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Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (25.10.14) Transition Packs Bundle TP1 v3.1.7 and TP2 v3.2.5
Release Name: Transition Packs Bundle TP1 v3.1.7 & TP2 v3.2.5 Team V.R private build
Program Type: Premiere Pro plugins
Release Date: Oct 21, 2014
Interface Language: English
Requirements: Win64 / Premiere Pro CC, or CC 2014
File Size: 5.1Mb Transition Packs Bundle - Пакет из двух плагинов, которые интегрируют 20 великолепных видео-переходов в вашу систему нелинейного монтажа Premiere Pro CC и Premiere Pro CC 2014
---------------------- Transition Packs Bundle - Premiere Pro plugins. There are currently 20 video transitions available for Premiere Pro divided over two packs: Transition Pack 1 and Transition Pack 2. Product compatibility Premiere Pro CC and Premiere Pro CC 2014 Transition Pack 1 is a set of 10 high quality video transitions for Premiere Pro:

Impact Burn White - A beautiful color transition that burns to white.
Impact Copy Machine - An intense wipe transition using a color burn effect
Impact Burn Alpha - Burns right through your clips, showing what is underneath. This transition creates alpha transparency and uses color.
Impact Chaos - A rough twitchy transition
Impact Stretch - Powerful transition that dynamically stretches clip A to clip B
Impact Flash - Nice flash transitions that can optionally use lots of blur
Impact Roll - Energetic multi-directional transition that pushes clips on and off the screen several times
Impact Blur to Color - Combines blur and dip to color to create a dynamic transition.
Impact Push - Smooth multi directional push with motion blur
Impact Blur Dissolve - Classic blur dissolve with timing options and separated horizontal & vertical blurs. Transition Pack 2 is a set of 10 high quality video transitions for Premiere Pro:

Impact Chroma Leaks - A beautiful dissolve with angled color streaks.
Impact Directional Blur - Angled blur transition with optional exposure that smears clips on and of the screen.
Impact Earthquake - Shaky transition with a slight color burn effect to add a dramatic touch
Impact Glass - Pieces of glass will distort clip A and B
Impact Radial Blur - Powerful circular blur transition as if clip A is rotated fast into clip B
Impact Rays - Colorful traveling rays wiping clip A to clip B
Impact TV Power - Turn your clip on or off like a TV being powered plugged or unplugged
Impact VHS Distortion - Old-school VHS like noise and patterns.
Impact Wipe - Smooth wipe with blur. Impacts both video and text.
Impact Zoom - Pulls clips towards or away from your screen.

System Requirements
- Windows 7, 8 (64-bit)
- Graphics card supporting OpenGL 3 or higher
- Adobe Premiere Pro CC, or CC 2014

V3 Update Products for Premiere Pro CC and CC 2014
- The Adobe Creative Cloud is developing rapidly. Back in October 2013, Premiere Pro CC has been updated from version 7.0 to version 7.1
- This update contains a huge improvement for video transitions: Users are now able to have direct access to transition parameter controls.
- With the coming of Premiere Pro CC 2014, you can make presets from any video transition. Another big step forward when it comes to productivity. Transition Packs Bundle TP1 v3.1.7 and TP2 v3.2.5 Transition Packs Bundle TP1 v3.1.7 & TP2 v3.2.5 Team V.R private build >> >> >> >>

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    (#1) написал: rory (25.10.14 22:55)
    нужная вещь

    (#2) написал: Elbo (27.10.14 14:05)
    спасибо wink


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