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PI-VR VRED Professional 6 v6.01
Software » 3D | автор: SonyQ (23.11.12)
PI-VR VRED Professional 6 v6.01

Program Name: VRED Professional 6 v6.01
Program Type: Visualization and Virtual Prototyping
Developer: PI-VR GmbH
Homepage: www.pi-vr.de/produkte/vred-professional.html
Release Date: 22.11.2012
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7
File Size: 130.1Mb / 154.11Mb

VRED (Virtual Reality EDitor) - самое мощное программное решение в областях визуализации в реальном времени и виртуального прототипирования. VRED не закрытый пакет. Пользователи могут настраивать пакет в соответствии со специфическими требованиями, и предоставляет функции, необходимые в повседневной работе.

Все ли компоненты совпадают? Отображаются ли заданные свойства используемого материала? Модель полностью функциональна? VRED - это программное решение для всех тех, кому необходимо достичь совершенства в каждой детали. VRED обеспечивает быстрым и эффективным рабочим процессом на различных этапах разработки, как продуктов, так и в процессе виртуального прототипирования.

Инженеры и дизайнеры работают в различных узкоспециализированных областях. VRED разработан на модульной основе для удовлетворения различным требованиям. Специальные модули могут быть добавлены к стандартной версии или текущая конфигурация может быть расширена впоследствии при необходимости.


VRED (Virtual Reality EDitor) is the most powerful software solution in the field of real-time visualization and virtual prototyping. VRED Professional is not a closed software package. It can be customized according to the users' special needs and offers the functions you need for your everyday work.

Do all components match? Does the material show the expected characteristics? Is the model fully functional? VRED Professional is the software for all those persons who perform at a degree of perfection. The software allows fast and efficient workflows in different phases of product development as well as in virtual prototyping.

Engineers and designers work in different, highly specialized subject areas. In order to meet all the different requirements to its best, VRED Professional is developed on a modular basis. Special modules can be added to the standard version or given configurations can be expanded afterwards when needed.

What is new in VRED Professional 6.0?
VRED Professional 6.0 comes along with a completely reworked MaterialEditor with astonishing new functions like 3D Realtime Displacement Mapping or the realistic simulation of light effects when using diverse translucent materials. These are only two highlights: Version 6.0 will set new trends and enable users to create even more outstanding visualizations.

Now, users can also create clippings of their objects when working in the Raytracing mode. Next to the possibility to do surface analysis based on isophotes, this comes in very handy for all VR professionals in the field of engineering.

More than ever, VRED Professional 6.0 supports Virtual Prototyping and high-end visualizations like no other software can do.

VRED 6.0 New Feature List (PDF) >>

VRED Feature Comparison >>

VRED Professional v6.01 Service Release >>

System Requirements
Hardware Requirements
- (32-bit) Intel Pentium 4 or higher, AMD Athlon XP processor (must be SSE capable)
- (64-bit) Intel processor with Intel EM64T-capable or AMD Athlon 64, AMD Opteron processor
- DVD drive or Internet connection
- Ethernet card (required for licensing VRED uniquely to your machine)
- Three-button mouse with mouse driver software
- A qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics card (overlay plane capability is recommended)
- VRED takes about 470 MB for a full installation. This approximate disk space requirement is based on the NTFS disk format. If you have a FAT disk format, expect slightly larger file sizes.
Software Requirements
- (32-bit) Windows XP Professional (SP2)
- (64-bit) Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (SP1 or higher)
- Microsoft Windows Vista, Business or Ultimate edition (32-Bit and 64-Bit)
- TCP/IP network protocol software (for running VRED network rendering and other features)
- A graphics card driver. Driver software is available from the manufacturer’s web site.
- Appropriate driver software for optional hardware
- Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the PDF documentation provided on the VRED DVD or as online documentation. You can obtain Acrobat Reader from www.adobe.com.
- Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 web browsers have been qualified to view the VRED Help.
- Flash player is required to view the Quick start Movies
Optional Hardware
- Space Mouse: Make sure you install the latest Space Mouse driver software.


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