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Digital Juice StackTraxx (50 DVDs)
Effects » Sound FX | автор: nimdA (9.03.13)
Digital Juice StackTraxx (50 DVDs)
Release Name: Digital Juice StackTraxx
Type: Layered Production Music Library
File Format: .iso (.stx)
File Size: 115.6Gb

StackTraxx - Огромная библиотека многослойной музыки, на 50-ти DVD, предоставляющая в ваше распоряжение более тысячи профессионально записанных саундтреков, которые идеально подойдут для любого типа производства - от фильмов, трейлеров, промо или заставок, до рекламных роликов, шоу или видео знаменательных событий... Уникальный формат StackTraxx позволяет включать или выключать отдельные музыкальные части, так что музыку можно легко настроить в соответствии с любым проектом.

Каждая песня из коллекции StackTraxx содержит до семи слоёв для максимальной адаптации. Эти треки были скомпилированы для использования в различных видео-и кинопроектах, готовые к ремиксам и настройке под всё, от шоу или заставок к фильмам, трансляции, видео и рекламных роликов до корпоративных презентаций и промо. Каждая песня поставляется в сокращениях стандартной длины вещания: в полном объеме, 1:00, 30, 15 и 10 секундах, чтобы можно было быстро использовать трек нужной вам продолжительности. При всём этом, варианты настройки каждой песни под ваше производство безграничны!

StackTraxx - Layered, customizable, royalty-free - music you can make your own every time you use it! StackTraxx is huge library of layered digital music on 50 DVDs that provides you more than a thousand professional, flexible soundtrack for every project and ideal for any type of production, from cinema, trailers, promos, radio and TV broadcasts, to commercials, shows or events videos.

The unique StackTraxx format lets you turn individual musical parts on and off, so the music can be effortlessly customized to fit any project. Each song comes with custom edited standard length broadcast cuts of 1:00, :30, :15 and :10 so you can quickly grab the length you need. An appropriate, unique and legal music score is an important part of a complete production, big or small.

Searching, sorting and previewing the thousands of tracks in a StackTraxx is simple with free Juicer 3 software. The Juicer lets you search for tracks using keywords so you can instantly find the tracks you need, then export them into whatever format you want. Because of its ability to render these tracks to any desired format, the Juicer also makes this product compatible with any computer based non-linear or linear editor with a DVD-ROM drive.

StackTraxx Library Contains:
STX01: Extreme Stacks - Music from the edge that delivers a high-energy impact
STX02: Power Stacks - High-impact sounds that pack a punch of power & charisma
STX03: Serious Stacks - A collection of dramatic music from subtle & heartfelt to epic
STX04: Smooth Stacks - Cool tunes with smoldering pop hooks & slithering jazz vibes
STX05: Holiday Stacks - Classic holiday tunes in a variety of musical genres
STX06: Street Stacks - Urban music from the club for productions from the street.
STX07: Groovy Stacks - The sounds of the 60s & 70s - from beach & psychedelic to rock
STX08: Fifties Stacks - Music that evokes the nostalgic Americana of the sock-hop era
STX09: World Stacks - A variety of exotic international sounds & rhythms
STX10: Broadcast Stacks - Add an air of professional polish to your productions
STX11: Epic Stacks - Full-bodied orchestration designed to rouse emotions & drama
STX12: Corporate Stacks - Contemporary, motivational music with lush orchestral beds
STX13: High Impact Stacks - Music tracks that add power to your visual message
STX14: Rock Stacks - Straight on rock & roll from fast-paced to rhythm-hooked
STX15: Subtle Impact - Nuanced mellow sounds to soothe & support your video
STX16: Spooky Stacks - The sounds of suspense & horror - from fun to truly terrifying
STX17: Light Touch Stacks - Keyboards & strings with a soft, positive "new day" sound
STX18: Corporate Stacks II - The soundtrack to a modern high-energy business production
STX19: Broadcast Stacks II - Professional network-quality music to suit any production
STX20: Positive Aspirations - An upbeat, laid-back collection evoking sunny days & relaxation
STX21: Ambient Stacks - Music that is both beautiful & stimulating without distracting
STX22: Business Stacks - Step out of the edit suite and into the boardroom
STX23: World Stacks II - A musical trek around the globe - tribal drums to bagpipes
STX24: Broadcast Themes - TV-inspired retro-fun thats both familiar & brand new
STX25: Sports Stacks - A powerful dynamic sound for every sports production
STX26: Country Stacks - Music tracks from traditional to bluegrass to rockin' country
STX27: Cinematic Stacks - Big. lush orchestral arrangements for dramatic moods
STX28: Island Stacks - Escape & chill to the sounds of steel drums & ukeleles
STX29: Dynamic Intensity - Music with high energy & intensity with a modern edge
STX30: Romantic Stacks - A collection of sweet sounds that pull at the heartstrings
STX31: Rhythm & Blues Stacks - Sensual, smooth rhythms - from traditional to hip hop
STX32: Latin Stacks - From Latin fusion to steamy salsa in a smokin' hot upbeat volume
STX33: Top Forty Stacks - A collection of top of the chart sounds & radio influenced mixes
STX34: Executive Stacks - Flexible, modern music to evoke boardroom to break room.
STX35: European Reflections - A magical multifaceted tour through the Old Country & beyond
STX36: Retro Metro Stacks - A catchy collection of funk & disco with a new school vibe
STX37: Jazz Stacks - An eclectic jazz collection - from ragtime band to hip lounge
STX38: Urban Stacks - Straight from the streets - from bouncy hip-hop to crunk
STX39: Classic Touch Stacks - Beautiful interpretations of the works of the classics masters
STX40: Alternative Stacks - Music with an edge, just left of pop and right of rock
STX41: Ambient Stacks II - Create an atmosphere - from dark, industrial to open, airy
STX42: Lighthearted Stacks - A whimsical collection of sounds from comical to adventurous
STX43: Broadcast Stacks III - Contemporary songs with a wide variety of styles & pacing
STX44: Acoustic Stacks - Guitar-driven sounds from soft & romantic to rhythmic & upbeat
STX45: Techno Stacks - Dance beats from progressive house rhythms to dirty bass lines
STX46: Dark Mood Stacks - Ominous, epic & intense with dramatic builds & menacing lulls
STX47: Motivation Stacks - Muisc that adds the inspirational X factor to any production
STX48: New Age Stacks - Music that evokes a peaceful vision of a better world
STX49: Romantic Inspiration - Lush, beautiful music tracks to help you feel the love
STX50: Cinematic Scores - Big budget motion picture sound in themed song suites

