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VMware Workstation
Software | автор: nimdA (31.05.08)
VMware Workstation
Program Name: VMware Workstation 6.0.4 Build 93057
Program Type: Virtual machine software
Developer: VMware, Inc.
Home Page: www.vmware.com
Release Date: 31.05.2008
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows
File Size: 318Mb

VMware Workstation - программа, которая позволяет из одного компьютера получить сразу несколько, причем эти виртуальные компьютеры при необходимости можно полностью изолировать друг от друга, а можно, наоборот, обьединить в виртуальную локальную сеть. Т.е программа позволяет, работая в одной операционной системе (например - Windows XP), в то же самое время работать и в Windows 2000, Windows 9*, WinNT или Linux - без необходимости выделять под операционные системы отдельные партиции и перезагружать компьютер при переходе с одной ОС на другую.

VMware Workstation is desktop software that allows you to run multiple x86-compatible desktop and server operating systems simultaneously on a single PC, in fully networked, portable virtual machines - with no rebooting or hard drive partitioning required. With Workstation, you spend less time procuring and configuring, and more time testing, deploying, teaching, or running demos. Over three million software development, quality assurance, training, sales, and IT professionals worldwide find Workstation an indispensable tool.

To streamline software development and testing:
- Develop and test multiple operating systems and applications on a single PC.
- Connect virtual machines to simulate and test multitier configurations.
- Use multiple snapshots and debugging support to facilitate testing.
- Archive test environments on file servers where they can be easily restored or shared.
To enhance productivity of IT professionals:
- Configure and test desktops and servers as virtual machines before deploying them to production.
- Test new multitier applications, application updates, and OS patches on a single PC.
- Host legacy applications within virtual machines, facilitating OS migrations and eliminating the need to port legacy applications.
- Create a virtual library of end-user configurations on a shared drive.
To facilitate computer-based training and software demos:
- Package and deploy classroom material in virtual machines.
- Allow students to experiment with multiple operating systems, applications, and tools in secure, isolated virtual machines.
- Configure virtual machines to undo all changes at shutdown.
- Demo complex or multitier configurations on a single laptop.

New in VMware Workstation 6.0
VMware Workstation continues to be the most advanced virtualization software for desktop and laptop computers. The 6.0 release further strengthens the product’s leadership in providing the broadest, deepest OS support (both host and guest); best-in-class virtual machine architecture; the richest desktop user experience; and an unmatched set of value-added features to enhance the productivity of technical professionals and the organizations they serve. The new features of VMware Workstation 6.0 include:
- Support for Windows Vista (both guest and host OS)
- Multiple monitor display – span the VM display across a second monitor
- Support for USB 2.0 devices – including high-speed storage and iPods
- VMware Converter for effortlessly creating a new virtual machine from a physical disk
- The ability to remotely access the console of a VM from a VNC client
- The ability to run virtual machines in the background without the Workstation UI
- Integration with leading IDEs, (Visual Studio and Eclipse)
- Continuous state record/replay capabilities
- Experimental support for paravirtualized guests

New in Version 6.0.4
• Workstation 6.0.4 adds full support for the following operating systems:
- 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista SP1 as host and guest operating systems. Editions include Windows Vista Enterprise, Business, Home Basic, Home Premium, and Ultimate.
• Note: The Integrated Virtual Debuggers support most of these Windows Vista SP1 operating systems:
- Eclipse Integrated Virtual Debugger can be hosted on all 32-bit versions of these Windows Vista editions. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit Enterprise, 32-bit Ultimate, and 32-bit Business editions as a guest.
- Visual Studio Integrated Virtual Debugger can be hosted on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these Windows Vista editions. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit Enterprise, Ultimate, and Business editions as a guest.
• Workstation 6.0.4 addresses the following security issues:
- On Windows hosts, if VMCI is enabled, a guest can execute arbitrary code in the context of the vmx process on the host. This is a compiler-dependent vulnerability. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (cve.mitre.org) assigned the CVE number CVE-2008-2099 to this issue. (bug 234208)
- A security vulnerability related to the host-guest file system (HGFS) could cause a buffer overflow. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (cve.mitre.org) assigned the CVE number CVE-2008-2098 to this issue. (bug 234214)

Known Issues Fixed in Workstation 6.0.4:
- Virtual machines fail unexpectedly after a Symantec virus definition update from version 213 to version 220. (bug 253615)
- If you attempt to power on a virtual machine that is hosted on an IBM IntelliStation Z Pro, the host crashes with a blue screen. (bug 245570)
- When you attempt dial up using some USB ISDN modems with a virtual machine, you get a "cable not plugged in" error. (bug 166158)
- On Ubuntu 6.06 guests (which use Xorg 7.0), upgrading VMware Tools from the version installed with Workstation 6.0.0 fails. (bug 196141)
- On Ubuntu 7.x guests, after you install VMware Tools, the vmxnet driver is not being used. (bug 231499)
- On Ubuntu 7.10 guests, the Ubuntu Network Manager sometimes erroneously reports that there is no network connection, even though one exists and the VMware Tools vmxnet networking driver is loaded and working properly. (bug 240525)
- On Ubuntu 8.04 hosts (which use kernel 2.6.24), when you install VMware Workstation, the vmnet module does not build. (bug 236605)

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