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MediaChance Dynamic Auto-Painter PRO 4 v4.1
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (20.12.14)
MediaChance Dynamic Auto-Painter PRO 4 v4.1

Program Name: MediaChance Dynamic Auto-Painter PRO 4 v4.1
Program Type: Auto-Painter
Developer: MediaChance
Release Date: 19.12.2014
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows Vista/7/8
File Size: 131.18Mb / 131.63Mb

Dynamic Auto-Painter (DAP) - это простая и интересная в использовании программа, которая автоматически превращает обычную фотографию или скучную трехмерную визуализацию в великолепно выглядящую живопись, в духе некоторых известных художников мира. DAP также может работать и как прекрасный инструмент обратной связи для улучшения ваших фотографических навыков, упрощая изображение до его базовых визуальных значений. DAP работает иначе, чем обычные эффекты. Вместо непосредственного изменения пикселей фотографии, DAP использует исходное изображение только в качестве направления рисования сцены различными кистями и руководствуясь техниками реальных художников.


Dynamic Auto-Painter (DAP) is a fun to use software to automatically turn a photo or a 3D rendering into great looking painting inspired by some of the most famous real world artists. DAP can work also as a great feedback tool to improve your photography skills by simplifying the image to its core visual values. DAP works differently from normal effects. Instead of changing the pixels of the photo itself, DAP uses the input image only as a guide to paint the scene with many different brushes and guided by real-world artists inspired techniques. DAP x64 PRO is an advanced professional version for 64 bit windows Vista and Windows 7 that adds special tools and enhancements for enhancing details and creating large poster size paintings.

• In a Nutshell:
- Real-world artists inspired techniques
- It doesn't depend on the input image resolution
- Add Non-traditional look to your photos or boring 3D renderings
- Versatile output
- Great easy to use interface
- Integrated help
- It is fun

• Full of Surprising results
The arbitrary nature of the painting process is ready to uncover many surprises in your images.

• Great Feedback tool for creative minds
Dynamic Auto-Painter can work as a great feedback tool to improve your photography skills. A painting will simplify the image to its core visual values allowing you to evaluate the overall impact of the image such as proper framing technique or good separation of subject from its surrounding.

• Looks Good when Printed
Unlike many off-the shelf painting effects the printed results from DA-Painter look stunningly painting-like. The Real Canvas option will add Canvas or watercolor Paper feel to the whole image even when printed on a normal non-textured paper.

Note: We recommend to use the printing application that come with your printer for best formatting. You can also use the Windows Photo Gallery (it is part of Windows Vista/Win7).

• Add a new dimension to your creative tool-box
Both designer professionals and home users can appreciate the new creative dimension of a painting style as a counter point to the abundance of digital photography.

• Versatile tool
If you feel like to create your completely new preset from scratch, you can. The interesting thing is that the set of brush strokes can be anything from colors to pictures of vegetables or coffee beans so you can really go wild.

Differences from the DAP Standard:
- Works on 64 bit Windows
- Standard Templates
- HD templates
- High Resolution output for Posters
- Material and Lights
- Canvas Designer
- Plug-ins included

What's new in v4.1:
- The now defunct non stop button is removed from the left side panel and instead a selector is added to the right panel during painting that allows to select Non Stop, Pause or Stop, corresponding to the way it i setup in v.4 AOP
- Set output DPI flag is added in the final tab, since some people requested to be able to set DPI flag. It will not change the pixels of actual image, only its DPI flag. (allows 60-1200). This should work for JPG, PNG and Tiff

Minimum System Requirements:
- Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
- 2 GHz processor or better
- 6 GB of RAM
- 1 GB of free disk space
- Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768 (highly recommended higher resolution)

Possible Issues using 32 bit version
In general the 32-bit version offers the same functionality as the 64 bit version, but....
Out of Memory Error: Because DAP 4 is a complex application that requires a lot of memory for the calculations the most common issue with the 32-bit version would be running out of memory when you use some of the highest resolutions for output.
It doesn’t matter how much memory your computer has, the 32-bit windows allows to allocate only 2GB per application regardless and after that it will throw memory error.
Speed: The 32 bit version may likely run slower.
Other issues: There could be other minor issues, mostly due to the lower available memory.

MediaChance Dynamic Auto-Painter PRO 4 v4.1 Incl.Keygen-FFF>>>>>>

MediaChance Dynamic Auto-Painter PRO 4 v4.1 x64 Incl.Keygen-FFF>>>>>>

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