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VertusTech Fluid Mask 3 v3.2.3 (Win) / v3.2.4 (Mac)
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (7.11.12)
VertusTech Fluid Mask 3 v3.2.3 (Win) / v3.2.4 (Mac)

Program Name: Fluid Mask 3 v3.2.3 (8537) Win / v3.2.4 Mac
Program Type: Phtotshop Plug-In
Developer: VertusTech Inc.
Release Date: 07.11.2012
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7 | Mac OS X Tiger v10.4.11/Leopard v10.5.8/Snow Leopard v10.6.2+
File Size: 23.85Mb / 41.73Mb

Fluid Mask представляет собой наполовину автоматизированный инструмент в качестве подключаемого модуля к Adobe Photoshop позволяющий вырезать из слоя объекты по выбору пользователя. Fluid Mask предварительно анализирует слой и выделяет на нём все чёткие и нечёткие границы, которые находит на этапе анализа изображения, при обработке Fluid Mask сворачивается полностью сам Photoshop, подгружая собственный пользовательский интерфейс. При переносе объекта в другое окружение можно использовать различные способы смешивания, чтобы скрыть подделку. В Fluid Mask есть специальные средства для точного переноса сложных элементов, например, волос.

Переработанные в последних версиях программы алгоритмы определения краёв дают возможность выполнять маскировку неоднородных по цвету сложных объектов, например, чёрных и белых волос на сером фоне. Суть функционирования Fluid Mask заключается в имитации процесса деятельности наших органов зрения и мышления путем автоматического анализа растровых изображений.


Vertus Fluid Mask software gives you advanced tools for cutting out highly complex images with absolute precision. Fluid Mask makes life easier for everyone who needs to mask or cut out images by offering an intuitive, accurate and fast approach to the task.

Why do I need Fluid Mask?
Whether you are an Illustrator, Photographer, Graphic Artist, Designer or Picture Editor, Fluid Mask will save you time and money. Masks, selections and clipping paths that can take hours to create properly in an image editor like Adobe Photoshop come down to minutes or seconds with Fluid Mask. It creates perfect edges, no stray pixels, no haloes and gives you a perfect cut-out every time.
Whether you are creating layouts for books, cut-outs for product photography, or supplying images for advertising and marketing, Fluid Mask is an essential tool for saving you time and effort, speeding up your workflow, and increasing your throughput.

What is Masking?
Masking is the process of selecting and then erasing parts of an image. Typically, you select the parts of the image you want to keep and then erase the areas you want to delete. You can then blend this cut-out seamlessly onto a second image - for example, placing a new sky or background image behind a tree, or placing a picture of a golfer about to take a shot onto a desert so it looks like they are in the world’s largest bunker!
To mask an image in most image editors, you use a selection tool to isolate the part of the image you want to keep, and erase the rest. This might seem like an easy task, but in fact, it is time consuming and difficult to get a good result. Images with complex backgrounds are very difficult to cut out well and you are often left with bits of background color that can create an unrealistic or exaggerated halo effect around the edge.
Fluid Mask uses breakthrough technology that mimics the way your eyes, optic nerves and brain process visual information to analyze your image for changes in texture and color, detecting even subtle edges, to divide the image into areas or ‘objects’ containing similar visual properties. You can then use the tools provided to quickly paint and fill these segments in a process as simple as painting by numbers.

• Visual Image Segmentation. See exactly how your image is made up of segments of similar properties. Letting you create super-fine mask selections with ease.
• Color Based Selections. Use the Color Workspace and the Color Sampler to make extremely fine color based mask selections.
• Forced Edge. If the flexible image segmantation adjustments and resolution controls weren't enough, you can even add in your own edges.
• Intelligent Edge Blending. Fluid Mask 3 understands the width and morphology of an edge. Its intelligent blending gets the closest to extracting the true character of the image.
• Localized Edge Detection. Fluid Mask 3 lets you isolate difficult areas and apply alternative selections with all new edges find options - making the tough bits easier.
• Localized Blending Options. Fluid Mask 3 includes complex blending tools for within a patch, to adjust the localized blending parameters to be different from the larger image. Combine multiple blending techniques on one image.
• Onscreen Help and Guidance. Fluid Mask 3 contains an in place tip window to guide through the use of it's tools. With handy pointers and guidance to help you along. They're also linked to an in-depth user manual with more detailed information.
• Stored Workspace Settings. Allows you to tailor the default settings to your needs and better yet - process complete studio runs with ease!
• Adjustable Workspace Resolution. By adjusting the working resolution of the segmentation processing you can create broader and smoother segments, and choose to ignore finer details. Plus, there's no loss of image quality.

System Requirements
Mac & Windows
- XGA (1024x768) 24-bit (millions of colours) display
- 512MiB RAM (1GiB recommended)
- 250MB of available hard-disk space
- CD-ROM drive (only necessary for boxed version)
- Web connection or email access for product activation
- PowerPC G4/G5 or Intel processor
- Mac OS X Tiger v10.4.11, Leopard v10.5.8, Snow Leopard v10.6.2, or later
- 1GHz processor
- Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3, Vista Service Pack 2, or later and Windows 7
Fluid Mask 3 as a Photoshop plug-in:
- Adobe Photoshop Elements, CS2, CS3, CS4 or CS5. Including x86 and x64 Adobe Photoshop CS5.



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