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Rubber Monkey FilmConvert Pro v1.50 OFX Plugin (Win64)
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (6.07.14)
Rubber Monkey FilmConvert Pro v1.50 OFX Plugin (Win64)
Program Name: FilmConvert Pro 1.50 OFX Plugin
Program Type: Video, Plug-ins
Release Date: July 3, 2014
Requirements: Win64
File Size: 84.3 Mb

FilmConvert Pro - Плагин для DaVinci Resolve, Nuke, Sony Vegas и Assimilate Scratch, предназначеный для эмуляции вида фильма, заснятого на плёнку, так называемый "Film Look", за счёт настройки цвета видео, записанного цифровой камерой.

Много говорилось и велось дебатов о преимуществах и недостатках цифровых камер перед обычными плёночными. Но, как говориться: сколько людей - столько и мнений.

Обычный фильм до недавнего времени имел некоторое технологическое преимущество над цифровом. Но теперь у нас есть цифровые датчики, которые могут соответствовать или превышать параметры обычного фильма по динамическому диапазону. Но в этом случае, фильм с цифровыми датчиками, кажется «слишком чистым» для некоторых людей, которые любят смотреть плёночные фильмы с их неподражаемым шармом и удивительной теплотой.

Для этого и создана программа под названием FilmConvert, которая фактически использует цветовую информацию конкретных камер. Pro версия имеет 19 предустановок, поддержку DSLR и RED камер, EDL / XML импорт, разрешение до 4K и способность экспорта несжатых файлов.

FilmConvert Pro - Film Stock Emulation Software. Give Digital camera footage the color and grain of your favorite film stocks. Now available for Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, The Foundry Nuke, Sony Vegas, and Assimilate Scratch.

We've said a lot about the digital versus film debate, and a lot of people have a lot of different opinions. Film still had a technological advantage over digital until really the last few years or so, and now we have digital sensors which can match or exceed film stocks with dynamic range. Either way, with digital sensors being "too clean" for some people who have loved the look of film, there is a program called FilmConvert that takes the color information of specific cameras and actually uses that to determine how a specific film stock could best be represented using that sensor. Click through for some videos of the program in action.

Camera Controls
- Source Camera Selects the camera (or camera type) used to shoot your footage. This setting is required in order to apply the correct color correction.
- Exposure Performs an adjustment prior to the film emulation being applied.
- Temp Adjusts the color temperature. This assumes that the clip temp is 5600 (daylight). Moving the slider to the left makes the scene cooler. Moving to the right makes it warmer.

Note for RED footage: You should apply our metadata preset in the Adobe provided "Source Settings" interface. This preset merely resets all metadata settings to their default, thereby giving FilmConvert a known starting point for color adjustments.

Film Controls
- Convert To drop down Selects the particular film stock to be emulated.
- Size drop down Selects the negative size to emulate. Smaller values such as 8mm are fuzzier with larger grain. Larger values have smaller grain.
- Film Color slider Adjusts the balance between the original digital camera color palette, and the film color palette. Typically you would leave this at 100% film
- Grain slider Adjusts the amount of grain applied to the image. The default is 100%, which is an accurate representation of the grain for the selected film stocks. Some stocks have more grain - such as D3200.
- Blur Slider Adjusts the amount of blur applied to the image when either an 8mm or 16mm negative size is chosen. The default is 100%, which is an accurate representation of the amount of fuzziness that will be present with the selected negative size. The blur is applied before the grain.

System Requirements:
- Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 10
- Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 10 Lite
- The Foundry Nuke 7
- Sony Vegas 11, 12 and 13 - 64 bit only for all versions
- Assimilate Scratch 7 and 8
For GPU acceleration:
- An OpenCL version 1.0 capable graphics card and runtime system... if your machine does not have an OpenCL.dll, the plugin will not load.
- HD rendering requires a minimum of 256 Mb of video memory
- 4k rendering requires a minimum of 1 Gb of video memory.

Changes in FilmConvert OFX Plugin (Windows) Version 1.50: Added improved camera selector UI. This update requires that we split off a new plugin so that pre-existing projects still work. Use the v1.5 plugin for new projects.

Rubber Monkey FilmConvert Pro v1.50 OFX Plugin (Win64)
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