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Ashton Fonts Collection
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (28.02.15)
Ashton Fonts Collection

Name: Ashton Fonts Collection
Designers: Andrew Ashton
Design date: 2008, 2013
Publisher: Ashton
Homepage: |
Release Date: 28.02.2015
Format: OpenType OTF | Windows TrueType TTF
File Size: 252.22Kb

Коллекция шрифтов от британского художника-оформителя книг и иллюстратора Эндрю Эштона (Andrew Ashton) словолитни Ashton.


Ashton is the foundry for fonts from Andrew Ashton, a book designer and illustrator currently employed by one of the largest publishing companies in the UK. He has worked in book publishing since the early 90s. His designs and illustrations cover non-fiction to fiction, for authors from George Monbiot to Barbara Taylor Bradford.

Bowen Script
The font was inspired by the persistent demands of editors for scripts which actually looked like real handwriting, a lot of historical fiction projects and a love of maps. While making a map for a prequel to Treasure Island I decided to make a font from the lettering of some Caribbean maps of the period.

The glyphs are all hand drawn vector outlines which although very legible and consistent in style carry the variation and irregularity you expect from handwriting.

This font has been featured on maps for books by authors such as Peter V. Brett, Mark Lawrence and Michael Crichton.

If you want to write something sincere and genuine but not too formal then this is the font for you. It is based on real handwriting, not some artificial calligraphy made to be either too haphazard or spiky or have loads of elegant flourishes but an ordinary person’s writing, and designed to look as natural and as close to the original lettering as possible. Like any person’s writing it is individual and distinctive, but so easy going on the eye those differences sit comfortably with you.

It is friendly and open with easy to read glyphs both as lowercase and uppercase. The letters are relatively wide with clearly shaped distinct outlines. This font may be ideal for projects where you expect a wide readership with different reading abilities from young to old. When you are using this font a slightly bigger point size usually gives a better result so for a standard letter or similar you should size up to 15 points or more.

Maree has been individually crafted to the smallest detail. To create a realistic handwriting font that looks relatively simple but works in a wide variety of languages requires a complexity and attention to detail most fonts will never require. This font in any ordinary business environment would never have been made, the effort required to make it too great, the length of time too long. There have been no shortcuts in this font, no automatic scanning or tracing, no automatic generation, no class kerning. Not only is each glyph individual but the width of letters, the height, the accents and the positions of the accents are all different. Even the line weight of the letters is designed to have natural variation but yet similar enough that the font appears as though it were written effortlessly in the same pen. And in order to keep the spacing consistent even though the letters have different widths, heights, lengths of descenders and so on, there are a vast number of kerning pairs, letter to letter, number to number, letter to number... All kerning has been individually assessed with an eye to proportionality taking in character shape, size and weight. For instance if you write a telephone number the numbers all sit close together but if you write a number before a letter such as in a UK post code or before a unit of measurement an extra little bit of space has been added which makes the number more distinct and therefore readable. That space is so natural to the eye that you don’t even know it is there. However even in the spacing allowance has been made for the fact it can’t be too perfect because when you write by hand the spacing is inconsistent. There have to be some letters which are too close or far apart otherwise the font would look artificial. For similar reasons if you are going to print out this font for a letter, etc, check the print version before you make any letter spacing changes because with the zoom functions in modern applications that uneven spacing and lettering can seem more pronounced than it actually is. When this font is printed out you will find it is surprisingly neat.

This font is what it is, simple clear handwriting. You will not go wow. But if you want something unique and different and looks good on the page you won’t be disappointed. This font is not a work of art but it is a work of love. This font has a soul. How many fonts can you say that about?

Release includes:
Bowen Script
Ashton.Bowen.Script.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)
Ashton.Maree.WinAll.Commercial.Font-FONT (TTF)


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