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MAGIX Video Pro X6 v13.0.5.9 (Win64)
Главная | автор: Hello (29.09.14)
MAGIX Video Pro X6 v13.0.5.9 (Win64)
Release Name: MAGIX Video Pro X6 v13.0.5.9 Win64
Program Type: Video editing
Release Date: 2014
Interface Language: English
Platform: Win64
File Size: 350Mb

MAGIX Video Pro X6 - Программа для работы с видео, которая способна удовлетворить самые высокие требования профессиональных пользователей, включает в себя уникальный набор инструментов для детальной обработки видео и аудио. Кроме того благодаря продуманной разбивке программы на модули и повышенной производительности удалось добиться максимальной эффективности при работе. Передовые функции и многолетний опы ткомпании MAGIX в разработке видео и аудио программного обеспечения гарантируют вам потрясающие результаты и идеальные изображение и звук.
MAGIX Video Pro X6 MAGIX Video Pro X6 is the perfect editing software for intuitive and powerful video production. This multi-award-winning video editing suite is geared towards the unique requirements of professional users and offers an unrivaled range of powerful post-production tools. Now with 64-bit support. Improved performance, detailed editing options and years of software development guarantee user-friendly operation and professional results.

Top Features:
- Native 64-bit version with:
    - Bridge technology for 32-bit Quicktime
    - Bridge technology for 32-bit recording module
- Movie Objects (Nested Sequences)
- Upload auf
- New native Intel codec for H.264 with flexible configuration options for Ultra HD and 4K
- Online upload presets for Ultra HD
- Film settings for Ultra HD
- Support for RAW image formats
- Advanced import compatibility for 4K/Ultra HD
- Optimized JPEG reading routine for maximum compatibility and improved performance
- Improve import compatibility
- Transition preview in HD (Content)
- Optimized handles for image size/adjusting positions with integrated rotation handle
- Import MET projects
- Selected touch elements
- Option for automatic waveform creation when importing
- Reduced amount of memory needed when often using color correction
- Adjustments made to dialogs to fit program design (CD-import)
- Swap channels for multistream 3D files
Integrated professional measuring instruments for:
- Vectorscope
- Waveform Monitor
- RGB Parade
- Histogram
Fine tuning effect handling:
- Performance optimization color correction GUI
- Edit fields in effect pages with spin controls and mouse drag function
- Keyboard qualifier to limit X/Y axes when moving objects
- Differing keyframe interpolation within objects
- Image size/position can be applied relative to pre-positioned object groups
- Center vertically and horizontally using separate buttons
- Visual comparison of saturation effects processed by GPU/CPU
Effect plugins:
- proDAD Mercalli V2 (64-bit version)
- Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks 1.4 (64-bit version)
- Support for plugins with own GUI (z.B. proDAD Defishr)
Support for high DPI:
- GUI automatically adjusts to different display pixel densities
- Possible to manually switch size of GUI elements in the program settings window
Transition dialogs:
- Embedded GUI
- Adjustments to various parameters
- Improved presets in the alpha transitions
New content:
- 2 Intros/Outros
- 15 DVD menus
- 1 Decorative element

Supported import formats:
Video: AVI, DV-AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MXV, MVC, MXF, ProRes, DNxHD, DVCPRO*, AVC-Intra*, MKV (H.264 + AC3), MJPEG, QuickTime, WMV(HD)
Audio: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA

Supported export formats:
Video: AVI, DV-AVI, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, QuickTime, WMV(HD)
Audio: WAV, MP3
Images: JPEG, BMP

Minimum system requirements:
- Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (64-Bit)
- Processor: Dual core processor with 2.0 GHz
- RAM: 2 GB
- Graphics card: Onboard graphics card with a screen resolution of at least 1280 x 1024
- Hard disk space: 2 GB free disk space for program installation

MAGIX Video Pro X6 v13.0.5.9 (Win64)

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