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SONY Sound Forge 9.0c
Software | автор: nimdA (28.08.07)
SONY Sound Forge 9.0cProgram Name: SONY Sound Forge 9.0c Build 405
Program Type: Audio-editing
Developer: Sony Creative Software Inc.
Release Date: 27.08.2007
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4, XP, Vista
File Size: 69.5Mb

Sony Sound Forge - цифровой аудио-редактор, одна из самых популярных и действительно полезных программ, предназначенных для обработки аудио на профессиональном уровне. С ее помощью можно обрабатывать аудиосигнал, изменяя его до неузнаваемости или же редактировать неудачно записанную партию какого-либо музыкального инструмента.

При помощи Sony Sound Forge можно эффективно обрабатывать звуковые композиции, накладывать множество эффектов, осуществлять точную и быструю запись и редактирование сэмплов, кодировать данные, конвертировать звуковые файлы в различные форматы и т.д.

Sony Sound Forge успешно объединяет в себе практически полный набор современных звуковых эффектов и мощные средства редактирования звуков.


The Sound Forge 9 professional digital audio production suite includes everything you need to quickly get from raw audio to finished master. Use this suite to create and edit stereo and multichannel audio files with speed and precision. Efficiently analyze, record and edit audio, digitize and restore old recordings, model acoustic environments, design sound for multimedia, and master replication-ready CDs.

The award-winning Sound Forge® digital audio editor includes a powerful set of audio processes, tools, and effects for manipulating audio. Sound Forge software allows you to edit, record, encode, and master nearly any form of digital audio including WAV, AIFF, MP3, and more. It includes over 40 real-time audio effects and processes with more than 200 presets and much more.

General Features:

Microsoft® Windows® Vista™ Compatible
Sound Forge 9 is fully compatible with the Microsoft Windows Vista platform.

UI color customization New!
The Sound Forge 9 user interface is fully customizable. Most UI elements including waveform and envelope colors, markers, and default window heights can be customized to fit your workflow.

Gracenote® CD Album Identification New!
Sound Forge 9 software supports the Gracenote MusicID Media Recognition Service. When extracting audio from a CD, you can view information including track title, artist, and also submit song information.

Regions List and Playlist Windows
The Regions List and Playlist windows in Sound Forge 9 have features for fast in-place editing and sorting. Quickly edit regions by typing new values in the Name, Start, End, or Length fields.

24-Bit, 32-Bit/64-Bit Float/192 kHz Support
Sound Forge software supports full resolution 24-bit/32-bit 192 kHz files for the ultimate in audio fidelity. Capture the subtle overtones and nuances of instruments, vocals, and effect changes that 24-bit audio provides. With Sound Forge audio software you can import, save, and even record to this resolution if your hardware supports it.

Media Explorer with Automatic File Previewing
Quickly and easily find, preview, and open media files using the Media Explorer window. Drag files and regions from the Explorer into the workspace or onto another open file for easy pasting, mixing, or crossfading. Explore audio files on a CD-ROM and extract automatically by dragging from the Explorer into the Sound Forge workspace.

ACID Loop Creation Tools
Create your own music loops for use in ACID software. Create one-shots, loops, and Beatmapped tracks. Using the ACID Loop Creation Toolbar you can display and edit ACID .wav file properties including tempo and root note, finely edit audio clips and shift selections to get the sound you want. When you create a loop, the information you set is embedded in the file, so your loops will change tempo and pitch-shift along with your ACID project.

What's new in version 9.0:

- Multichannel audio editing and recording.
- Updated Channel Converter for multichannel files.
- Updated Spectrum Analysis for multichannel files.
- Drag-and-drop mixing and pasting between channels.
- Hardware Meters window for monitoring hardware outputs and adjusting preview levels.
- Phase scope and mono-compatibility meter.
- You can now cut, paste, and delete data from individual channels of multichannel files.
- You can now update the cursor position and selection by double-clicking and editing the selection status boxes in data windows.
- Improved process and effects dialogs with selection, wet/dry mix, fade-in/out controls.
- Adjust data window selections/crossfades when process and effects dialogs are visible.
- Enhanced snapping.
- Enhanced color customization via Display Preferences.
- Enhanced keyboard customization.
- Updated marker and region ruler with selection snapping.
- Access to Sony Music Studios Internet Mastering (Help > Sony Music Studios Internet Mastering).
- Gracenote® MusicID™ technology for extracted audio from CDs.

Notable fixes/changes in version 9.0c:

- Fixed a bug that would mix the wrong source when performing drag-and-drop mixing.
- Fixed a bug that could prevent phase and mono-compatibility meters from working when no channel was assigned to the sound card's first ports.
- Fixed a bug that would select the wrong region after a mix operation.
- Fixed a bug that could cause erroneous data to be displayed in the Statistics window.
- Fixed a bug that prevented Ctrl+Shift+D (Set Selection) and Ctrl+G (Go To) from working when a processing dialog was open.

System Requirements:

The following lists the minimum system requirements for using Sony Creative Software Inc. Sound Forge:
- Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP4, XP, or Windows Vista™
-800 MHz processor
-256 MB RAM
-150 MB hard-disk space for program installation
-Windows-compatible sound card
-DVD-ROM drive (for installation from a DVD only)
-Supported CD-Recordable drive (for CD burning only)
-Microsoft DirectX® 9.0c or later (included on application disc)
-Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (included on application disc)
-Internet Explorer 5.1 or later (included on application disc)


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    Sony Sound Forge 9.0e
    Нормальная версия с ключом, руссификацией и инструкцией по установке.
    Проверено! НЕ Триал! Всё работает 100% Размер:92Mb


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