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Digital Juice Graphic Designers Silhouettes 02: Businesswoman
Software » Graphics | автор: anonymous (4.09.12)
Digital Juice Graphic Designers Silhouettes 02: Businesswoman
Name: Digital Juice Graphic Designer's Silhouettes 02: Businesswoman
Type: Graphics Library
Release Date: Oct 2011
File Format: .ai, .png
File Size: 197Mb

Graphic Designer's Silhouettes 02: Businesswoman - Чёткие графические силуэты женщин в позах и с жестами характерными для деловых ситуаций. Digital Juice представляет первую в своем роде линию продукции, специально разработанной для нужд профессионалов графического дизайна.

Эта библиотека графики, основанная на Motion Designers Silhouettes: Businesswoman I и II, предоставляет вам более 900 бизнес-партнёров в разных позах, готовых придать профессиональный вид высокого класса вашей работе, предоставив вам лучшее из обоих миров - естественность форм и фигур реальной жизни и чёткость графической символики силуэтов.

Все эти элементы даже начинающий дизайнер сможет легко интегрировать в любой проект, тем самым выразить мысли, вызывать эмоции, или передать идею, не добавляя сложности функций актера или одежды, не отвлекая внимание от простоты вашего сообщения.

Graphic Designer's Silhouettes 02: Businesswoman - Graphic silhouettes of a variety of women in business situations and poses. Digital Juice once again introduces a first of it's kind product line specifically tailored for the needs of graphic design professionals. Get the professional edge with crisp businesswoman silhouettes in vector & PNG formats.

Based on the same human figure shots captured for the Motion Designer's Silhouettes: Businesswoman I & II volumes, this new library of 900 crisp, clean Graphic Designer's Silhouettes brings you an array of female actors in various business poses, gestures, and situations -- ready to add some realistic relief to your designs and tell a story with personality and graphic boldness.

These silhouette images will add a professional high-end look to your work, giving you the best of both worlds - the natural shape of real life figures and the sharp graphic symbolism of a silhouette -- all in a drag-and-drop element that even a novice graphic designer will find easy to integrate into any project. Express a thought, evoke an emotion, or convey an idea without adding the complexity of an actor's features or clothing to detract from the simplicity of your message.

Captured live in the Digital Juice green screen studio, these images were shot under very controlled conditions, specifically for the purpose of making Silhouettes. Each image was then meticulously hand-traced and keyed to achieve the highest quality possible results from the high-resolution source material.

The files for these silhouette figures are provided in both clean, rescaleable vector format (Adobe Illustrator .ai) and drag-and-drop hgih resolution transparent PNG format (4000 pixel height). Whether you are designing a business presentation, a webpage, a print magazine or a super-sized billboard, you have the resolution you need to add the right touch of graphic human interest to your next project.

All files are available in Adobe Illustrator (AI) vector format: Vector files can be scaled to any size or resolution so they will appear crisp and sharp no matter where you need to use them
All files available as High resolution PNG files with alpha channel transparency: No matter where you need to composite the elements in this package the alpha channel transparency of the PNG file will ensure you don't need to do any masking and with a resolution height of roughly 4000 pixels they are ready for any project, from web to HD video to billboard.
Ultimate customizability when you want it: Because the vector files are included in the Adobe Illustrator .ai format, you can load these files into any design software that supports the .ai format and customize or tweak the element as needed. Change colors, curves or shading to your heart's desire or combine multiple silhouettes inside software such as Adobe Illustrator.
Shot on a green screen using a wide variety of real life actors and props under controlled conditions: You get realistic human poses and body language without the complexity of color or specific facial expressions or clothing styles.
Meticulously hand-traced and carefully keyed silhouettes: High resolution elements with crisp, clean matted edges give you a professional look for even the simplest of projects.

System Requirements
- XP Professional SP2/Vista/Windows 7
- Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP
- Min of 1 GB system memory
- OS X 10.4+, OSX Leopard / G4 / G5 / Mac Intel Processors
- Min of 1 GB system memory

Digital Juice Graphic Designers Silhouettes 02: Businesswoman >>

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