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Andrew's plug-ins collection Vol.1-19
Software, Graphics | автор: nimdA (26.05.08)
Andrew's plug-ins collection Vol.1-19Program Name: Andrew Plugins Volume.1-19 for Adobe Photoshop-SSG
Developer: Abneil Software Ltd (Andrew Buckle)
Release Date: 2006
Language: English
Platform: PC Windows XP, Vista. Photoshop CS3 + CS2 + CS + 7 + 6 + Paint Shop Pro X2 X1 X 9 8 + Painter + Photo-Paint + PhotoImpact
File Size: 51.8Mb

Andrew's plug-ins collection - Plug-ins collection for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro and others - 180 Hi-impact plug-ins

- Includes all twenty of the Andrew's plug-in sets of Andrew's Plug-ins series
- 180 Stunning plug-ins: emboss plug-ins, contrast plug-in, distortion plug-ins, paint plug-ins, blur-plugins, smear plug-ins, color effects plug-ins, gradient plug-ins, mist plug-ins, edge plug-ins, pattern plug-ins, contrast plug-in, light plug-in, sharpen plug-in... many millions of effects
- Plug-ins all include 100 output modes (inverts, tiles etc the output) + 20 effects modes (applies effect as blur or distortion) + transparency effects (for layer effects)
- From developer of the popular Andrew's Filters
- Comes with bonus material

Set includes

Volume 1 'Innovations'
Volume 2 (blur and distort)
Volume 3 (digital photography effects)
Volume 4 (blur and line and dot plugins)
Volume 5 (grains and paint plugins)
Volume 6 (color cutout and threshold and paint plugins) +
Volume 7 (patterns and gradients effects)
Volume 8
Volume 9
Volume 10 (color effects plugins)
Volume 11
Volume 12
Volume 13
Volume 14 (motion)
Volume 15 (color effects)
Volume 16 (gradients)
Volume 17 (sketch and edge plugins)
Volume 18 (gradient plugin) +
Volume 19 (color effects + surreal and paint plugin)

Plug-in notes

Collection: The plug-ins collection includes many millions of effects. Each plug-in (created by is a powerhouse of effects on its own, this set contains 180 stunning plug-ins and therefore literally millions and millions of stunning color effects, gradient effects, line effects, blur effects and more

Effects modes: The plug-ins can be used as is but you can also set the plug-ins (any of the 180) into applying the generated effects as a blurring or smearing or sepia or distortion or tone effect, the strength of the application can also be modified. The plug-ins are a source of truly unique visual effects and creativity

Output modes: The plug-ins can generate their basic effect but by changing the output mode to 'tile' 'color wrap' 'dark edge' etc, you can further modify the end result of the plug-ins. 180 filter, 100 output modes, each could easily be a plug-in in its own right, you are talking 1000s of stunning effects, without even tweaking a slider or adding a dropdown / combo setting.

Andrew's filters: The plug-in series 'Andrew's Filters' was created ages ago by me (back in Nijmegan, Holland) and they have been a very popular 1000+ filters series on the web, on various sites such as Steve's Desktop Photography. The collection here is 'not' the Andrew's Filters. The Andrew's Plug-ins are totally different, the plug-ins were created only recently and the plug-ins have many additional features never possible in the earlier series. The plug-ins include presets / save / powerful preview / dropdowns / randomization features and more, each plug-in is probably more than the original set of 1000 filters (well, perhaps!)

Selections/ transparency: The plug-ins in the collection can be used on a new layer, adding its own layer transparency settings (many different options are available) to create unique transparency. Layer Effects can then be applied adding a drop shadow or bevel to the effect.

Andrew's vectors collection: Totally different, the vector collection is for Illustrator only; this set of plug-ins is for pixels / photography and more

Plug-in compatibility

The plugins should work fine in all the applications below, though some may show slight variants or inability to use the foreground or background color feature, as this information may not be returned from the host application.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 CS2 / Adobe Photoshop 9 / Adobe Photoshop CS1 / Adobe Photoshop 8 / Adobe Photoshop 7 / Adobe Photoshop 6 / Photoshop Elements / Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 / Paint Shop Pro Photo X1 / Paint Shop Pro X / Paint Shop Pro 9 / Paint Shop Pro 8 / Paint Shop Pro 7 / Paint Shop Pro 6 / Painter IX / Photo-Paint / Expression 3.3 / Bryce / Konvertor / Deneba / Canvas / Ulead PhotoImpact / Adobe Illustrator / PhotoDraw / Microsoft Digital Image Suite / After Effects / and many many more PC applications / windows 98 ME NT Windows XP

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