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Zetafonts Fonts Collection
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (13.05.15)
Zetafonts Fonts Collection

Name: Zetafonts Fonts Collection
Designers: Francesco Canovaro and Other
Design date: 2007-2013
Publisher: Zetafonts
Homepage: _http://zetafonts.com | www.myfonts.com/foundry/Zetafonts/
Release Date: 13.02.2015
Format: OpenType OTF | Windows TrueType TTF
File Size: 596.01Kb

Коллекция шрифтов от итальянской словолитни Zetafonts.


Zetafonts provides a variety of fonts developed for different uses and purposes, and available for sale at an affordable price, in the hope that other designers can enjoy adapting them to their personal or commercial projects.

Antipasto is a soft round font and really smart, created by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini. It is coordinated, compatible and based on Arista font collection by Zetafonts. Now with 2 brand new weight, ExtraBold and ExtraLight!

• Antipasto
• Antipasto ExtraBold
• Antipasto ExtraLight

Arista is a soft round font, perfect for 2.0 logos and contemporary headlines. Arista 2.0 is the definitive release of Arista, with extra characters and corrected kerning. It includes a light version, a extrafilled version for 2.0 style fat borders, and an Alternate version with a lot of style changes.

• Arista 2.0
• Arista 2.0 Fat
• Arista 2.0 Light
• Arista 2.0 Alternate
• Arista 2.0 Alternate Full
• Arista 2.0 Alternate Light

Arsenale blue is a soft rounded font born by the collaboration of different graphic designers. It is inspired by the lightness of clouds in groovy and fancy way.

Arsenale white is a script font born by the collaboration of different graphic designers.
This font recalls the handwriting of a child. It is perfect to be used for graphics with a childish and playful mood.

Bistecca is a condensed serif font.
Highly readeable, it was created for headlines, captions and stylish text blocks.

Braciola Monospace is an innovative, no-curves, tape made-like font, perfect for contemporary and strong titling.
Braciola monospace stencil is a special version of braciola extrabold design to be used to draw with stencils.

• Braciola MS
• Braciola MS ExtraBold
• Braciola MS ExtraBold Ascii
• Braciola MS ExtraBold Stencil

Bubbleboddy is a round, chunky font with an original 80’s touch and all the juicy sweetness of a bubblegum.
Great for logos and cute graphics.

Cibreo is geometric sans serif typeface, made to be extremely clear and readable while keeping a modernist, straight look.
Taking its name from a traditional Italian recipe, it aims to be the added ingredient to make really unique texts blocks and savoury designs.

Release includes:
Zetafonts.Arista.2.0.Alternate.Full.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Zetafonts.Arista.2.0.Alternate.Light.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Zetafonts.Arista.2.0.Alternate.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Zetafonts.Arista.2.0.Fat.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Zetafonts.Arista.2.0.Light.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Zetafonts.Arista.2.0.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Zetafonts.Bistecca.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Zetafonts.Braciola.MS.ExtraBold.Ascii.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Zetafonts.Braciola.MS.ExtraBold.Stencil.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Zetafonts.Braciola.MS.ExtraBold.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Zetafonts.Braciola.MS.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Zetafonts.Bubbleboddy.Light.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Zetafonts.Cibreo.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)


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