paint styles
• 70 Artistic finishes
• One-of-a-kind ellipse detail tool renders small brush strokes inside the placed area
• Plugin for Photoshop CS3+, Lightroom and Elements for Mac and Windows

Photoshop Plugin
Allows quick access to Artista Impresso Pro from inside Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements. Supports actions, transparency, blending, last filter command, batch processing and 16bit RGB/Greyscale modes.

Every JixiPix Product Features
• Support for high-resolution images and output
• Multiple undo
• Randomize button
• Quick previewing
• Customizable settings

What's new in v1.09:
- Added Photoshop CC 2015 support

Host Requirements
Adobe Photoshop CS3+, CC, CC 2014 or CC 2015
Adobe Photoshop Elements 10-13
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4+

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