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Pixelan CreativEase AE v1.0.19052012 for After Effects (Win64)
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (21.11.13)
Pixelan CreativEase AE v1.0.19052012 for After Effects (Win64)
Release Name: Pixelan CreativEase AE v1.0.19052012 Team V.R private build
Program Type: After Effects Plug-in
Release Date: May 19, 2012
Homepage: www.pixelan.com/ce/intro.htm
Requirements: Win64, After Effects CS5 or later
File Size: 8.2Mb

Pixelan CreativEase - Набор из двенадцати мощных и, в тоже время, легких в освоении и использовании плагинов настраиваемых видео-эффектов, которые организованных в шесть тематических пакетов, и включают сотни регулируемых эффектов фильма, эффекты размытия, мультипликационные эффекты, временные эффекты, эффекты движения и многое другое. CreativEase плагины создают новые, уникальные визуальные эффекты, а также предоставляют полезные видеоэффекты для повседневного видеомонтажа.
Pixelan CreativEase is suite of powerful video effects plugins that are easy to learn and use... and very affordable! Twelve effects plugins are available, organized into six Packs of effects plugins. The video effects plugins include hundreds of adjustable film effects, blur effects, cartoon effects, time effects, motion effects, and more. CreativEase video effects plugins create fresh, unique visuals and provide useful video effects capabilities for everyday video editing.

CreativEase includes 12 Effects:

• Color Effects Pack
- PosterWise - Easily create cartoon animation from video, or beautiful abstract video effects. A creative breakthrough in cartoon effects plugins.
- ChromaWarp - Ideal for creative/unique video color effects -- from subtle blends to cutting-edge looks. Easily control where the color effect is within the image.

• Blur Effects Pack
- OrganiBlur - Unlike overused standard blur effects, enjoy fresh organic blurs and fluid looks via technology borrowed from our popular SpiceMaster plugin.
- BlurPro - Blurs and unique blend/mask tools synergized, making it easy to selectively soften/sharpen your clips and create fresh animated blur effects.

• Depth Effects Pack
- RiseShine - Beautiful realistic text effects & title effects to add depth, organic reshaping, AND glossy/ wet looks. Also a great plugin for logos/ graphics!
- FlowTexture 2 - Adjustable realistic water drops AND an almost infinite array of other liquid-like depth effects -- from abstract 'etchings' to amazing organic flows.

• Grain Effects Pack
- GrainPlus 2 - From subtle grain FILM effects to dynamic weaving patterns, random brightness/hue changes, and more -- only where desired within your scene.
- SpatterFlex - A dynamic, flexible, softenable spatter effect to add an artistic touch to your video and animation. A great visual effects plugin for titles, too!

• Time Effects Pack
- StepMotion 2 - Create image ghosting, trails, and other time effects in high-motion footage -- with a more attractive dissolve style than standard motion effects.
- StepTime 2 - Unique blended stop-action video effects that also can selectively echo light or dark pixels in your video, producing unique stutter and echo looks.

• Extras Pack
- CleanCrop - Clean up noisy frame edges in clips/ effects without introducing stretch distortion, softness, or borders. A great utility for nearly every video project!
- 400 Extra Spices - Add 400 spices (effect geometries) to the 200 standard spices. Enhances all except PosterWise, RiseShine, StepMotion, StepTime, and CleanCrop.

- Windows 64-bit
- Adobe After Effects CS5 or later

Pixelan CreativEase AE v1.0.19052012 for After Effects (Win64)
Pixelan.CreativEase.AE.v1.0.19052012 Team V.R private build
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