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MakeMusic Finale 2009 (DVD-ISO)
Software | автор: nimdA (10.08.08)
MakeMusic Finale 2009 (DVD-ISO)
Program Name: MakeMusic Finale 2009
Developer: MakeMusic
Release Date: 09.08.2008
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP/Vista 32-bit
File Format: .iso
File Size: 1.24Gb

MakeMusic Finale 2009 - всемирно известный нотный редактор. Возможности: проигрывание нот с нюансировкой в различных стилях, создание скриптов, пакетная обработка файлов...

Прилагаются программный синтезатор SmartMusic Software Synthesizer и набор звуков SmartMusic SoundFont, с помощью которых возможно сохранение партитуры в аудиофайл.


Finale 2009 - the world's most powerful music notation software. Lets you express your creativity and love of music. Compose, arrange, notate, and print engraver-quality sheet music...

This new version of the software provides a number of improvements over the last version, including streamlined creation, entry, editing, copying, and moving of dynamics, tempo indications, and other text and markings.

According to the manufacturer, these changes will allow Finale users to complete their work in less time with fewer keystrokes and mouse clicks.

Furthermore, Finale 2009 offers multipage viewing and editing; sounds from Garritan Personal Orchestra and Tapspace Virtual Drumline; the Garritan Aria player for VST/AU playback; open VST/AU hosting so that any instrument plug-in can be used with Finale; simplified and expanded creation of SmartMusic accompaniment files; updated Engraver Slurs, FinaleScript, MusicXML; and more.

Finale is the world standard used by more educators, composers, students, performers and music ministers than any other notation program.

New Features in Finale 2009

Categorized Expressions. Finale's new Expression categories allow all markings of a similar type (e.g. dynamics) to share font, positioning, and staff list settings.
New Expression Positioning. Expression positioning is now part of every expression category's definition, and can also be assigned individually. See Category Designer dialog box and Expression Designer - Positioning dialog box.
Easier Metatool Assignment. You can now assign several metatools at once in the Expression Selection dialog box.
Attachment Indicators. Each expression is now equipped with an indicator that displays its attachment point on the staff (relative to the beat or measure). Expressions can now be dragged to change their attachment point.
Selection Dialog Box Zooming. New "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" buttons have been added to Finale's selection dialog boxes for easier navigation. Some dialog boxes that benefit from this are the Expression Selection dialog box, Articulation Selection dialog box, and Shape Selection dialog box.
Convenient Metatool Assignment. Metatools can now be assigned easily for multiple elements without leaving the dialog box.
Multiple Page Viewing and Editing. Finale now displays more of your score at once with multiple pages accessible for convenient editing.
FinaleScript 2.0. Finale's scripting language is now capable of calling virtually any command, whether in a dialog box, menu, or list. Press any button, check any check box, or enter a value into any text box. With an integrated dictionary and dynamic text coloring, creating powerful scripts is easier than ever.
Updated Human Playback. Human Playback has been updated to accommodate Finale's new expressions and the Aria Player.
New Aria Player. Finale's integrated Aria player now offers a streamlined audio interface whether assigning Garritan sounds or sounds from an external sound library.
Updated SmartMusic Accompaniment Creation. Creating SmartMusic Accompaniments (.SMP files) has never been easier with improvements to both Finale's saving mechanism and SmartMusic's interpretation capabilities.
Updated MusicXML. File transfer between different notation programs, and between different versions of Finale is more accurate than ever.
Tapspace Virtual Drumline Sounds. Finale now includes a library of performance-quality marching percussion sounds by Tapspace.

Fixes in Finale 2009

Exercise Wizard
The session specific Items To Copy no longer affects the Exercise Wizard (i.e. if notes are not selected to be copied, the exercise will no longer be empty (no notes present)).
The Begin Playback At 'Position in Measure' setting of the Expression Assignment dialog box now functions properly.
The "Allow Individual Edits Per Score" setting no longer causes Expressions to jump when selected or nudged.
The mouse cursor is now hidden while dragging Expressions.
In an overfilled measure, you can now assign expressions to beats outside the normal time signature.
Page Layout
Scrolling no longer deselects Page Layout handles.
Page View
Show PostScript Preview No longer only shows one page.
With HP set to None, Measure expressions with key velocities no longer playback incorrectly.
Scroll View
Setup Wizard’s default time signature is now 4/4 (instead of C).
Setup Wizard
The mnemonic for the Measure control no longer indicates the letter A.
The Expression Designer in Finale for creating SmartMusic Marker Expressions no longer uses the 1-100 scale for IA instead of 1-10.
A warning appears no longer while trying to do a SmartFind and Paint function recommending you turn on partial measure selection.
Smart Shape Tool
Custom Smart Shapes no longer cause certain files to hang.
Slurs attached to notes with articulations no longer draw and print with unduly high slur contours.

System Requirements (Finale 2009 for Windows)
- Windows XP/Vista 32-bit.
- DVD-ROM drive.
- 800x600 minimum monitor resolution.
- Minimum 512MB RAM (1GB or more recommended for optional use of Garritan sounds/Aria Player: more RAM = more available sounds).
- 400MB hard drive space required for software and user manual. An additional 2GB hard drive space is required for all VST/AU sounds included with Finale 2009.


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