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IHOF Fonts Pack 2014-12-25 [Team FONT]
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (26.12.14)
IHOF Fonts Pack 2014-12-25 [Team FONT]

Name: IHOF Fonts Pack 2014-12-25 [Team FONT]
Designers: Various
Design date: 2002-2011
Publisher: International House of Font (IHOF)
Homepage: www.p22.com | www.myfonts.com/foundry/IHOF/
Release Date: 25.12.2014
Format: OpenType OTF | Windows TrueType TTF
File Size: 11.86Mb

Коллекция сценовых релизов коммерческих шрифтов американской словолитни IHOF от команды FONT!


P22 Frenzy
Frenzy evolved from a logo for a Gen X product offered by a very staid company. It is a sythesis of Classic Roman Capitals and American Typewriter - with a bit of frenetic energy stirred in. It is dedicated to Jacob, my youngest child, who is the epitome of the font...contained chaos.

P22 Lucilee
Lucilee was designed with packaging in mind. It is a sweeping italic with alternates. The ligatures can be employed to give a bit of a formal appearance. It is a joining “script” that is fluid and suitable for titling.

P22 Matador
Matador is a brand new calligraphic styling from prolific author and calligrapher Arthur Baker.
It is a contemporary Roman based on the manuscript tradition. The stoic capitals add just the right touch to the slightly fanciful and unmistakably “Baker” lower case.

P22 Monumental Titling
Based on Transitional Roman forms, this tasteful and well crafted Humanist display face exudes an air of authority along with a subtle playfulness. Narrow proportions allow for space conservation. Alternate letterforms & ligatures give this caps-only font expanded possibilities for any given text setting.

P22 Nebiornaments
P22 Nebiornaments contains over 100 ornaments based on the Italian Nebiolo Type Foundry designs of the 1950s.
Many of these ornaments are designed to create complex patterns and continuous borders. The simple geometric shapes allow for endless combinations for a wide variety of uses.

P22 Nudgewink
P22 Nudgewink Pro is an ultimately cool, funky and decorative font style that evokes the popular culture of the 1960s.
Hip and groovy uses include signage, invitations and greeting card design.
Pro OpenType features include discretionary ligatures, alternates and ornaments.

• P22 Nudgewink
• P22 Nudgewink Bold
• P22 Nudgewink Light
• P22 Nudgewink Pro
• P22 Nudgewink Pro Bold
• P22 Nudgewink Pro Light

P22 Ornes
Ornes is inspired by the runic alphabet with ornamentation based on the woodcarvings of the Urnes Stave Church (Norway), an old wooden church from approximately 1150 CE. The woodcarvings and their symbolism reach back to the pre-Christian era.
The Ornes Pro styles each contain the runic alphabet, ornamented caps, small caps, ornamented small caps and other pro OpenType features (as shown on the “Pro” tab). Ornes Ornamented Rustic Pro features a subtle uneven lowercase, but does not include a set of regular uppercase characters.

• P22 Ornes Pro
• P22 Ornes
• P22 Ornes Ornamented
• P22 Ornes SC
• P22 Ornes Ornamented SC
• P22 Ornes Pro Bold
• P22 Ornes Bold
• P22 Ornes Ornamented Bold
• P22 Ornes SC Bold
• P22 Ornes Ornamented SC Bold
• P22 Ornes Pro Rustic
• P22 Ornes Ornamented Rustic
• P22 Ornes Ornamented SC Rustic

P22 Peantut
From acclaimed lettering artist and IHOF designer, Michael Clark, comes Peanut, a font full of bounce and liveliness.
Peanut is based on the traditions of the long revered Roman miniscule. The letters are unique in that they imply “youth” without relying on cliché child-like letterforms. The set contains the fonts Peanut Regular and Peanut Salted which features alternate letterforms.
Both fonts are combined into Peanut Pro with OpenType features.

• P22 Peanut Pro
• P22 Peanut Regular
• P22 Peanut Salted
• P22 Peanut Pro Sans
• P22 Peanut Sans
• P22 Peanut Sans Alt

P22 Pooper Black
Pooper Black Pro is based on a brush ethic and has an extreme axis that lends a certain amount of speed to the font while the lack of connectors slows it down. The pro version expands on the original and popular Pooper Black with the addition of full Central and Eastern European character sets and plenty of alternate characters for those who have applications that support Opentype features. Almost all of the lower case characters now include an in stroke and out stroke version for greater design flexibility. A wonderful face for packaging, titling, and short bursts of text.

P22 Shibumi
Shibumi is a brush-titling face that has an “Eastern” feel. It was designed with a Speedball B (round nib [heavily manipulated]). Its sheer weight exudes authority while the Eastern influence and gentle curves lend a sense of grace.

P22 Sneaky
P22 Sneaky is the newest font by award winning type designer Michael Clark.
Sneaky is a connecting-script and sibling of his popular Pooper Black type which shares a similar flow and casual elegance. It features shared details and relative size so that with careful design, the two can be mixed and matched.
Sneaky Pro features over 500 glyphs with alternates and a Central European character set.

P22 Sting
Sting is a hybrid of Blackletter lowercase with Roman Capitals.
This style drawn by Michael Clark in pen and ink evolved over several years and is now avaiable in font form. 12 alternate lowercase characters are included.
Great for historical and official document titling as well as many decorative uses.

P22 Sweepy
Lettering artist Michael Clark brings us his newest design, Sweepy. It is based on his popular Pooper Black but it is lighter and has connecting letters.
Sweepy also has an optional enhanced OpenType version available with over 50 alternates.

IHOF Fonts Pack 2014-12-25 [Team FONT]

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