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Indigo Rose DeltaMAX SDK v2.0.1.0
Software | автор: SonyQ (24.12.14)
Indigo Rose DeltaMAX SDK v2.0.1.0

Program Name: Indigo Rose DeltaMAX SDK v2.0.1.0
Program Type: Binary Differencing SDK for Windows
Developer: Indigo Rose Software Corporation
Release Date: 24.12.2014
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/Server 2003/XP/Vista/7/8
File Size: 2.98Mb

DeltaMAX представляет собой передовой механизм сравнения файлов для пользовательских приложений. Программа позволяет обнаруживать бинарные различия между файлами и применять изменения (патч) из приложений.

DeltaMAX – это 32-битный компонент, написанный на C++ (ATL), доступен в виде библиотеки DLL и объекта ActiveX, не требует для своей работы дополнительных модулей. Программа работает невероятно быстро и со всеми типами файлов.

Ключевые особенности DeltaMAX
• Очень быстро кодирование
• Быстрое декодирование
• Низкие требование к памяти для раскодирования
• Компактный формат шифровывания
• Работа со всеми типами файла
• Поддержка больших файлов
• Разработан для Windows


DeltaMAX is an advanced binary differencing engine library for Windows. It is capable of analyzing two files and storing only the byte level differences between them. What makes DeltaMAX exceptional is its ability to handle very large files (up to 4GB) and to encode files very quickly.

Binary differencing is the process of analyzing two files and then compactly representing the differences or "delta" between them.

Also known as "delta compression," binary differencing is able to represent the data that differs between two files in the most compact way possible.

The most common application of binary differencing is in creating software patches. This involves analyzing two versions of a file in order to extract only the data that has changed from one version to the other. The results of this analysis can then be used to recreate the newer version from any file that exactly matches the original. By only containing the differences, such a patch file can be very small.

Of course, there are many other uses for binary differencing beyond deploying software updates. Because so little data needs to be transmitted, delta compression makes it possible to distribute changes to large data files as efficiently possible.

Key Product Features
• Very fast encoding. DeltaMAX is able to perform multiple passes in less time than it takes other tools to perform a single pass.
• Fast decoding. DeltaMAX uses efficient file I/O buffering in order to apply differences quickly.
• Low memory requirements for decoding. DeltaMAX requires only minimal amounts of memory for decoding, and is able to apply differences in low memory situations.
• Compact encoding format. DeltaMAX uses a custom encoding scheme that is very efficient.
• Unique multi-pass optimization. DeltaMAX can perform multiple encoding passes in order to experimentally achieve the best results. This is especially important because the optimal settings can vary according to the unique internal structure of each individual file.
• Works with all file types. DeltaMAX can create differences for all kinds of files (e.g. software executables, word documents, satellite images, medical databases, ocean maps, game data files...)
• Support for large files. DeltaMAX is exceptional in its ability to handle very large files (up to 4GB) and to encode these large files very quickly.
• Developed for Windows. DeltaMAX was developed specifically for the Windows platform, and does not sacrifice performance to achieve platform independence.
• Easy to Integrate. DeltaMAX supports both direct DLL and COM/ActiveX interfaces making it compatible with most Windows development tools and languages.

What's new in v2.0.1.0:
- Added Unicode version of DeltaMAX.dll
- Increased max file size from 2GB to 4GB
- Increased maximum theoretical hash table size from 1GB to 2GB
- DeltaMAX.dll is now built using /LARGEADDRESSAWARE
- Fixed sample apps to run on 64-bit operating systems
- Fixed DELTAMAX_ERR_SOURCE_FILE_READ_FAILED message in DeltaMAX_messages.h

Indigo.Rose.DeltaMAX.SDK.v2.0.1.0.MERRY.CHRISTMAS-DVT [Serial]>>>>>>

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