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Aescripts: Mettle SkyBox v1.0 for After Effects
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (17.05.15)
Aescripts: Mettle SkyBox v1.0 for After Effects
Release Name: Aescripts: Mettle SkyBox v1.0
Program Type: After Effects Plug-in
Release Date: May 12, 2015
Interface Language: English
Requirements: After Effects CC 2014, CC, CS6
File Size: 16.7Mb

Mettle SkyBox - Плагин для After Effects, позволяющий легко генерировать 360-градусную анимацию из вашей композиции и карты отражений, используя все ваши любимые плагины After Effects. Великолепный инструмент производства!

Mettle SkyBox состоит из двух компонентов:

SkyBox Creator - Скрипт, который создаёт 360-градусную анимацию из вашей композиции. Он автоматически генерирует шесть камер, рендерит и без проблем сшивает их вместе. Это как поездка на машине Google-car через вашу композицию. И вы можете обновить композицию и обновить вывод.

SkyBox Converter - Плагин, преобразующий между проекциями кубических, прямоугольных и сферических форматов. Все математические расчеты и визуалиазия производятся быстро и качественно.

SkyBox совместим с After Effects 3D, и AE-плагинами, такими, как Mettle ShapeShifter AE, FreeForm Pro, Element 3D и Zaxwerks, позволяет импортировать данные в ваше любимые 3D приложения, такие как Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Houdini и Modo. Используйте всю мощь After Effects для создания красивых сложных сред в 3D-окружении с 3D-плагинами.


Mettle SkyBox - After Effects plugin to generate reflection and environment maps as well as output 360º YouTube movies. SkyBox makes it easy to generate 360º Environment and Reflection Maps using all your favorite After Effects plug-ins. A great production tool!

Mettle SkyBox has 2 components:

SkyBox Creator (script) lets you generate a 360-degree animation from your comp. It automatically generates 6 camera views, renders and stitches them together seamlessly. It’s like having a google-car drive through your comp. And you can update your comp and refresh the output.

SkyBox Converter (plug-in) converts between cubic cross, equirectangular and spherical formats. All the mathematical calculations are produced and rendered quickly and perfectly.

SkyBox is compatible with After Effects 3D world, and Ae plug-ins like mettle ShapeShifter AE, FreeForm Pro, Element 3D, and Zaxwerks. Import them into your favorite 3D App like Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Houdini and Modo. Harness the power of After Effects to produce beautiful complex environments within it’s 3D environment and 3D plug-ins.

Use SkyBox generated Maps with:
- After Effects 3D PLUG-INS:
You can create reflection maps and/or environment maps for use with After Effects 3D plugins like Element 3D, FreeForm Pro, Shapeshifter & Zaxwerks. Pretty much any 3D plugin that will accept and use AE layers as reflection or environment maps.
- 3D APPLICATIONS: Use these reflection maps and/or environment maps with 3D applications like 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Maya, Modo etc. Create amazing environments by tapping into the rich motion graphics offerings in After Effects to generate stills and sequences that cannot be done as easily in 3D.
- 3D GAMES: Use SkyBox with the Unreal Engine or Unity 3D to create elements for your level design. Create a unique world of your own.
- WEBGL: SkyBoxes have been supported in hardware in openGL and now in webGL for quite a while. With Mettle’s SkyBox you can now create rich & unique environments using After Effects for your webGL projects.
- YOUTUBE 360 FORMAT: Google’s Youtube 360 format is growing in popularity and Mettle’s SkyBox is the perfect tool to help you bring your own creations into this format. Youtube 360 requires the Equirectangular map format. SkyBox Converter supports this format (along with Cubic Maps and Spherical Maps). You will also need to add some data to your file. Google made this easy, please see:
- DOME PROJECTIONS: SkyBox Converter can take any Cubic Cross or Equirectangular Map (as pictured on the next page) and can convert them to the Spherical that many Dome projections use.
- VR APPLICATIONS LIKE OCULUS RIFT: SkyBox Converter can take any Cubic Cross or Spherical (as pictured on the next page) and can convert to the Equirectangular format that many VR applications like Oculus Rift require.

- After Effects CC 2014, CC, CS6

Changes in version 1.0:
- First release of the script!

Aescripts: Mettle SkyBox v1.0 for After Effects

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