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Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE) SP2
Software | автор: nimdA (23.07.07)
Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE) SP2 Name: Cinema Craft Encoder SP2
Program Type: Video-encoder
Developer: Custom Technology Corporation
Release Date: 18.06.2007
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 2000/XP
File Format: .exe (setup)
File Size: 4.65Mb

Info: Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE) - суперкачественный, быстрый и на данный момент самый дорогой (стоимость программы 1950 US$) видеокодер, который способен конвертировать файлы форматов QuickTime и DV в DVD MPEG-2 потоки. Ориентирован исключительно на профессионального пользователя

Cinema Craft Encoder – только MPEG-2 видеокодер, он практически не может производить обработку исходного изображения, зато он позволяет делать многопроходное (более 2-х раз!) кодирование, устанавливать параметры GOP-структуры, изменять матрицы кодирования, задавать психовизуальные настройки кодирования (в зависимости от типа исходного видео) и многое другое. CCE оставляет качество изображения наиболее близким к оригиналу, в том числе и по цветовой гамме. Может работать самостoятельно и как плагин для прямого кодирования в Adobe Premiere.


Cinema Craft Encoder SP2 allows you to directly encode AVI, QuickTime and DV files into pristine, DVD compliant MPEG-2 streams, or beautiful MPEG-1 streams for delivery on CD-ROM or the Internet. Cinema Craft SP2 gives unprecedented control over the MPEG encoding process and delivers professional results in record time.

Cinema Craft Encoder SP2 is powered by the CCE encoding engine and has the advantages of an off-line encoding system. The CCE-SP2 gives you the capability of producing Hollywood quality at an affordable investment cost.

Advanced Motion Detection Algorithms
Most encoders use a conventional algorithm based on the exhaustive search. This method has inherent flaws and is much more susceptible to encoding errors caused by things like noise in the source video. Cinema Craft's advanced "multiple high-speed scan" algorithm resolves these problems and increases the quality of the final output video.

Automatic Scene Change Detection
The Cinema Craft encoder uses an advanced forward scanning technique to identify scene changes and use them as points for keyframe (I-Frame) insertion. This allows for cleaner scene transitions and more accurate seeking during playback. Cinema Craft SP also allows you to manually set keyframe (I-Frame) insertion points, great for inserting pin-point accurate chapters in DVD titles.

High-Performance Pre-Encoding
During Automatic Scene Change Detection, Cinema Craft also performs an additional step that involves high-performace pre-encoding of your source video data. This produces data that contains important bitrate to distortion ratios that are used to assure the production of a high quality and stable MPEG stream.

Variable Bit Rate Encoding
Most software MPEG encoders support both Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Variable Bit Rate (VBR) encoding. But very few (if any) support true multi-pass VBR the way Cinema Craft SP2 does. VBR encoding provides the best utilization of the MPEG-2 bitstream by analyzing the motion of the video being encoded and varying the bitrate accordingly; More action, more bitrate, less action, less bitrate. This generally leads to higher quality video and smaller file sizes which is always good.

Multi-pass VBR takes this one step farther by making multiple passes through the video, each time revising the bitrate structure generated from the previous pass. This used to be the realm of high-end hardware encoders, but now it's available right on your desktop.

New enhancements
- Provides API for Import / Export Plug-ins
- Adds Frame Size Conversion Enables the conversion from HD(1920 x 1080) to SD
- Modifies 'Encoding Area Setting Window' Adds 'Cropping function'
- No Limited Frame Size of Input File
- Supports Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Enables to specify Unicode File Name
- Enables to work on 64 bits

Changes in Version, June 18, 2007 :
- Version did not work.
- Spin control in Video trimming window did not work properly when frame number was more than 32767.
- Could not properly read AVI file that has zero-sized frames.

System requirements
CPU : A computer with a processor that supports SSE
Memory : 512MB or more (for standalone)
OS : Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or XP
Adobe® Premiere® : Pro 1.0/1.5/2.0
Other : QuickTime® 7 (for encoding QuickTime files)


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    muito bom

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    Privet nimda,

    2 woprosa:

    kak pravelno sainstalirovat cinema craft encoder?
    est li wosmo#nost NTSC klipi ot Artbeats v PAL peredelat?



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