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KoolMoves v8.5.1 Retail
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (27.05.13)
KoolMoves v8.5.1 Retail

Program Name: KoolMoves v8.5.1 Retail
Program Type: Animation, Flash authoring
Developer: Lucky Monkey Designs LLC
Homepage: www.koolmoves.com
Release Date: 27.05.2013
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT/XP/Vista/7/8
File Size: 9.8Mb

KoolMoves представляет собой популярный инструмент разработки Flash. Как Flash превратилась в стандарт анимации в Интернете, так и инструмент KoolMoves стал передовым, но в тоже время недорогой альтернативой Flash. Сочетая простоту использования с богатством мощных эффектов анимации, KoolMoves позволяет с лёгкостью создавать флэш-анимацию для веб-сайтов профессионального качества. В программе имеется инструментарий для рисования объектов различной формы, импорт векторной графики, добавление звуковых файлов, множество различных эффектов, в том числе текстовые эффекты, добавление действий к тексту и кадрам. Программа также имеет готовые шаблоны, библиотеку кнопок и векторных заготовок.


KoolMoves is a popular Flash authoring tool with rave industry reviews! As Flash has developed into the standard for animation on the web, KoolMoves has emerged as an advanced but low cost alternative to Flash. Combining ease-of-use with a wealth of powerful animation effects, KoolMoves makes it easy and inexpensive to create professional quality Flash animations for web sites.

KoolMoves takes an approach to Flash movie creation that is in tune with the animation process, because it was designed by a professional animator. It is a mature animation package with ease of use and power as guiding principles. To make animations in KoolMoves all the user has to do is draw or import shapes or images and then reposition, reshape, and recolor the animation objects in adjacent key frames to achieve the look you want. KoolMoves automatically morphs shapes in between each of the shapes you create to achieve smooth animated motion. It's like putting together a cartoon strip. Each frame contains text, images, shapes, sounds, and actions. For character animation, one frame would have the characters in one pose and in the next frame in another pose.

- Import images and sounds
- 71 action script based text/image effects
- 100 stylish text effects templates
- 343 clip art items and buttons
- Wizard for adding Flash animation to web page
- Capture frames for gif animation
- Easy to use customizable preloaders
- Many unique views of the animation
- Slide show wizard
- Banner wizard
- 3D AS3 scripting package
- 43 customizable 3D effects
- 40 media player skins
- 28 web interface templates
- 4 skill levels (wizards to cartooning)
- Import Flash SWF movie as an object
- Import FLV Flash video as an object
- Import 3D models (.3ds, .obj, .ase, .m2d)
- Import animated gifs
- Full set of drawing/shape manipulation tools
- Dynamic text
- Flash 9/10 action scripting (AS3)
- Flash 8 filter/blend effects
- Flash 10 filter effects
- 16 interface components (e.g. slide show)
- Masking
- Import/export SVG
- Ease in/out tweening
- Variable line width
- Character animation bones

What's new:
- Added background image, if present, to CreateJS Html5 export.
- Fixed z-order display problem in CreateJS Html5 export.
- Fixed positioning problem in IE for Html5 video player.
- Fixed problem on opening file if there is a JSCommand button action by converting it to a GetUrl button action which will have no impact on the export -- the reason for the problem is mysterious and was introduced with a new compiler upgrade.
- Added more error display information to isolate a problem with a file to a line number and a section of code.

System Requirements:
- Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT/XP/Vista/7/8
- 128 MB RAM is required
- 12 MB hard disk space
- Video display must be configured for 16-bit color or better for best results
- Internet Explorer 4.01 or newer


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