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Sorenson Squeeze Desktop 10 Pro v10.0.0
Software » Video Apps | автор: SonyQ (17.10.14)
Sorenson Squeeze Desktop 10 Pro v10.0.0
Program Name: Sorenson Squeeze Desktop 10 Pro v10.0.0
Program Type: Video Encoder
Developer: Sorenson Media Inc.
Release Date: 16.10.2014
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 7/8
File Size: 182.84Mb

Sorenson Squeeze - мощное, удостоенное наград программное обеспечение для сжатия и кодирования видеофайлов. Всего за три быстрых шага пользователи смогут выбрать нужные видеофайлы, процесс кодирования и сжимать видео для вывода в различных форматах для публикации на веб-сайтах или записи на DVD.

Squeeze предлагает, наряду с непревзойденным уровнем автоматизации, лучшие в своем классе производительность, высококачественные аудио и видео кодеки, одновременное кодирование нескольких файлов и пресеты для фильтров оптимизации.

Программа не требует глубоких знаний о сжатии различных видео форматов и позволяет пользователям работать быстро без ущерба для качества. Squeeze также бесшовно интегрируется в рабочий процесс приложений AVID, Final Cut Pro и Premiere Pro.

Инструкции по активации на Русском языке прилагаются, см. 'install_ru.txt'


For over 10 years, Sorenson Media has produced Squeeze, a powerful and easy-to-use encoding tool for rendering the highest-quality video and audio files. The desktop software includes NLE plug-ins for Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere to streamline professional video workflows. Squeeze supports one of the most extensive collections of input and output formats commonly used today and is perfect for rendering media files for the web, cell phones, disc players, and Apple’s iOS devices. The advanced features of Squeeze meet the demands of professional multimedia creators and offers a vast selection of customized encoding presets that require only limited knowledge of the complexities of video encoding.

Why Squeeze?
Squeeze Desktop is Sorenson Media’s workhorse video encoding tool that will render the highest-quality video and audio files for professionals and hobbyists alike. Manipulate resolution, file output, and other specifications to create the finished video product you need. Use Squeeze to encode videos that you’ve created in Final Cut Pro, Avid, or Adobe Premier to ensure that they come out looking as good as you imagined. Or use Squeeze to update your home movies so you can share them at a family reunion. Whatever the reason, Squeeze is your best video encoding option. Squeeze supports the most common input and output formats to ensure that your video can be shown virtually anywhere. Check out the different versions of Squeeze to find which best meets your needs.

New Features
4K Resolution Presets - Our latest release aims at addressing the growing demand to support 4K. We designed two specific 4K Presets, one for H.264 and one for x265 that will offer preliminary 4K output support to our users.
HEVC/x265 Video Codec - High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also called H.265, is a next generation video codec successor to H.264. Squeeze 10 is the first transcoding software provider to support HEVC encoding and decoding. HEVC is designed to double the data compression compared to H.264 at the same level of video quality which translates into improved video quality at lower bit rates.
VP9 Video Codec - The successor to the VP8 Flash and WebM video codec is an open and royalty free next generation video compression standard developed by Google. VP9 is designed to reduce the bit rate by 50% compared to VP8, with the same video quality.
Closed Captions Embedding - Squeeze 10 has improved closed captioning support with the ability to embed .scc EIA-608/EIA-708 closed captions into broadcast stream outputs.
Apple HLS Audio-Only Stream - The Apple app store guidelines require that HLS video streaming content over a cellular network longer than 10 minutes must include a baseline 64 kbps stream. Squeeze 10 now has support for this audio-only stream.
HTTP Live Streaming Encryption - Squeeze 10 now supports encryption to encrypt HLS videos securely and provide an added layer of security. This new HLS security feature utilizes customized root URLs in manifest files in order to serve index files and media files from different locations. When encryption is employed, references to the corresponding key files appear in the index file so that the client can retrieve the keys for decryption.
Multi-Rate Bundle Encoding - Squeeze 10 introduces a new concept called Multi-Rate Bundle Encoding that automatically packages files for Apple HLS, Adobe Dynamic Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and MPEG DASH downloads by only encoding each data rate once and then packaging everything into multiple formats. Squeeze 10 is the first to introduce this rapid time-saving encoding feature.
Simple Format Conversion Presets - Squeeze 10 introduces Simple Format Conversion presets designed to easily convert a video to MP4, MOV, and/or MKV using the x264 video codec. These new preset options are similar to re-wrapping a source file into a different format, while eliminating quality loss during transcoding.

