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Steganos Privacy Suite 2008 10.0.1
Software | автор: nimdA (16.11.07)
Steganos Privacy Suite 2008 10.0.1Program Name: Steganos Privacy Suite 2008 10.0.1
Program Type: security
Developer: Steganos GmbH
Release Date: Nov, 2007
Interface Language: Multilingual
Platform: Windows XP, Vista
File Size: 27.8Mb

Steganos Privacy Suite - комплекс утилит для всесторонней защиты ваших данных на PC и в Интернете с использованием методов криптографии и стеганографии (способ шифрования данных, который скрывает сам факт шифрования).
Программа позволяет шифровать данные, сохраняя их на виртуальном зашифрованном диске (при этом шифрование информации происходит со скоростью ~1 Гб/сек); прятать информацию в звуковых и графических файлах с сохранением их полной работоспособности (картинку можно посмотреть, музыку можно послушать); вести шифрованную переписку по электронной почте; блокировать компьютер; удалять файлы, не оставляя ни малейшего шанса на восстановление и т.д.

Программа оборудована защитным механизмом, который предотвращает потерю информации при, например, исчезновении электропитания и других неприятностях.


Steganos Privacy Suite (formerly known as Security Suite) - Premium security to ensure your privacy. Includes market-leading encryption and AntiTheft protection. The Steganos Privacy Suite combines nine powerful tools to protect your privacy:

The Steganos Safes protect your sensitive Data: they are your encrypted hard drives. Create as many as you like - each contains up to 512 GB of your pictures, music, documents, movies... You can turn your USB stick and even your iPod into a Portable Safe which can be opened on any computer. Remembering passwords is unnecessary: Open your Safe with an iPod®, USB stick or by clicking on a sequence of pictures.

Your laptop got lost or stolen? With Steganos AntiTheft your chances of getting it back are substantially increased. In any event, your data is untouchable.

Save your Password Manager on your Pocket-PC: Like this your passwords, PINs, and TANs are always traveling securely encrypted with you. The Steganos Shredder destroys sensitive data completely and, if desired, even retroactively.

E-Mail encryption as easy as 1-2-3: The receiver only needs the password you assigned, and the message is decrypting on its own.

Hide encrypted data in pictures and sound files - Steganography is the ultimate Privacy protection, as nobody even sees that you might have something to protect...

System requirements:

- Operating systems: Windows XP (at least Service Pack 2), Windows Vista (32 bit)
- 100 MB of space on your hard drive for installation
- Screen resolution of at least 800x600 pixels
- High color (16 Bit)
- At least 256 MB of free memory
- At least Pentium or comparable CPU
- A mouse or another Windows-compatible pointing device
- Internet connection (must-have for product activation and updates)
- For Steganos Safe: Additional hard-disk space is needed for the secure drives. In order to use 512 GB per drive, you need the NTFS file system. The FAT32 file system enables a maximum capacity of 4 GB per secure drive.
- For Portable Safe: CD or DVD burner with corresponding software. Optional and temporary up to 8.5 GB hard-drive space for the Portable Safe package files. In order to use a Portable Safe on another computer administrator privileges are required for the installation of the decryption program.
- Secure drives cannot be decrypted when stored on compressed NTFS drives.
- Supported key devices: ActiveSync-compatible devices (e.g. SmartPhones, PDAs), all devices that are recognized by Windows as rewriteable removable media (e.g., USB sticks, memory cards, digital cameras).
- No key devices are included in the delivery.

Steganos Privacy Suite 2008 10.0.1 >>

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