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Aescripts: Evil Twin Stereo 3D v1.0.2 for After Effects
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (31.07.15)
Aescripts: Evil Twin Stereo 3D v1.0.2 for After Effects
Release Name: Aescripts: Evil Twin Stereo 3D v1.0.2
Program Type: After Effects Plug-ins
Release Date: April 11, 2015
Interface Language: English
Requirements: After Effects CC 2015 - CS5
File Size: 6.9 Mb

Evil Twin Stereo 3D - Инструменты для чертовски быстрого 3D-стерео композитинга в After Effects. Работа в стерео 3D без компромиссов. Если вы можете сделать это в 2D, то Evil Twin поможет вам сделать это в стереоскопическом 3D.

Этот скрипт фокусируется на превращении 2D композиций в стереоскопический 3D композитинг с минимально возможным вмешательством в оригинальные 2D-работы. Он предлагает вам рабочий процесс глубокого уровня, так что любой метод композитинга может быть интегрирован в стерео 3D

Evil Twin Stereo 3D будет очень полезен тем, кто уже освоил приемы 2D-композитинга, нравится работать визуально (слои, цвета, композиции ...), а не виртуально (камеры, свет, Z-оси ...) и хотите сохранить его каким-либо способом в стереоскопическом 3D.

Evil Twin Stereo 3D - Tools for fiendishly swift stereo 3D compositing in After Effects. Work in Stereo 3D without compromise. If you can do it in 2D, Evil Twin will help you do it in stereoscopic 3D.

Evil Twin Stereo 3D focuses on turning 2D compositing work into Stereoscopic 3D compositing with the least possible interference on the original 2D work. It offers you a deep level workflow so that any compositing technique you already depend on can be integrated into Stereo 3D. It was designed as a way to move seemlessly between traditional 2D compositing and the sometimes frustrating, and as some might say, evil stereoscopic 3D space.

It is a lifesaver for those who've already mastered 2D compositing techniques, like to work visually (layers, colors, composition...) rather than virtually (cameras, lights, z-axis...) and want to keep it that way in stereoscopic 3D.

The main action of Evil Twin is the automatic creation of the Right eye comp using only information that is stored in the Left. The magic happens when you push the L▷R button. A Right comp is built from the Left. Footage gets swapped, comp and layer settings copied exactly, and special expressions that sit quietly in the Left comp will come alive in the right comp, connecting effects and properties back to the Left and adding offsets to match the stereoscopic space where needed. This means you can control everything without ever opening the Right comp. The Right literally becomes a warped clone (the Evil Twin?). Of course, Evil Twin Stereo 3D also provides you with the all the tools needed to build such a clever Left comp.

Evil Twin also introduces a special viewing system so that you can view and edit your comp live in Anaglyph 3D or quickly flip between the Left and Right with the click of a button. No extra comps and viewers (though you can do that too...). It's instantaneous and seemless and will greatly speed up your workflow.

Evil Twin exists to offer a complete and elegant stereoscopic workflow to those who prefer to work visually in a 2D layer - based comp. You can easily bring that work over to S3D in real time or even as a separate pipeline stage after the compositing has been done in the Left eye. With its emphasis on S3D bitmap content, it does not include any special treatment of cameras, lights, 3D plugins or 3D layers - although you can still include them in your workflow. You can even build your own basic S3D camera rig using the Evil Twin tools (see template download below). Also, it's simple to integrate Evil Twinned work into other camera-based stereoscopic workflows - just treat your highest comp as if it were its own layer of stereo footage and use it as you would any other pre-rendered element.

- One-click creation/update of Right comp.
- Visual over virtual paradigm: Stereoscopic properties controlled by observation or numerically.
- Ideal workflow for rendered S3D footage and artwork.
- Can be used to add S3D to monoscopic graphics.
- Control EVERYTHING from inside the Left comp. No need to open the Right comp.
- Compatible with any After Effects compositing technique: If you can do it 2D, Evil Twin can do it in S3D.
- Anaglyph 3D viewing in the Left comp. No need for extra viewer comp.
- Wiggle function to quickly flip back and forth between Left and Right (quick way to see color differences and/or stereo depth without glasses).
- Special stereoscopic mattes that can break into the stereoscopic space (not confined to a single 2.5D plane). Perfect for S3D keying, roto, rig removal, and adjustment layers.
- Live-link any property to its stereo twin for instant feedback or real-time editing in S3D.
- Dedicated S3D viewer comp with enhanced stereo formatting options on demand (for external 3D displays and projectors). More flexible options than stock 3D Glasses effect.
- Allows you to upgrade a 2D project into S3D without repeating work. Can exchange between compositor and S3D specialist.
- Adapt and fine tune Evil Twin's behaviour for different contexts using layer and comp comment tags.
- Do it all without compromising your pre-existing work on the Left comp...
- Convert a camera layer to an S3D Camera setup that integrates seemlessliy with the workflow

- After Effects CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5

Version 1.0.2 Release Notes:
- Added CAM button: Select a camera in the Left comp and push CAM to convert it Stereo 3D.
- Fixed cropping issue with edge mattes in Stereo Viewer comp
- Added 3D Glasses layer to Stereo Viewer comp for those who prefer the stock plugin.
- Evil Twin Right now disabled during LR Deep Clone to prevent repeated viewer rendering during the process.
- Fixed bug where LR clone disabled Evil Twin Right layer when in solo mode.

Aescripts: Evil Twin Stereo 3D v1.0.2 for After Effects

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