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VideoHive: Handify (AE-Project)
Effects » Video FX | автор: dushes10 (18.05.15)
VideoHive: Handify (AE-Project)Name: Handify
Typ: AE-Project
Release Date: 24 April 2015
Publisher: VideoHive
Platform: After Effects CS4 - CC 2014
Resolution: 1920x1080
File Size: 2.13 Gb

Handify - After Effects CS4 - CC 2014 проект. Разрешение проекта: FullHD 1920x1080. Легко настроить. Плагины не требуются. 12 видео учебников включены – для быстрой настройки отдельных разделов. Handify сочетает кадры реальной жизни с невероятной силой графики движения и собственный 3D системы After Effects, чтобы принести Вам один из самых передовых шаблонов для реалистичной видео explainers на рынке. Он поставляется с более чем 100 заполнителями, а также почти 200 установок из коробки. Всё в пределах After Effects.
Handify - After Effects CS4 - CC 2014 project. Draft resolution: FullHD 1920x1080. Easily customizable. No plugins required. 12 videotutorials included – from quick setup to individual sections. Handify blends real life footage with an incredible power of motion graphics and After Effects` own 3D system to bring you one of the most advanced template for realistic looking video explainers on the market. It comes with more 100 placeholders as well as nearly 200 settings out of the box. all within After Effects.

Main Features:

• Broadcast quality video explainer toolkit
• Dynamic Setup – from zero to finish in 10 minutes
• 200+ Options, using simple checkboxes, sliders and color pickers
• 100+ placeholders for your text and media
• 500+ icons included
• Intelligent Icon selector
• Zoom to any city, street or postcode with our Map Zoom Toolkit
• 12 videotutorials included – from quick setup to individual sections
• No additional plugins needed
• Fully tracked, animated and keyed
• Works with all versions of After Effects – CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014
• Intelligent updates
• Unlimited customization options
Font – Bebas Neue (download now)
Font – Lato (download now)
Font – Libre Baskerville (download now)
• Music is not included

• Dynamic Setup in less than 10 minutes
Handify includes our own Dynamic Setup interface which is directly integrated into this project and allows you to access more than 200 options with a single click. It gives you ability to change everything in Handify from start to finish within 10 minutes.

• 100+ placeholders and 200+ quick access options
With more than 100 placeholders, Handify offers a huge playground for your immagination. It also includes more than 200 options which you can access directly from preview window at any time, and make immediate changes.

• 500+ icons included with intelligent icon selector
Even with this amount of effort we put into this template to make it as easy to understand as possible, you might find yourself looking for some feature. So we’ve included a fully interactive manual with a couple of video tutorials to make it easier!

• Modular template with intelligent updates
Handify is a fully modular template, allowing you to add or remove elements as you wish. It also allows us to create new updates and literally push them to your existing project without affecting other sections of the template. Sweet!

• 12 Videotutorials and Interactive documentation
Handify comes with a bunch (1 hour!) of video tutorials covering everything from basics to more advanced options. Along with videos, we have also included fully interactive documentation for your convenience in case you need a hand.

• Non-baked animations give you unlimited customization options
As soon as you bake (render out) any element in a template you’ll loose all customization options immediately. That’s why Handify is 95% real time, non-baked , project template. This way you can make changes to almost any element in Handify.

• Earth Zoom Toolkit included
Find your address by postcode and Handify will automatically zooms into your defined place, creating appealing zooming effect with just a few clicks. Don’t know your postcode? No problem! You can use street name, city or anything else!

• Choose from two music styles
Think about synchronising audio in After Effects… you are probably frowning right now. Whe have done the hard work for you and prepared Handify to work with two different styles – Upbeat and Motivational. Available from Audiojungle

• Works with all major After Effects versions as well as all languages
Handify works with all versions of After Effects all the way down to version CS4. It also works with CS5, CS5.5, CC and CC2014. On top of that Handify works flawlessly in any After Effects’ language set. Danke schön !

• Broadcast quality with marketplace price tag
An incredible amount of work was put into developing one of the most advanced video explainer templates combining real life footage with motion graphics and visual effects on the market. Yet Handify can be yours for a fraction of real cost.

• Fully tracked, keyed and animated
Almost everything you see on screen can be modified. How ? We’ve made Handify with customization in mind. That’s why it allows you to change virtually anything, from backgrounds, desks, tablets, icons, texts, images, animations. Anything.

• Premium customer support based in London
With the purchase of Handify, you’ll automatically get our priority customer support with no additional costs! So if you have trouble setting up Handify, just let us know and we will get back to you with solution within few hours.

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    (#1) написал: vovka036 (19.05.15 09:54)
    Супер! Спасибо!

    Выпрямленная ссылка Турбо, работать будет не долго:сV/vhkdd-11170777-handify.rar

    (#2) написал: kid77 (19.05.15 10:14)
    vovka036 Спасибо огромное !!! Успел.

    (#3) написал: dony62 (20.05.15 00:13)
    спасибо, кажется пошло и у меня. СПАСИБО!!!!! winked


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