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IHOF Fonts Pack 2015-01-01 [Team FONT]
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (1.01.15)
IHOF Fonts Pack 2015-01-01 [Team FONT]

Name: IHOF Fonts Pack 2015-01-01 [Team FONT]
Designers: Various
Design date: 2004-2011
Publisher: International House of Font (IHOF)
Homepage: www.p22.com | www.myfonts.com/foundry/IHOF/
Release Date: 01.01.2015
Format: Printer Font Metric PFM | OpenType OTF | Windows TrueType TTF
File Size: 6.82Mb

Коллекция сценовых релизов коммерческих шрифтов американской словолитни IHOF от команды FONT!


P22 Platten Neu
The P22 Platten font family has been revisited and expanded by designer Colin Kahn. Platten is based on lettering found in German fountain pen practice books from the 1920s (you may have seen the similar Speedball books in the US). This round tip pen lettering is comparable to the basic forms used in grammar school teaching alphabets, but with a few original characteristics. The Italic version has even more of these unusual features. Geometric & simple yet casual & timeless. Perfect for many uses.

• P22 Platten Neu Regular
• P22 Platten Neu DemiBold
• P22 Platten Neu DemiBold Italic
• P22 Platten Neu DemiBold Small Capitals
• P22 Platten Neu Italic
• P22 Platten Neu Light
• P22 Platten Neu Light Italic
• P22 Platten Neu Light Small Capitals
• P22 Platten Neu Small Capitals
• P22 Platten Neu Pro
• P22 Platten Neu Pro DemiBold
• P22 Platten Neu Pro DemiBold Italic
• P22 Platten Neu Pro Italic
• P22 Platten Neu Pro Light
• P22 Platten Neu Pro Light Italic

P22 Sniplash
Sniplash is a lively font inspired by cartoons and comics of the 1960s and '70s. Casual and organic, this font features curly lines and irregular weights in Regular, Light and Bold styles. This design defies serious analysis and offers a fun attitude for lighthearted design. Excellent for parties, retro packaging or any number of uses.

P22 Speyside
Speyside is a round, curved and controlled sans serif with an additional set of decorated uppercase letters, initials and small caps. It's appropriate for text, titling and display. The origin of the name is taken from a small location in Tobago. The font is inspired by the local handicraft, the batik in particular.
Each pro font style includes small caps and decorative initials as well as several OpenType features.

• P22 Speyside
• P22 Speyside Bold
• P22 Speyside Bold Initials
• P22 Speyside Bold Initials Italic
• P22 Speyside Bold Italic
• P22 Speyside Bold SC
• P22 Speyside Bold SC Italic
• P22 Speyside Initials
• P22 Speyside Initials Italic
• P22 Speyside Italic
• P22 Speyside Light
• P22 Speyside Light Initials
• P22 Speyside Light Initials Italic
• P22 Speyside Light Italic
• P22 Speyside Light SC
• P22 Speyside Light SC Italic
• P22 Speyside Pro
• P22 Speyside Pro Bold
• P22 Speyside Pro Bold Italic
• P22 Speyside Pro Italic
• P22 Speyside Pro Light
• P22 Speyside Pro Light Italic
• P22 Speyside Pro SemiBold
• P22 Speyside Pro SemiBold Italic
• P22 Speyside SC
• P22 Speyside SC Italic
• P22 Speyside SemiBold
• P22 Speyside SemiBold Initials
• P22 Speyside SemiBold Initials Italic
• P22 Speyside SemiBold Italic
• P22 Speyside SemiBold SC
• P22 Speyside SemiBold SC Italic

P22 Spiggie
Spiggie is a sans-serif, whose name came to me on a Shetland beach. The beach traces a tight curve between the shoreline and the sea paralleled in the fonts controlled yet smooth character. The design language reaches back to the art deco period and the 1920s, yet retains a distinct modern flavor.

P22 Stickley
Stickley Optical Family is an expansion of P22 Stickley Text, a humanist, Oldstyle-rooted design with a contemporary execution and full OpenType abilities.

P22 Telegdi
Abbot Nicolaus Telegdi purchased the Vienna Jesuit press in 1577 and started to work immediately with its own worn typefaces. His first works were publications of his own speeches. The Telegdi Pro family of fonts contains 9 styles that evoke a historical feel with its authentic, highly distressed style.

• P22 Telegdi Pro Reg
• P22 Telegdi Pro Bold
• P22 Telegdi Pro Bold Italic
• P22 Telegdi Pro Bold SmallCaps
• P22 Telegdi Pro Dings
• P22 Telegdi Pro Italic
• P22 Telegdi Pro Alt Italic
• P22 Telegdi Pro Script
• P22 Telegdi Pro SmallCaps

P22 Vale
Vale Pro combines two fonts: P22 Vale Roman and P22 Vale King's Fount. Both faces share many characters designed by Vale Press owner, Charles Ricketts. The Pro Opentype font also includes Central European character sets, old style figures, fractions and a special "Middle English" feature to make any text "Olde." For those without OpenType savvy applications, the single King's and Roman fonts are included individually.

P22 Yule
P22 Yule is a display font inspired by a melange of ancient inscriptional writing, with visual references to Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Medaeval and even a bit of ancient Greek and Roman letterforms. Yule is exotic yet familiar and evocative of winter holidays.

• P22 Yule Regular
• P22 Yule Heavy
• P22 Yule Heavy Snow
• P22 Yule Inline
• P22 Yule Klein
• P22 Yule Klein Heavy
• P22 Yule Light Flurries

P22 Zebra
Zebra was originally designed by Karlgeorg Hoefer in 1965 for the Stempel foundry in Germany. This unique font was designed as a two-color script face and is now available digitally for the first time. The P22/IHOF release presents six separate fonts based on the original painted drawings and Stempel proofs.

• P22 Zebra Stencil
• P22 Zebra Wedge
• P22 Zebra Line Cut
• P22 Zebra A
• P22 Zebra B
• P22 Zebra C

Zephyr is a sinuous Roman font available in both Regular and Openface (inline) versions. This classically inspired font set conjures up a gentle, relaxing breeze. Subtle and not-so-subtle variations offers a refreshingly modern take on these age-old letterforms.
Zephyr is featured on the best selling 'Twilight' book series.

IHOF Fonts Pack 2015-01-01 [Team FONT]

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