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Zynaptiq UNVEIL v1.7.6
Software » Audio Apps | автор: SonyQ (1.09.14)
Zynaptiq UNVEIL v1.7.6

Program Name: UNVEIL v1.7.6
Program Type: De-Reverberation and Signal Focusing
Developer: Zynaptiq GmbH
Homepage: www.zynaptiq.com/unveil/
Release Date: 31.08.2014
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP SP3/Vista/7
File Size: 43.64Mb

UNVEIL представляет собой модуль, основанный на собственнической технологии разложения аудиосигнала (Mixed-Signal Audio Processing, MAP), позволяющий в режиме реального времени ослаблять или усиливать компоненты реверберации в смешанном сигнале с любым количеством исходных каналов, включая монофонические источники, а также изменять характеристики реверберации. Кроме того, UNVEIL позволяет акцентировать или сместить на задний план ключевые элементы записи, ослабляя или усиливая менее важные составляющие сигнала. Также UNVEIL позволяет исправлять ранее непригодные внестудийные записи, усиливая запись живой музыки, удаляя реверберацию и 'грязь' из музыкальных сигналов, можно использовать при звуковом дизайне.

Инструкция по активации на Русском языке прилагается, см. 'install_ru.txt'

UNVEIL is a real-time, de-mixing based plug-in that allows attenuating or boosting reverb components within a mixed signal of any channel count, including mono sources, as well as modifying reverb characteristics. Additionally, UNVEIL allows you to bring the key features of a recording into focus, or move them to the background, by attenuating or boosting perceptionally less important signal components. Based on our proprietary, artificial intelligence based MAP (Mixed-Signal Audio Processing) technology, UNVEIL allows fixing previously unusable location audio and dialog, tightening up live music recordings, removing reverb and “mud” from musical signals, as well as creative sound design.

UNVEIL has many uses, some of which are:
• Audio engineers can attenuate reverb in recordings
• Film mixers and dialog editors can remove reverb from dialog and location sound
• Music producers can turn vintage drum-loops rich in reverb into dry recordings, and vice-versa
• Foley artists can remove ambience from sub-optimally captured sounds
• Mix and mastering engineers can bring key mix elements into focus by attenuating components commonly referred to as "mud"

Good Bye, Reverb
Removing reverb from recordings has always been difficult to impossible. Existing de-reverberation strategies either manipulate signal dynamics, require specific channel formats, are limited to certain signal types, or all of the above. Enter UNVEIL.
UNVEIL is not an expander or envelope shaper, is not a spectral thresholding processor, does not use phase cancellation techniques or inter-channel correlation analysis, and thus works with any channel count from mono to whichever surround formats your DAW supports, and without changing signal dynamics. To achieve this, it utilizes a model of the human auditory system to discern which parts of the signal are reverb, effectively “listening” to your signal much like a human would. These components are then separated from your signal for processing using our MAP technology. From there, reducing the amount of reverb in your recording is as easy as adjusting the value of one of our slick track-ball-esque sliders.

Hello, Reverb
Conversely, UNVEIL allows increasing the amount of reverb in a recording, too. You can turn a close-miked drum kit into a full-on room-heavy monster, move a sound back in the sound-stage or adapt the amount of reverb on different location recordings to match each other better. Additionally, UNVEIL gives you several parameters that allow manipulating reverb characteristics...like all of it's features, within a mixed signal, in real-time and even using mono source material. No, that's not magic, that's advanced science.

UNVEIL The Detail
UNVEIL's algorithm isn't limited to processing reverb. Actually, it processes any signal components that the human auditory system considers as being of little significance, which includes the parts that many engineers refer to as "mud". As a result, UNVEIL allows reducing the level of all the stuff that clouds your signal and masks the detail you work so hard to capture, bringing the key features into focus and, well, unveiling all the inherent detail. And again, you can use the inverse function to add grit and a less up-front character to your recording.

One Small Step...
Except for the mathematics under the hood, everything about UNVEIL is simple and easy, results are always just one small step away. That being said, UNVEIL allows adjusting the process in a very wide range. No dumbed-down "easy-mode" in sight, just a perfectly stream-lined, no-nonsense GUI that looks as slick as UNVEIL sounds. And oooooh yes does it sound good. But don't take our word for it, grab the demo for a test-drive!

- Avid RTAS
- Avid AAX Native including AudioSuite (32/64bit)
- Steinberg VST 2.4 (32/64bit)

What's new in v1.7.6:
- (Full and Trial) Added "Check for update" and "Check for update weekly" functionality as found in UNFILTER and PITCHMAP; access this by clicking on the Zynaptiq Logo in the plug-in UI to open the "About" screen.
- (Full and Trial) Improved handling of erroneous audio buffers or denormals passed to the plug-in by some hosts when scrubbing or jumping in the time-line.
- (Full and Trial) Fixed rare issue with CPU load not being freed when the plug-in was bypassed.
- (Trial only) Fixed rare "un-clickable demo notification window" issue in Pro Tools.

System Requirements
- Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7
- CPU with at least 2 Cores
- Steinberg VST 2.4 or Avid RTAS/AAX compatible Host software
- For AAX Native 32-bit, the minimum required Pro Tools version is 10.3.5
- Internet Connection for Software Activation (though not necessarily on the computer used for audio)
Please note: UNVEIL uses a lot of CPU. While the plug-in supports up to 8 channels of audio, the actual channel count possible within a single instance depends on the available CPU resources.


For VIP-members only (BETA)
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If You do not see here anything, it means there here is nothing, or you are not VIP-member.

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    Комментарии / Comments

    (#1) написал: KostyaG (2.09.14 21:12)
    Шайтан-фильтр!!! VST работает и в аудишне. Надо будет еще и в премьере попробовать.

    (#2) написал: SergVideo (3.09.14 22:12)
    Уже использовал его раньше вместе с UNFILTER для "приведения в чувство" записи концерта - камера была неудачно расположена, то есть, там, где её позволили расположить. Очень мощные фильтры. Но главное - не перестараться. Слух легко адаптируется к реверберации и уже через 15 минут трудно ориентироваться и адекватно оценить результат - ИМХО.


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