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ElementsXXL v1.0 for Adobe Photoshop Elements
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (27.05.13)
ElementsXXL v1.0 for Adobe Photoshop Elements

Program Name: ElementsXXL v1.0 for Adobe Photoshop Elements
Program Type: Plug-In for Adobe Photoshop Elements
Developer: The Plugin Site
Homepage: _http://thepluginsite.com/products/elementsxxl/index.htm
Release Date: 27.05.2013
Interface Language: English
Platform: Adobe Photoshop Elements 1-11
File Size: 2.16Mb

ElementsXXL добавляет до 120 мощнейших функций в Photoshop Elements, ранее доступных только в Photoshop. Эти функции реализованы в качестве элементов меню, значков, кнопок, клавиатурных сокращений и диалоговых окон, и поэтому они с лёгкостью интегрируются в интерфейс Photoshop Elements. ElementsXXL перекидывает мостик между Photoshop Elements и Photoshop, и значительно улучшает процесс редактирования изображений в Photoshop Elements.


ElementsXXL adds up to 120 powerful features to Photoshop Elements for Windows that were previously only available in Photoshop. These features are included as new menu items, icons, buttons, key shortcuts and dialogs, so they seamlessly integrate into the user interface of Photoshop Elements. ElementsXXL bridges the gap between Photoshop Elements and Photoshop and greatly enhances the image editing experience in Photoshop Elements.

• 120 new features for Photoshop Elements for Windows
• Actions, Scripts, Filters & Adjustment Layers:
- Open and run Photoshop actions and scripts (Elements 6 and higher)
- Up to ten new filters: Curves, Exposure, Vibrance, Color Balance, Channel Mixer, Black & White, Selective Color, Sharpen, Sharpen - More and Sharpen Edges.
- Up to seven new adjustment layers: Curves, Exposure, Vibrance, Color Balance, Channel Mixer, Black & White and Selective Color.
• Layer Features, Smart Objects & Smart Filtering:
- Many new features, e.g. three new icons, for the Layers panel
- Opens images as smart objects, creates smart objects and enables smart filtering
- Use layer groups for additional masking and better organization
- Use vector masks
- Create and work with layer masks (for Elements 1-8)
- Adjust the fill opacity of layers
- Align layers to a selection or each other and distribute them evenly
- Stamp visible function for creating a duplicated copy of all layers
- Hide/show multiple layers
• Enhanced 16-bit Image Processing:
- Convert images from 8-bit to 16-bit per channel and back again (Elements 6 and higher)
- Quick Mask Mode lets you create or edit selections with all available filters and tools, e.g. the brush or gradient tool (Elements 6 and higher).
- Edit the channels of a RGB image individually and use them as selections
- New Curves, Channel Mixer and Sharpen filters
- Apply Image command for blending the image with itself while using an image channels as a mask (Elements 11 only)
• General Editing:
- Up to 12 new key shortcuts known from Photoshop
- Auto-Align and Auto-Blend features for recomposing portraits, creating panoramas and increasing the depth of macro shots (Elements 6 and higher)
- Edit the channels of a RGB image individually
- Fade and Trim commands like in Photoshop
- Apply Image command like in Photoshop (Elements 11 only)
- Soft proof option for seeing how your images looks on a certain device or printer
- New options: e.g. Non-Linear History, Log History to Metadata, Auto-Update All Documents
- Custom pixel aspect ratio
• Selections:
- Quick Mask Mode for editing selections with filters and tools, e.g. the brush tool
- Transform selections (for Elements 1-7)
- Create selections from layer masks, layer opacity and image channels
• Text Features:
- Larger Font Preview
- Three new text anti-aliasing types
- Spell check text layers and use Find & Replace on them
- Convert text layers to shapes for more creative freedom
- Adjust text tracking and use paragraph

What's new in v1.01:
- 9 new key shortcuts: Shift + Q for starting/ending Quick Mask Mode and Ctrl + (Alt) + 4-7 for activating or creating a selection from the RGB, red, green and blue channels.
- New Luminosity menu item on the Select > Selection From menu for creating a selection from the luminosity of the image.
- The key shortcuts are localized and displayed directly on the menu in Photoshop Elements 4 and higher.
- Double clicking the Quick Mask icon starts Quick Mask Mode and displays the Quick Mask options in Photoshop Elements 11.
- You only need to click once on the smart filter symbol to display the Edit Smart Filters dialog. Previously and only double clicking worked and clicking once sometimes displayed an error message.
- The right font size is now used in PSE 11 under Windows XP for the menu and button text.
- The Scripts and Actions button were moved a bit more to the right in order to leave more room to the control bar option at low screen resolution.
- Bug Fix: Crash on exit does not occur anymore under Vista 32-bit.
- Bug Fix: Repeatedly using menu accelerators (e.g. Alt+F+A) froze or crashed Photoshop Elements. The menu accelerator are disabled now to avoid that. They will be reactivated in a future update.
- Bug Fix: Previously it was sometimes not possible to apply smart filters when a 16-bit image was opened right after running Photoshop Elements.
- Bug Fix: The Channel Mixer adjustment layer does not start up with a black image anymore.
- Bug Fix: The Ctrl + M shortcut for the Curves filter now also works in Photoshop Elements 5 to 10.
- Bug Fix: The Lighting Effects and Lens Flare filters are not disabled anymore when another smart filter is already applied.
- Bug Fix: Improved language detection for multilingual installations of Photoshop Elements.

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