- 100% Royalty-Free: Buy once and use in all your projects
- Layered Tracks: Each songs with 4-7 remixable tracks
- Compatibility: Compatible with any computer based non-linear or linear editor with a DVD-ROM drive
- High Quality: Recorded natively at 44.1 khz, 16 bit
- Keyword Searchable: Using our FREE Juicer 3 Softwares.

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    Комментарии / Comments

    (#1) написал: korzz (9.03.13 23:02)
    О боже мой! А на торенте случайно нет такой раздачи?

    (#2) написал: virtualdj2006 (9.03.13 23:11)
    Класс! На торренте не полная!

    (#3) написал: Bulldozer (9.03.13 23:13)
    О как...
    И не такие крепости брали)))

    Sgt Hartman

    (#4) написал: johansen07 (9.03.13 23:40)
    На торренте нету 33;34;40-44;46-49.Всё остальное есть.

    Спасибо! Теперь полный набор!

    (#5) написал: Bulldozer (10.03.13 17:17)
    Слушаю первое скачанное. Офигенная библиотека!!!

    Sgt Hartman

    (#6) написал: Urserg (10.03.13 20:41)
    Как оно разбито?
    можно ли качать отдельные библиотеки?

    (#7) написал: nimdA (10.03.13 21:02)
    конечно, можно.
    каждый диск в отдельном архиве

    (#8) написал: sskyspear (10.03.13 22:38)
    эпичная раздача) давно хотел собрать всю коллекцию да не мог найти пару сетов) спасибо)))

    но 300 почти ссылок это ахтунг lol

    (#9) написал: Esex (11.03.13 04:27)

    (#10) написал: Bulldozer (13.03.13 22:52)
    Вах! Всё скачал. Спасибо! Шикарный материал.

    Sgt Hartman

    (#11) написал: makap (14.03.13 00:22)
    ThankU mery much.

    I get wrong pass in volume 43
    Can anyone ckeck this volume please?

    ThankU mery much.

    I get "possible wrong password" error in volume 43
    Can anyone ckeck this volume please?

    (#12) написал: makap (15.03.13 18:29)
    Well, I decided to download each part again and try to unrar the volume and finally I realized that the problematic one was the eighth and last part!!!

    (#13) написал: polastor (21.03.13 11:55)
    Wooow, many many thanks .... winked

    (#14) написал: polastor (23.03.13 19:37)
    to makap,
    i have download vol. 43 without problem and unpack at first shot (under mac) ...

    (#15) написал: snv115 (31.03.13 21:34)
    Скачал первый диск. Ничего офигенного не нашел. Разочарован. Но и за это СПАСИБО.

    (#16) написал: PremierePRO (3.04.13 13:33)
    Pleas link to DDLstorage


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