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Boris Avid FX v6.3.8
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (25.08.13)
Boris Avid FX v6.3.8
Program Name: Boris Avid FX v6.3.8
Program Type: Video FX, Plug-in
Release Date: June 17, 2013
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows
File Size: 276 Mb

Avid FX является полнофункциональным набором инструментов для профессионального композитинга, анимации и генерации текста, которые могут быть доступны непосредственно на тайм-лини в вашей системе Avid. Примените Avid FX, как вы могли бы применить любой плагин или фильтр, выбрав то, что вам нужно из богатого набора функций анимириванной графики.

Теперь нет необходимости экспортировать кадры из своей тайм-линии или импортировать файлы созданные в других посторонних приложениях: Avid FX работает на вашем видео-редакторе и позволяет создавать богатое содержание, которые сделают сияющими ваши визуальные проекты. Неограниченные наслоения, переходы, генерация текста и анимация с современными ключевыми кадрами - все это теперь имеется в вашей системе редактирования Avid!

Avid FX is a full-featured, professional-level compositing, animation, and text generation tool that can be accessed directly on your Avid timeline. Apply Avid FX, just as you would apply any plug-in or filter, and tap into a rich motion graphics feature-set.

There is no need to export shots from your timeline or import rendered files from a 3rd-party application: Avid FX works within your timeline and enables you to create rich content that will make your productions shine. Unlimited layering, custom transitions, text generation, and animation with advanced keyframing are all available inside your Avid editing system.

Avid FX Key Features:
- Powerful Titling with Advanced Text Style and Animation Options
- Custom Transition Editor with over 1,000 Preset Transitions
- Vector Paint and Spline-based Rotoscoping
- Unlimited Layering and Advanced Compositing Features
- Import and Manipulate Subtitles
- Includes all Boris FX and Graffiti Features

What's New in Avid FX 6:
- User Interface and Workflow Enhancements
- Support for 64-bit Video Editing Applications
- 40+ Filters from Final Effects Complete
- High-quality Image Restoration Tools
- UpRez
- 3-Way Color Grading
- New 3D Particle Effects
- Realistic In-Camera Effects
- Stylized Effects
- Painterly Effects
- 50+ New Transition Effects

Compatibility matrix:
- Windows 7 or greater
Host Platform:
- Avid Media Composer any version
- Avid Symphony any version

Avid FX 6.3 Release Notes:
The following are the user observable bug fixes from the AvidFX 6.3 release:
- Avid FX 16-bit rendering issue where blue channel values appear incorrectly high
- Styles font dialog. The dialog prompting that a certain font is not available on the user's system appears truncated
- Text Scroll bar does not show up in the text window when size percentage is increased.
- Register dialog. Erroneous message when verifying with an incorrect serial
- Image brushes are not getting installed on windows platform
- 16 bit rendering Color shift in Avid when you render in 16 bit depth
- Import picture. Importing large JPEG files in 10.7 crashes Avid
- Gradient editor live update feature is not updating image
- Insert Text. When inserting large text file AvidFX will crash as it tries to update.
- Installer takes a long time before it actually starts installing the product on Windows
- Insert Composition. Insert composition does not work if you have a face track highlighted in the timeline.
- Scroll Bars can not use mouse scroll to vertically scroll in the comp window.
- Undo/redo. Undoing after deleting text twice will not work
- Paint Animated paint in 16 bit will crash AvidFX if you export it as an image file.
- Pressing the Shift key & Command or Cntrl dragging does not draw a Circle or a Square centered around the cursor as described in the User Guide
- Preview Channel. Change preview channel does not work in AvidFX x64 when OpenGL and 16 bit are on
- Selected Keyframe time does not update when the keyboard short cuts Cmd--> Cmd-<- are used to change it's position.
- Installer. Installing only the plugin to host without the standalone will not install the uninstaller.
- Mac Language packs do not work
- AvidFX crashes when preview to RAM and then stopping
- Mac OS 10 7/10 8 If a drive name has a special character then you get "Cannot find prmL resource file " message when AvidFX is launched
- AvidFX Standalone. The range button skips when you click on it in a zoomed timeline.
- All Win OS Using the numeric field/mouse wheel for V2 track's parameter values affects the V1 track as well.
- All Mac "Use Fonts in Fonts Menu" preference does not work.
- All Mac Fonts are listed in Descending order unlike in x32bit where they are listed in Ascending order
- Retina display- Bezier handles do not show live update with OGL on
- Even with video track selected filter applies as separate track
- Brush image renders black on Windows
- possible crash when bringing projects between AvidFX 64 and AvidFX 32 on Windows
- Can't replace media in projects that come from Mac when opening on Windows.
- MacOS X x64 now pays attention to the system language selection and translates accordingly.
- AvidFX will crash if too much text is used in the text window [MacOS X]

Boris Avid FX v6.3.8
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