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cmiVFX: Mocha Pro Advanced
Tutorials | автор: nimdA (30.11.12)
cmiVFX: Mocha Pro Advanced
Name: cmiVFX: Mocha Pro Advanced
Type: Tutorial
Release Date: Nov 26, 2012
Language: English
Run Time: 02:57:07
File Format: .MP4, H.264, 1024x576 (Project Files Included)
File Size: 930Mb

cmiVFX: Mocha Pro Advanced - Новая тактика продвинутого композитинга с mocha Pro. В этих видео-уроках Magno Borgo, опытный пользователь MochaPro проведет вас через некоторые из самых трудных задач, которые значительно упрощаются с использованием mocha Pro и After Effects.

Он раскроет перед вами профессиональные секреты, которые позволят сделать быстро, то, что казалось практически невозможным. Перспективное планирование всегда будет давать лучшие результаты, так воспользуйтесь подсказками мастера, наблюдая за ним в этом видео! Конечно, After Effects может быть заменён на любое, по вашему выбору, приложение для композиции, такие как Eyeon Fusion, Foundry Nuke, Autodesk Smoke и другие.

cmiVFX: Mocha Pro Advanced - The brand new Imagineer System's mocha Pro Advanced Compositing Tactics Video. Featuring veteran mocha Pro user Magno Borgo, cmiVFX takes you through some of the most difficult tasks made much easier with the use of both mocha Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Of course, any compositing application of your choice can be substituted for After Effects, such as Eyeon Fusion, Foundry Nuke, Autodesk Smoke and more. When it comes to solving impossible shots, you need to think WAY outside of the box. Let us show you the tricks of the trade, that make those impossible shots both possible and done quickly. Planning ahead will always reap better results, so take a hint from a master and watch this killer new video today!

Chapter Descriptions:

Introduction. Magno speaks a brief introduction about the topics that will be covered in the training.

Digital Make-up. Start of the digital make-up project, studying the shot. Initial mocha Pro Project Setup, discussion about approaching the tracking of a non-planar surface. We compare the tracking options and result quality of the track and explore the tracking properties to facilitate the tracking process.

Inserting The Eye Patch. After obtaining the tracked layers, we apply a pre-prepared eyepatch painting to the tracked layer. We also create a a customized visual guide to make insert adjustments more accurately.

Adjusting The insert With The AdjustTrack Module. Here we show a novel technique, "hacking" the adjust module to work with the visual guidelines the we created. We show how to set up the reference points in a comfortable way to work and how to choose the best timeline positions to do adjustments to the tracked surface.

Testing The Eye Patch insert. We create a more precise shape for the eye patch insertion area using the adjusted track and test the eye patch insertion.

Eye Patch Compositing Inside After Effects. We bring the mocha Pro data to AE: Corner pins and rotoscope shapes. We refine the composition of the insert, animating color correction effects, fine tuning the comp with new rotoscope masks and using the painted frame pre-comp for effects.

After Effects - Deforming With The Reshape Effect. We explore the Reshape effect, how to use it to do morphing and deformations. We review the Reshape properties and caveats, we also show how to use plate stabilization with Reshape.

After Effects - Deforming With The Puppet Tool. Here, we explore another possibility using the Puppet tool to create deformations and animations for the digital make-up.

Mocha Pro Camera Solve: Floating Market. We cover here the new Camera Solve module and also some of the new shortcuts/properties of the rotoscope tools of Mocha v3. We prepare the scene for solving, rotoscoping the foreground element and tracking the background layers.

Solving And Comping The Floating Market. With the tracked layers ready, we solve the camera and review the Camera Solve module properties. Back to After Effects, we import 3D camera data and 3D nulls, creating the composite of a 3D text element.

Orienting The 3D World. On this chapter, 3D alignment of scenes inside After Effects is discussed. How to align 3D scenes in a more comfortable way to work with, using manual alignment techniques and automated alignment using scripts.

Mocha Pro Camera Solve: Jet Ski shot. Now we track a different kind of shot, using the PTZ camera solve model. We implement strategies to get a better tracking, choosing optimal track properties for the layers. We also show how to track 3D moving object using the camera solver. Moving to After Effects, we place 3D elements on the composition and also create a motion trail effect using the Trapcode Particular plugin using the moving object 3d information.

Project Contents.All cmiVFX videos come with all the training materials you can need right from our website. No matter what time of day, your location, or how your feeling, cmiVFX will be there waiting for you!

cmiVFX: Mocha Pro Advanced

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