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DAZ Studio 4 Pro (Win/Mac)
Software » 3D | автор: Hello (27.11.14)
DAZ Studio 4 Pro (Win/Mac)
Release Name: DAZ3D DAZ Studio 4 Pro v4.7.0.12
Program Type: 3D
Release Date: 2014
Homepage: www.daz3d.com/i/products/daz_studio/
Interface Language: English
Platform: Win/Mac
File Size: 131Mb /144Mb

DAZ Studio PRO - Профессиональная версия мощного многофункционального инструмента для трехмерной анимации, дает возможность создать ошеломляющие цифровые изображения. DAZ Studio развивает творческий потенциал художников, фотографов, режиссеров, аниматоров, иллюстраторов и т.д..., и позволяет создавать впечатляющие изображения, подходящие для любой цели. С DAZ Studio Вы просто концентрируетесь на вашем искусстве - а не на сложном и дорогостоящем оборудовании.

DAZ Studio позволяет создавать реалистичные фигуры, которые могут быть вынесенны для программного рендеринга или ускоренного рендеринга OpenGL. Эта программа специально разработана для разработки персонажей и анимирования их. Персонажи могут быть созданы путем объединения большого спектра моделей, загруженных из Интернета. DAZ Studio полностью совместима с файлами Poser 4, что делает программу хорошей альтернативой дорогостоящему программному обеспечению.

Вот далеко не полный перечень того, что Вы можете сделать, используя DAZ Studio:
- добавлять на сцену столько человек, сколько нужно именно Вам;
- устанавливать людей, животных, инопланетян и даже неодушевленные предметы в ту позу (и позицию), которая вам нужна;
- одеть Ваших моделей, используя выбранные Вами детали. Между прочим многие детали типа волос и одежды имеют множество настроек;
- размещать мебель, фон и объекты на Вашей сцене. Почти бесконечное разнообразие настроек позволяет воссоздать Вашу собственную гостиную, смоделировать кабину звездолета… да и вообще что угодно изобразить.
- расположить и отрегулировать света. Вы можете легко настроить яркость, область освещенности, местоположение, направление, оттенок и прозрачность света
- чтобы получить тот результат, который задумывали.
- местоположение и размер множества камер. Кстати, увидеть свою сцену сразу с четырех точек зрения Вы тоже можете. Еще можно выбрать нужную вам камеру из представленного в программе ассортимента;
- изменить любой предмет, персонажа или явление на Вашей сцене.


DAZ Studio PRO is a feature rich 3D figure customization, posing, and animation tool that enables anyone to create stunning digital illustrations and animations. DAZ Studio is the perfect tool to design unique digital art and animations using virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, environments and more. Simply select your subject and/or setting, arrange accessories, setup lighting, and begin creating beautiful artwork. Power users and content creators will like how PRO works with their current tools.

The DAZ Studio software lets you choose from thousands of 3D people, creatures, buildings and props to place into your scene or "photo shoot". Then dress them, pose them, and give them expressions. Once the stage is set, adjust lighting and camera angles and start snapping your incredible and professional looking images. Best of all! Ownership of these images belongs to you. Use them as book covers, posters, or banners. Whatever you want. They're all yours to do with and sell as you like. You can now be the artist producing jaw-dropping scenes.

Ready for the next level? DAZ Studio lets you bring your scenes to life. Use aniblocks, and add on plugins like Animate2 to leverage pre-built action sequences and movements, or design your own animations from scratch. Simply move and pose your figures in the scene, record those actions, and play them back. With this free software you'll not only be creating amazing visuals, but building full computer generated movies.

DAZ also provides free video tutorials to guide you through things like laying out a scene, camera angles and placement, lighting tricks and more. Learn all of the factors that make a good photo or movie great. We'll walk you through them all as you direct your own creations and bring them to life in DAZ Studio.

