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emotion3D: Stereoscopic Suite X3 v3.0.10.1 for After Effects (Win64)
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (21.07.13)
emotion3D: Stereoscopic Suite X3 v3.0.10.1 for After Effects (Win64)
Release Name: emotion3D Stereoscopic Suite X3 v3.0.10.1 Win64 Team V.R private build
Program Type: AE-plugin
Release Date: April 2013
Homepage: www.emotion3d.tv/stereoscopic-suite/feature-overview
Interface Language: English
Requirements: Win7x64, After Effects CS5 or higher
File Size: 103Mb

emotion3D: Stereoscopic Suite X3 AE (SSX3) - Революционный плагин для After Effects, предоставляющий стереоскопические инструменты, позволяющие решить даже самые сложные аспекты стереоскопических пост-продакшн, будь то композитинг CGI или кейеный материала с живым действием, грейдинг глубины или цвета, или мастеринг для нескольких 3D-экранов (например, для кинотеатров, домашних кинотеатров, ноутбуков и 3D-дисплеев, не требующих анаглифных очков).

Интеграция SSX3 в After Effects означает более легкий доступ для художников визуальных эффектов и уменьшение издержек входа, что позволяют даже малым и средним командам конкурировать в стереоскопических проектах.


emotion3D: Stereoscopic Suite X3 AE (SSX3) brings dedicated stereoscopic tools that solve even the most challenging aspects of stereoscopic post-production, whether compositing CGI or keyed material with live action, grading depth or colour, or mastering for multiple 3D screens (e.g. cinema, home theater, laptops and glasses-free 3D displays). The SSX3's integration into the ubiquitous After Effects host means easier access to artists, while lower entry costs allow even small and mid-size teams to compete for stereoscopic projects.


Geometry Correction
Stereo cameras misalignments, such as camera roll, pan or tilt differences are among the most common stereoscopic issues and should be corrected prior to any other stereoscopic process. Aligning cameras first ensures more accurate results for other comparative processes, such as generating disparity maps or adjustment of depth budget. SSX contains tools that automatically detect and correct cameras misalignments, such as:
- Automatic camera misalignments detection and correction of vertical offsets
- Various image overlays for visualizing alignment problems
- Auto cropping/scaling functionality for automatic border removal

Color Matching
Non-matching RGB camera image sensor responses and polarized mirror rigs introduce undesirable color differences between left/right camera perspectives.
- Automatic matching of image histograms
- Choice of which eye to match to (left/right)
- Local (region-based) matching for advanced users

• [i]Depth Analysis
SSX provides tools for analyzing your stereoscopic footage and depth budget, allowing directors and artists to make creative decisions with regard to the stereoscopic effect of a scene, and as well verify that the depth budget is within the distribution partners' specifications. SSX's analysis features include:
- Depth histogram visualization: Compact histogram visualization of the depth contained within stereo images.
- Depth map preview: Represent each pixel's depth as a grayscale value.
- Depth budget visualization: Highlight regions in your 2D content that are in/outside your preferred depth range.
- 3D Visualizer: Visualize your scene as a 3D CAD-like model and pre-visualize the different depth impression in various display environments.
- Automatic disparity range detection: Automatic detection of shot boundaries and of minimum/maximum parallax within each shot.
- Export analysis data: Depth and geometry information can be exported to a .csv file, effectively a "Depth Decision List" of stereoscopic adjustments.

• [i]Depth Adjustment
Sculpt depth on a shot or framewise basis to create the optimal depth impression while keeping within the comfort zone of your 3D displaying environment. Features include:
- Independent adjustment of parallax and convergence, with both compression & expansion of the depth of a scene.
- Depth LUT tool for changing the depth of individual objects within a scene.
- Timeline-based dynamic depth control.
- Depth transition grading ensures depth continuity across scene cuts.

• [i]Disparity Map Generation
- For a fast and efficient post-production workflow, SSX contains high-accuracy tools for generating and exporting disparity maps (DMs) from left and right camera views.
- Disparity maps are generated taking into account previous and future frames, which minimizes the need for manual correction to avoid "flicker". The disparity maps can be exported as 32-bit float .exr images, providing the ideal input for other production processes such as compositing or 3D VFX.

• [i]Stereo-2-Multiview
SSX provides tools to create and render an arbitrary number of virtual perspectives from stereoscopic footage, enabling conversion from stereo-3D to auto-stereoscopic ("glasses-free") displays, e.g. with 5/8/9/28 views. The SSX can generate virtual perspectives outside the original stereo cameras, which ensures that the perceived 3D effect is not diminished as a result of this process.

• [i]2D/3D Conversion and Depth Refinement
SSX supports several steps of the 2D to S3D conversion workflow via the following features:
- Rendering from 2D + Z-depth to two or more virtual perspectives.
- Automatically filling missing pixels revealed around the edges of foreground objects.
- Structure-based depth map filtering for enhancing quality.
- Time-based depth map filtering across multiple frames for ensuring "flicker-free" visual results.
- Depth-based segmentation for isolating objects and regions, as well as foreground removal for generating clean plates.
- Edge dilation controls for adjusting object edges.

- Windows 7/Vista, 64-bit
- After Effects CS5 or higher

emotion3D: Stereoscopic Suite X3 v3.0.10.1 for After Effects (Win64)
emotion3D Stereoscopic Suite X3 v3.0.10.1 Win64 Team V.R private build
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