Version Comparison >>

Supported Video Codecs
VP9, HEVC, H.264, x264, MPEG-4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-TS, DV (DV25), VP8, H263, Motion JPEG A, JPEG2000, Animation, Avid DNxHD, Avid DV, Avid Meridien, Blackmagic (8 & 10-bit), Cinepak, DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO HD, H.261, HDV, IMX, MJPEG A/B, Media 100, Pixlet, RAW, RED, Sheer Video, Sorenson Video 1 (SV1), Sorenson Video 2 (SV2), Sorenson Video 3 (SV3), Targa Cine, YUV, XDCAM, XDCAM HD 422, XDCAM EX, YCbCr, FLV 6 – 8, WM Screen V9, WMV 7 – 9 Advanced, VC1, WMV-Bluray HD, ProRes
x265, VP9, MC H.264, x264, Apple H.264, Sorenson MPEG-4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DV (DV25), VP8, MOV, Motion JPEG A, JPEG2000, Animation, Avid DNxHD, Cinepak, DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO HD, H.261, HDV, IMX, MJPEG A/B, YUV, Pixlet (Mac only), Sorenson Video 3 (SV3), Sorenson Spark, H.263, WM Screen V9 (PC only), WMV 7 – 9 Advanced (PC only), VC-1, WMV-Bluray HD, ProRes (Mac Only)

Supported Video Formats
264, AVI, DV, FLV, M4V, M2V, MOV, MP4, MPG, MTS, MKV, MXF, SWF, VC1, WebM, WMV, 3GPP, Flash, AVI, Matroska, QuickTime, MPEG-2 PS, MPEG-2 TS, MXF (Xdcam, DNxHD OP-Atom)

Supported Audio Codecs
Adaptive Bitrate Standards
- Multi-Rate Bundling, MPEG DASH, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming (H.264) and Adobe Flash Dynamic Streaming
- AC3, AAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG Layer 1, MPEG Layer 2, LPCM, Windows Media Audio

Supported Audio Formats

System Requirements
- Microsoft Windows 7 or 8
- Pentium IV-based or greater
- 1 GB of RAM
- 200 MB of available hard-disk space
- QuickTime 7.2 or later
- DirectX 9.0b or later


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    Комментарии / Comments

    (#1) написал: camarilla (17.10.14 21:08)

    НЕ крякается .... ?!

    (#2) написал: valent99 (18.10.14 00:03)
    подтверждаю, стояла предыдущая версия и эту нельзя зарегистрировать, и инсталяция не проходит!

    (#3) написал: Elbo (18.10.14 03:33)
    спасибо wink

    (#4) написал: Igor_S (18.10.14 11:02)
    Ничего особенного в этом кодировщике нет. TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5, например, HD в SD скалирует лучше. Поставил, сравнил, удалил.

    (#5) написал: SonyQ (18.10.14 18:49)
    camarilla & valent99, активировали по инструкции, с откл. Интернетом и перезагрузкой после применения патча?

    Igor_S, за TMPGEnc браться никто не будет, проще купить.

    (#6) написал: Igor_S (19.10.14 00:40)
    SonyQ, что я и сделал smile

    (#7) написал: valent99 (19.10.14 21:11)
    так не проходит проверку номера от кейгена?!


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