DAZ Studio 4.6 includes the full-featured DAZ Studio 3D application and numerous add-ons such as the Content Creator Toolkit for creating your own 3D content, 3D Bridge for Adobe Photoshop, The Texture Atlas, the GoZ Bridge For DAZ Studio 4 to ZBrush, the Autodesk FBX Exporter, and more.

DAZ Studio 4 Pro comes with:

Content Creator Toolkit:
- Weight-Map Brush (New) - Paint TriAxTM and traditional weight-maps for your figures.
- Transfer Utility (New) - Transfer rigging, grouping, and shapes from one object in your scene to another.
- Polygon Group Editor Tool (New) - Create/Edit polygon groups on any model.
- Figure Setup Tab (Updated) - (previously Skeleton Setup) Define the bone hierarchy for a figure, associated geometries, and the relationships between them.
- Joint Editor Tool (Updated) - Manipulate the Joint Parameters of a figure, along with the ability to create and/or remove bones.
- CR2 Exporter (Updated) - Export figures to the Poser Character (.cr2) format.
- Property Editor Tab (Updated) - Mass editing of property attributes, as well as creation, deletion, grouping, ordering and linking.
- ERC Freeze - Adjust property values (via Parameters tab or Presets/Poses) and link those properties to a controller; automatically calculating the scalar required to drive the properties to their current value when the controller is set to its current value (or 1 in the case of a 0 value).
- Morph Loader Pro (Updated) - Quickly and easily add your own custom and third-party morphs to objects in your scene, using Wavefront Object (*.obj) files, with many more options and much greater control than the Advanced version.
- ExP Exporter - Generate ExP product files through a visual interface. This tool greatly simplifies a very tedious and time-consuming process that had to be done by hand prior to this tool.

GoZ Bridge For DAZ Studio 4: If you are addicted to the millions of polygons available to you in PixologicTM ZBrush, and love the rigging and character control afforded you by DAZ Studio 4, you do not have to choose. This bridge will allow you take your model from DAZ Studio 4 to ZBrush and back, with ease. Combine the strengths of these great applications with DAZ Studio 4 Professional.

3D Bridge for Adobe Photoshop: Easily pose characters and objects three-dimensionally while in DAZ Studio and see automatically updated results in Photoshop.

Autodesk FBX Exporter: FBX allows you to maximize their content creation pipeline by giving you the ability to create cutting edge content without having to worry about inter-package compatibility. It provides a powerful new way of working with 3D content from a wide variety of applications and source material providers. Support for FBX in DAZ Studio gives you access to the wealth of tools and content available through the extensive network of FBX partners.

Texture Atlas: Creating characters or models for games? Increase efficiency and performance for games and real-time performance with Texture Atlas. Texture Atlas for DAZ Studio allows you to automatically collect all of the textures associated with a selected figure, size and scale those images, and combine them into new texture groupings. Optimize the space used in the combined texture atlas to reduce the overall size of the images and improve performance in real-time applications.

System Requirements:

32 bit
- Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP (Windows 8 or 7 is recommended)
- Intel Dual Core (or equivalent) or greater
- 1.6 GHz (2 GHz dual core or faster recommended)
- 1 GB RAM min (2GB+ recommended)
- 1GB free hard drive space for installation
- OpenGL 1.6 compatible graphics card with at least 128 MB RAM (Hardware accelerated OpenGL 2.2, or higher, compatible recommended with 512MB RAM)
- DirectX 9 (used for audio processing only)

64 bit
- Windows 8, 7 and Vista (Windows 8 or 7 is recommended)
- WHQL-64 certified
- Intel Xeon/Core 2 Duo or Quad /Core i7 or AMD Opteron/Phenom processor(s)
- 2 GB RAM min (3GB+ RAM recommended)
- 1GB free hard drive space for installation
- Hardware accelerated OpenGL 1.6 compatible graphics card with at least 512 MB RAM (OpenGL 2.2, or higher, compatible recommended)
- DirectX 9 (used for audio processing only)

DAZ Studio 4 Pro (Win/Mac)


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