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Exocortex Momentum 3 v3.10 for Autodesk Softimage
Software » 3D | автор: SonyQ (21.06.15)
Exocortex Momentum 3 v3.10

Program Name: Momentum 3 v3.10 for Autodesk Softimage
Program Type: Multiphysics simulator
Developer: Exocortex Technologies, Inc.
Homepage: _http://exocortex.com/products/momentum
Release Date: 21.06.2015
Interface Language: English
Platform: Autodesk Softimage 2010 SP1 or later
File Size: 61.97Mb

Momentum - высокоскоростной симулятор многоаспектной физики для Autodesk Softimage. Основан на движке Bullet Physics Library, и опирается на его набор функций.

Momentum is a physics add-on for Autodesk Softimage. It is based on the (LGPL licensed) Bullet Physics library, and therefore relies on its feature-set. Momentum itself really is only the integration of Bullet Physics into Softimage, not the physics software itself.

One of the primary goals of Momentum is to provide an easy way of using the complex features of Bullet inside an artist-friendly environment. Features that are going to be made public for the future versions of Bullet will, if they apply, be integrated into Momentum as well.

Momentum creates a second scene, a lot like a rendering scene, in which the simulation takes place. All of Momentum's operators take care of the communication between the Bullet scene, and the Softimage scene. Every object in the Bullet scene will interact with any object, even without connections inside Softimage. This makes it possible to create interactions between Rigid Bodies, Soft Bodies, Ropes and Cloth.

Bullet Physics Features
The Bullet Physics library provides a very solid framework for simulating physical effects, such as:
• rigid objects
• convex hull generation
• g-impact shapes ( continuous shape changes )
• softly deforming objects (soft body, cloth)
• linearly deforming objects (ropes)
• rigid body constraints (hinge, spring, etc)
• soft body anchors to rigid bodies

Known Limitations
Bullet has been build for the game market. Its primary goal is performance over the secondary goal precision. There are some known limitations with Bullet inside Momentum:
• Volume Conservation can be unstable for objects without Volume (like flat grids).
• Objects creating invalid collision pairs tend to disappear from the scene view.
• Continuous deformation of rigid bodies can results in collision jitter.
• The ground Kinematic Rigid Body doesn't work with Soft Bodies. Use the Ground Cube.
• Scaling of ICE based Rigid Bodies doesn't work with Sphere or Cylinder shapes.
• When using the ICE integration, Softimage 2011 can crash when used in conjunction with the “Get Closest Location” node with the “CutOff Distance” enabled. This issue is known at Autodesk and will be fixed for the release of 2012.

Point-Click vs. Node-Based
Momentum provides two major work-flows for nearly all of its features. The Point-Click work-flow using the Momentum menu is targeted for less technical users, to provide an easy way of using Momentum while providing less complexity.
The second work-flow, so-called Node-Based, uses the ICE nodal graph to gain access to the Momentum features. This work-flow is targeted for the more technical users, such as technical directors, and requires a solid understanding of ICE as well as 3D related math, but provides more complexity and control for the simulations.

System Requirements
- Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32/64-bit) or later
- Autodesk Softimage 2010 SP1 (32/64-bit) or later

Exocortex.Momentum.v3.10.for.Softimage-AMPED [Cracked RLM & License file]

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