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Visution Mapio Pro v2.1.2.1633
Главная | автор: Hello (5.08.14)
Visution Mapio Pro v2.1.2.1633
Program Name: Visution Mapio Pro v2.1.2.1633
Program Type: Projection Show
Release Date: 2014
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows
File Size: 50MB

Visution Mapio является мощным решением для создания проекционных шоу. Теперь вы можете работать не только со стандартным экраном, но и с любым наклонным, в том числе цилиндрическими, сферическими, и различными формами. Неограниченное количество частей позволит вам отделить видео для покрытия любого места. Вы можете использовать несколько проекторов, организовать панорамные и 3D-сцены.

Visution Mapio уже заработал признание от международных исполнителей и виджеев. Visution Mapio поможет вам двигаться один шаг впереди в цифровом искусстве отображении сцены.

Visution Mapio Pro v2.1.2.1633

Visution Mapio is a powerful solution for creating projection shows. Now you can work not only with the standard screen but also with any inclines including cylindrical and spherical and various shapes. Unlimited slices will allow you to separate videos to cover any space. You can use multiple projectors to organize panoramic and 3D scenes.

Visution Mapio has already earned recognition from international performers and VJs. Visution Mapio will help you move one step up in the digital art mapping scene.

MAPIO 2 key features:
- Two application modes - can be used as FFGL plug-in or Standalone application
- Syphon support (Mac only) as client and server (for a standalone only)
- Each slice in Standalone mode supports image, video file (any VLC supported formats, sound support) or Sypthon/Spout as a source
- Solid color or gradient as a source of a slice.
- Capture broadcasting video streams, IPTV and others that VLC support.
- Capture of screens.
- Added support for Blackmagic Decklink devices on Mac OS X with a naitive settings.
- QML sketches for content generation, that allow to create a custom application with a rich user interface with animation, multi-touch and GPU shaders.
- Importing of 3D file format (Collada *.dae) support (please see below About 3D Collada import)
- Export to SVG or PNG of selected slices and masks
- Binding several FFGL plug-in to a single MAPIO2 editor/project
- Significantly improved editing features for slices - group transformations, resize and rotation for slices and masks
- Editable vectors and bitmap images masks can be set up for each Input or Output map
- New Tool for splitting Masks and Slices
- New advanced warping tool
- Improved Edge Blending tool
- Bezier Tool for slices and masks
- For each separate slice define opacity, brightness, contrast, color saturation, gamma, separate RGB gamma, black & white levels and transparency.
- Option for automatic perspective correction for slices
- Different slices shapes: quad, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, ellipse
- Detailed accuracy with unlimited zooming of the workspace
- New overlay layer with mouse cursor, edges and slices vertices in map output (also in FFGL mode)
- OSC control of parameters and geometric slices (F1 for instructions)
- Copy & Paste of the selected slices or masks
- Unlimited undo operations
- GPU acceleration, use all the power of your computer
- Autosave the project and recovering after crash
- And many more features.

MAPIO 2 PRO additional features:
• Multi-screen output
• Media manager, playlists
• Kinect support:
- Dynamic masks with image enhancers like a blur, median filter, temporal filter (also available in FFGL).
- Tracking skeleton with attached video slices and mask for dynamic mapping.
• LED Pixel mapping:
- Two way mapping of pixels, Auto or Manual.
- Different types of sensors for retrieving and calculating pixel values from video stream.
- Output to ArtNet-DMX devices with non-limited network adapters/universes.
- Output to USB-DMX devices: Enttec (and others FTDI based)/Digital Enlightenment/FX5/Velleman/Sunlite/uDMX/Eurolite.
- Any custom fixtures which contain R,G,B,W,L - pixels in any order.
- Supports PixelPusher devices natively.
• Ethernet distributed plaiyng / remote control

- Windows Vista/7/8 (32/64bit)
- Graphics card supporting OpenGL version 3.1 and later. This is NVidia GeForce 8xxx and better and a desktop ATI Radeon HD 2xxx, HD 3xxx, HD 4xxx, HD 5xxx and later, Mobility Radeon HD 43хх and later, Intel HD Graphics 3000 and later.

Whats New :
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version


Whats New :
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version
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