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Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PRO v8.6.0 CE for After Effects
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (21.06.15)
Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PRO v8.6.0 CE for After Effects
Release Name: Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PRO v8.6.0 CE Team V.R private build
Software Type: After Effects Plug-in
Release Date: June 16, 2015
Interface Language: English
Requirements: Win64 / After Effects CS5 - CC 2015.
File Size: 124Mb

Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PRO - Легендарный инструмент 3D-дизайна, высоко ценимый в видео- и кинопроизводстве за высокое качество изображения и скорость работы. 3D Invigorator поднимает 3D-возможности After Effects на совершенно новый уровень и позволяет художникам с легкостью создавать сложные, как статические, так и динамические 3D-объекты, логотипы и текст. Уже длительное время 3D Invigorator пользуется заслуженной популярностью у художников по спецэффектам и видеодизайнеров, как один из лучших инструментов для создания трехмерных титров и логотипов.

Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator - это своего рода 3D Max внутри Adobe After Effects. Причем это 3D-редактор ориентированный именно на видео и не перегружен функциями, бесполезными или редко используемыми в видео-графике. Например, наиболее типичная задача анимации объемных логотипов решается Invigorator'ом "на раз". А тонкие и сложные инструменты для работы со светом (результаты которой на телеэкране практически не видны), отсутствуют. Или, учитывая, популярность всяческих бликов на логотипах, они "прорисовываются" слишком ярко для реальной жизни, но отлично для телевизионной картинки. Или работа с камерой в Invigorator'e поставлена так, что покажется более логичной именно видео-оператору.

Возможности Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator:
- Полноценный текстовый редактор. Каждая буква может иметь собственные атрибуты - шрифт, размер, кернинг, трекинг, смещение базовой линии, верикальное и горизонтальное масштабирование, цвет, фаску и объем;
- Смазывание объектов в движении;
- Создания объектов из трехмерных примитивов;
- Работа с отражениями, тенями, проволочными каркасами в фото-реалистичном и cartoon режимах;
- Глобальная палитра стилей, цветов, источников света;
- Импорт моделей из сторонних 3D приложений.

Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PRO is the world standard for creating keyframe style title and logo animations directly inside of Adobe After Effects. The software is made to feel familiar so you can learn it quickly and be productive right away. It uses After Effects keyframes to do animations so if you know how to keyframe in AE you already know how to animate in 3D Invigorator PRO.

PRO version Features:
- Customizable Workspaces
- Realtime Drawing Tools
- Object List
- 3D Text Creation
- 3D Text Substitution
- Lathe Objects
- Import/Export Objects
- Motion Blur
- Tracking AE's 3D Objects
- Gradient & Noise Editor
- Object Deformation & Warping
- Mapping Techniques
- Highlight Mapping
- Render Farming
- Wireframe and Hidden Line Rendering
- Fresnel Coloring
- Cartoon Coloring
- Absolute Coloring
- Matte Coloring
- Shadow Catcher Rendering

This award winning plug-in for Adobe After Effects adds 3D stage lighting which greatly extends what's possible in 3D inside of After Effects. Easily controlling and animating hundreds of lights, visible light beams, lens flares, and the automatic modeling of trusses and light fixtures are the highlight features of this new release.

In 3D Invigorator PRO great attention has been paid to making 3D lighting as easy and realistic as possible. Multiple lights can be created inside a single Light Set making it easy to set up concert and theater style lighting. Lens flares respect camera angles so they fade in/out as the light shines into the camera lens. Light beams come with many atmospheric looks and a menu of choices can produce streaky, puffy or hazy looks.

Another exciting new feature of 3D Invigorator PRO is the ability to apply light beams, flares, trusses and fixtures to After Effect's own 3D lights. This means that AE lights no longer have to float in 3D space. Giving them real light fixtures, trusses and light beams anchors them in reality and dramatically increases the realism of a scene.

3D Invigorator PRO is a very powerful 3D program that works as a plug-in for After Effects. This gives it a unique advantage over standalone 3D programs because there is no time wasted due to "round tripping". All 3D models are created, textured and animated directly inside of After Effects for the fastest possible workflow.

3D Invigorator PRO also excels where familiarity is concerned. Since it works as a plug-in, everything about it is quick to learn and use. If you already know how to animate in After Effects you already know how to animate in 3D Invigorator PRO. If you know how to draw Bezier curves you know everything you need to know to create models in 3D Invigorator PRO.

Strong familiarity coupled with integrated workflow, fast rendering and attention to detail makes Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PRO an outstanding value, and a superb addition to your motion graphics toolset.

Version 8.0.0 - Major Release:
• Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
• Compatible with OX 10.7 or above and Intel Mac Only
• Compatible with After Effects CS6 - After Effects CC 2014
• Real-Time Rendering
- Optimized OpenGL and Ray-Traced Renderer- Our Open GL and Ray Trace Renderer is now faster than ever! Create hundreds of thousands of polygons without having to worry about slowdown. Everything updates in real-time with texturing, lighting and shadows.
- Auto-Rendering- With Auto-Rendering, whenber you make any changes the scene automatically renders. No need to keep having to click the Render Test button to see what your objects look like.
• Depth of Field - Use Depth of Field to create highly realistic images where some objects are in focus while other objects are out of focus.​
• Instancing
- ​Instanced Objects - With instanced objects, the program automatically duplicates as many objects as you want without slowing down the program. These objects can than be distributed using the distribution tools.​
    - New Distribution Types - Use new distribution tools such as assigning your objects to take on the shape of a different object, or other simple shapes such as cubes, spheres and more.
    - Materials - Apply the same material or different materials to the instanced objects.
    - Randomization - Use our randomize controls to place objects in random positions instead of scattering objects one by one.
    - Instanced Text- With instanced text, you can set the text to be instanced by character, word, or paragraphs. This lets you distribute walls of text to create amazing text backgrounds quickly and easily.
• Normal Maps
- Applying Normal Maps - Our Material Editor gives you the ability to load either a noraml map or bump map to create realistic effects.
- Realistic Material Presets - Our material presets have been re-edited with normal maps for ever more realistic effects for your objects.
• New Lighting Controls
- Image Based Lighting - Apply Image Based Lighting for highly realistic lighting effects for your scene.
- Shadow lights - Create a light that doesn't affect your scene, but has the ability to cast shadows.
• Note: Wireframe and hidden line rendering styles are no longer supported. If you have any old projects that are using wireframe or hidden line rendering, the material will render as a solid color instead. You may use the Grid Shader as an alternative for Hidden Line rendering.

System Requirements (Windows):
- Windows Vista, 7, 8
- Pentium 4 or better
- A video card that supports floating point calculations.
- Host: After Effects CS5 and up
Note: This plug-in only works in Adobe After Effects. It is not compatible with any other host.

Version 8.6.0 Release Notes:
Still unknown

Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PRO v8.6.0 CE for After Effects
Zaxwerks.3D.Invigorator.PRO.v8.6.0.CE Team V.R private build >> >> >> >>

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