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Andinistas Fonts Collection
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (28.02.15)
Andinistas Fonts Collection

Name: Andinistas Fonts Collection
Designers: Carlos Fabián Camargo Guerrero
Design date: 1999-2013
Publisher: Andinistas
Homepage: _ |
Release Date: 28.02.2015
Format: OpenType OTF | Windows TrueType TTF
File Size: 6.25Mb

Коллекция шрифтов от колумбийского шрифтовика Карлоса Фабиана Камарго Герреро (Carlos Fabián Camargo Guerrero) словолитни Andinistas.


The word “Andinistas” roughly translates to “people devoted to the Andes.” In Venezuela, it is the word used to describe the people who climb the slopes of Pico Bolívar, the country’s highest mountain. “We found it an interesting name because of its resonance and relationship with the unknown,” Andinistas’ founder Carlos Fabián Camargo Guerrero.

Alcira - Inspired in one of my fonts called Rosadelia.

Bengala is a font based on Calligraphy & Geometry designed by Carlos Fabián Camargo. Its purpose is to be an innovative typographic system combining Script letters with geometric and hard Caps letters. The contradictory styles are ideal for designing covers, posters, branding and packaging. Its smooth calligraphic look meticulously incorporates characters to design logos and phrases that communicate dynamism and strategy.

Bengala Script was inspired by Mistral by R. Excoffon. Bengala Script provides violent and unstable lines with generous spacing between the letters and tight horizontal proportions, producing showy upper and lower case italics inspired by French Gothic calligraphy late fifteenth century. For this reason, Bengala Script retains some uninterrupted calligraphic logic, up and down sometimes higher or shorter than the height of the lowercase, creating dynamism through a variable amount of contrast between thick and thin strokes.

Bengala Dingbats has 62 drawings designed to accompany the designs. Script and Caps Bengala have different gender and the similar X height produces more visual appeal. This way Bengala Caps - inspired by the Porshe logo, due to its geometric uppercase Roman construction, extended horizontal proportions, light caliber, rounded strokes terminations and generous spacing between letters. Special thanks to John Moore and Manuel Corradine for their help with Open Type.

Bochalema is a innovative typography by Andinistas, Bochaleman is a typographic family designed by Carlos Fabian Camargo. Its idea in fonts with craftsman style, worn edges and highly spontaneous look.

• Bochalema
• Bochalema Bold
• Bochalema Bold Italic
• Bochalema Dingbats
• Bochalema Italic
• Bochalema Light
• Bochalema Light Italic

Cazon is a font family designed by Carlos Fabian Camargo. It has 7 fonts inspired by typical signs drawn on the boards of the popular market of La Guaira town in Caracas, Venezuela. Is a suite of compatible hand-drawn script and display faces, with a load of shadow effects, banners, dingbats and catchwords thrown in for good measure. Taken as a whole, the family exudes warmth and a cozy, homely shabbiness — each style also works well individually. This collection will be very much at home on posters, personal stationery, book covers and magazine layouts. The cazón is a shark used in Venezuela to prepare empanadas and arepas.

Cazon Family
• Cazon Gris
• Cazon Negra
• Cazon Uno
• Cazon Dos
• Cazon Tres
• Cazon Dingbats A
• Cazon Dingbats B

Chef Script is an experimental font designed by Carlos Fabian Camargo G. Its fantasy design contains 1463 glyphs to compose words, phrases and short messages on small and large sizes. The idea was born in a sketchbook that was perfected again by hand and achieving "non-neutral drawings" on tracing paper. With bezier digitization the empty and full parts of letters appeared with soft and eloquent curves as calligraphic result produces optimal readability.

Chef Script combines warmth and good humor running in countless design applications such as labels and base plates, covers, posters, movie titles, seals and any printed design that needs an unusual typographic tool. In that sense, Chef Script is influenced by Speedball lettering manual (1957), Ross F. George. The illustrative nature of "ChefScript-complete" does not look anything like the traditional type design hierarchies. Therefore offers 7 hierarchical resource groups to design comfortable contexts flavored with illustration and typography:
• ChefScript-Basic: Letters with horizontal and vertical thrifty proportions mimic an uninterrupted calligraphy brush made with flat tip. Thus its letters have ascenders and descenders strokes perpendicular to its base line and equal to the height of the lowercase.
• ChefScript-Swashes: Letters expressive and unique flourishes to design highlighted words or phrases.
• ChefScript-Caps: Uppercase with lowercase height give the impression of interrupted uppercase italics writing within what is written with uninterrupted lowercase letters producing strong contrast within a paragraph fragment.
• ChefScript-Containers: Container drawings designed to exchange with infinite possibilities each order so that its inferior serve to store information written or drawn.
• ChefScript-Dingbats: Pictograms that communicate: kitchen, chef, restaurant, food, etc.
• ChefScript-Numbers: Bulky and useful numbers to highlight prices or figures containing points or dollar signs.
• Chef Script-Words: Predesigned words with uninterrupted letters diagonally leveled highlighting various thoughts in writing.

• ChefScript Basic
• ChefScript Caps
• ChefScript Containers
• ChefScript Dingbats
• ChefScript Numbers
• ChefScript Pro
• ChefScript Swashes
• ChefScript Words

Cíclope is a typeface family designed by Carlos Fabián Camargo in 2012 and used to write the headlines. Its idea is based on an army of stone soldiers that with their size and strength cause earthquakes. Under this concept he obtained stencil and sans serif letters with monstrous shapes and torn counterforms. Its usefulness as well as readability consists in imitate rocks with scars and cracks.

For that reason, Cíclope family has three sizes, each with their respective italics distributed at different levels of corrosion. In addition, each file contains 260 glyphs useful for designing words and phrases with systematically eroded treatments for advertisement material. Thus Cíclope works as a raw material in the exploration of new graphic design.

Finally, Cíclope concept has grotesque, geometric and humanistics letters roots that seem disastrous but each and every detail has been planned with high definition drawing. Most importantly, it expresses a big amount of grunge style with cracked edges and medium contrast between thin and thick strokes. In that sense, the writing seems impaired and special for design of logos, posters, flyers, brochures and worn, crusty or demolished graphic design.

Cíclope Complete
• Ciclope Black
• Ciclope Black Italic
• Ciclope Bold
• Ciclope Bold Italic
• Ciclope Book
• Ciclope Book Italic
• Ciclope ExtraBold
• Ciclope ExtraBold Italic

Codiga is perfect for titles and badges that need to show a futurist and space sensation. Its angles formed by straight lines and its san serif monolineal design allows its solid and rigid shapes stress its industrial and technology Look.

Codiga consisting of 8 styles: Blanca, Gris, Negra, Super Negra, X1, X2, Stencil and Dingbats (Codiga Dingbats includes 26 illustrations characters).

Codiga Blanca, Gris, Negra, Super Negra, X1, X2, Stencil include the complete character set with lower and upper case letters, numbers, accents, diacritics, puntuation and monetary symbols. All of the fonts included in this familily are available in the Open Type format and they are Mac and PC compatible.

Codiga Family
• Codiga Blanca
• Codiga Dingbats
• Codiga Gris
• Codiga Negra
• Codiga Stencil
• Codiga Super Negra
• Codiga X1
• Codiga X2


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