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Astute VectorScribe v1.9.2 for Adobe Illustrator (Win/Mac)
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (6.08.13)
Astute VectorScribe v1.9.2 for Adobe Illustrator

Program Name: VectorScribe v1.9.2 for Adobe Illustrator
Program Type: Plug-In for Adobe Illustrator
Developer: Astute Graphics Limited
Release Date: 05.08.2013
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 | Mac OS 10.5+
File Size: 7.11Mb / 6.63Mb

VectorScribe представляет собой идеальный набор векторных инструментов для всех дизайнеров и пользователей Adobe Illustrator CS4 и более поздних версий. Позволяет редактировать и создавать векторные иллюстрации быстрее, эффективнее и динамически посредством полностью интегрированной и удобной системы подключаемых модулей. Версия VectorScribe Studio включает в себя все инструменты VectorScribe Designer и, предоставляет уникальные динамически векторные инструменты.

Динамические фигуры, то, о чём мечтали многие пользователи Adobe Illustrator на протяжении многих лет. И они было реализованы в VectorScribe Studio... великолепно!

Перетаскивайте динамические фигуры и продолжайте редактировать их как обычные фигуры, а не просто собирая точки по контуру. Добавляйте стороны и точки; сделайте скругление одного или всех углов; разбейте на фрагменты любую фигуру; измените тип фигуры и многое другое.

VectorScribe is the ultimate vector toolkits for all designers and users of Adobe Illustrator CS4 and above. They allow you to edit and create vector artwork faster, smarter and dynamically through an intuitive and fully integrated plugin system.

Dynamic Corners
Groundbreaking rounding corners tool
Amazing facility to add rounded corners to one or more points on a path accurately, flexibly and dynamically.
Apply corners:
- Interactively to any path or dynamic shape
To straight and curve (Bezier) path segments.
- To all applicable points on a path in one operation or individually (rounded corners & chamfers)
- Provides unique enhanced workflow as dynamic corners do not need to be expanded to be edited outside the Dynamic Corners tool.

Dynamic Shapes
Astute Graphics' unique "dynamic" implementation offers the best of the live nature of Effects plus the seamless workflow of standard shape types.
Drag out a dynamic shape and continue to edit it as a shape - not merely a collection of points on a path. Add sides/points; introduce rounded corners to one or all corners; slice any shape; change the shape type, and more, dynamically.
Interactive and numeric control over number of points,segments and sides, true shape origin, height, width and diameter, corner radius and slice angles.
Dynamic shapes can also be used for text areas, image clipping masks, within Live Paint artwork and have live Effects applied to them, whilst remaining dynamic.

Edit and create vector paths
Makes editing and refining vector paths far quicker and easier than with Illustrator's pen tool. It allows you to drag straight lines into co-operative curves, remove redundant points, smart remove selected points whilst keeping the overall path profile, select and manipulate multiple handles simultaneously and switch effortlessly between corner and smooth points amongst many other invaluable functions.

Dynamic Measure
Quick & accurate measurement tool
Measure anywhere on your art board and convert this information into your artwork. All measurements from simple lengths and angles to advanced distances along paths remain dynamic and don't affect your artwork removing any guesswork and tedious calculations. Ideal for fashion designers right through to cartographers.

Draw at set angles
Simple but very helpful tool to define custom angles for drawing. Easy to use and time saving.

What's new in v1.9.2:
- Better icon support for Retina displays
- Bug fix: Dynamic Corners no longer hangs when trying to apply corners to a path which includes extremely short bezier handles
- Bug fix: Segments of a path in between segments marqueed with the PathScribe tool are no longer inadvertently selected
- Bug fix: PathScribe no longer draws a doubled set of bezier handle connecting lines when the mouse button is up

System Requirements
- Adobe Illustrator CS4 to CC
- Windows XP/Vista/7/8
- Mac OS 10.5+
- Intel processor only
Important notice for Windows users upgrading VectorScribe
Due to a revised installation process, it is necessary to first uninstall any previous installation of VectorScribe before installing the latest version.
If you have previously installed VectorScribe, please uninstall via Window's Control Panel.



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