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CoreCG MentalCore v1.4 (Win/Lin64/Mac)
Software » 3D | автор: SonyQ (29.08.12)
CoreCG MentalCore v1.4 (Win/Lin64/Mac)

Program Name: MentalCore v1.4
Program Type: Autodesk Maya and Mental Ray Plug-In
Developer: CoreCG New Zealand Limited, a division of Oktobor Animation L.P.
Homepage: _
Release Date: 29.08.2012
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7 | Linux 64 Bit | Mac OS X
File Size: 5.81Mb / 5.58Mb / 4.81Mb

MentalCore - модуль, представляющий собой альтернативу стандартным рабочим процессам рендеринга в Maya и Mental Ray. Проверенный в производстве, MentalCore доводит до совершенства затенение, освещение и конвейер рендеринга, отлично подходит для небольших и крупных студий. MentalCore позволяет сосредоточиться над сложными рендерами и сэкономить драгоценное время, а библиотека шейдеров предлагает на выбор широкий спектр материалов, текстур и шейдеров, помогающих добиться превосходных результатов.


MentalCore is a plugin that provides an alternative to the standard rendering workflow for Maya and Mental Ray. Designed and proven in production, MentalCore completes the shading, lighting and rendering pipeline, and is suitable for small to large productions. MentalCore allows you to focus on creating great renders in less time, and the shader library provides a wide range of material, texture and utility shaders to help you achieve the look you need.

Render Globals Interface
Intergrated into the Mental Ray render globals window, the MentalCore render globals is a well designed interface for tweaking all MentalCore options as well as creating and managing render passes.

Render Pass System
A completely new node based render pass system built out of production needs. There is a large selection of available passes to choose from. Individual render passes can be linked to objects, materials and lights to control what is rendered.

Preview Render Passes
MentalCore allows you to preview render passes directly in the renderview without the memory overhead of rendering all other passes in one go. During batch render, it will automatically switch out of preview mode.

Colour Management
A complete colour management system supporting Linear, sRGB and Rec.709 colour profiles.

Shader Library
MentalCore ships with a large shader library that allows you to simplify and enhance your shading workflow. Along with a new Core Material and Hair & Fur Shader, both the Mia and Car Paint Shaders are supported. There is also a collection of texture and utility shaders.

Ambient Occlusion Transparency
Ambient occlusion transparency is fully supported. AO can be properly traced through multiple levels of transparent objects. This can be enabled globally or per shader for best performance.

Environment Lighting
Use the environment as a ambient light. This provides a very fast way of generating ambient light from an environment texture, with no flickering or artifacts. Combined with ambient occlusion, it can provide a great base for lighting a scene. Local environment lights also help you futher control ambient and indirect light by placing them in the scene.

Render Pass Compositing
MentalCore provides a workflow for compositing render passes with nodes inside the hypershade.

Camera Features
Built in camera features such as lens type (standard, fisheye, spherical), colour grading, tonemapping, and overlay and background images.

Light Bloom
Generate light bloom (glow) effects from bright specular and reflection highlights.

Exposed MentalRay Features
MentalCore makes many features of MentalRay available in the render globals, that have not yet been integrated into Maya. Such as Image Based Lighting, Progressive Rendering, Unified Sampling and more.

Python API
A simple python api for using MentalCore in any pipeline.

And lots more...

What's new in v1.4:
- New "Environment" render pass. This pass allows you to render the environment (IBL/Sun&Sky etc) as a separate pass.
- Ambient Occlusion trace flags. This allows you to control which objects will be hit by AO rays based on their render stats (Casts Shadows etc). This can be found in the render globals under the Advanced Occlusion settings. Maya 2012/2013 only.
- New shader "core_color_temperature". This is a simple light shader that outputs colors based on a temperature setting. Includes a range of presets.
- Updated "core_displace" shader. This improved version allows you to automatically offset displacement values for maps in the 0-1 range.
Bug fixes
- Fixed issue with some broken render passes when using the core_mia_material.
- Fixed issue with core_mia_material not rendering the correct shadow when using cutout opacity.
- Fixed issue with core texture shaders not working with displacement shaders

System Requirements
- Windows 32 Bit/64 Bit
- Linux 64 Bit (Redhat Based)
- Mac OSX
- Maya 2011/2012/2013




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