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Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007 SP1-ZWTiSO
Software | автор: nimdA (14.05.08)
Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007 SP1-ZWTiSO
Program Name: Microsoft.Office.Forms.Server.2007.with.Service.Pack.1-ZWTiSO
Developer: Microsoft Corp.
Release Date: 14.05.2007
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows Server 2003 x86 and x64
File Format: .iso
File Size: 324Mb

Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007 предназначен для создания масштабируемых решений на основе электронных форм и позволяет подключить к бизнес-процессам любого пользователя, в распоряжении которого имеется веб-браузер.

Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007 использует новую службу Microsoft Office InfoPath Forms Services для публикации электронных форм на сервере, что позволяет значительно упростить и оптимизировать сбор, распространение и интеграцию данных по сравнению с использованием бумажных бланков. Службы InfoPath Forms Services позволяют заполнять формы Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 с помощь веб- обозревателя и/или клиентского приложения Office InfoPath 2007, что обеспечивает более широкий по сравнению с предыдущими версиями Microsoft Office InfoPath доступ к формам.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 обеспечивает безопасную интеграцию бизнес-процессов.

Основные функциональные возможности

Получение и отправка данных с помощью веб-обозревателя. Обеспечьте веб-доступ к бизнес-процессам на основе форм сотрудникам, партнерам и клиентам, не имеющим приложения Office InfoPath 2007.

Упростите основные бизнес-процессы предприятия с помощью форм. Внедряйте удобные в работе решения на базе форм для получения и отправки данных с меньшими затратами и усилиями. Forms Server 2007 позволяет подключать формы к существующим корпоративным приложениям с помощью веб-служб.

Централизованное управление решениями форм. Office Forms Server 2007 позволяет организовать единое хранилище форм, администраторы которого могут регулировать права на создание и публикацию форм, а пользователи – быстро находить нужные формы.

Более быстрое заполнение форм. Интеллектуальные формы позволяют организовать удобную навигацию по полям формы и существенно упрощают ввод данных. Некоторые поля формы могут автоматически заполняться данными из различных источников в сети предприятия.

Доступ к формам с мобильных устройств. Формы Office InfoPath 2007 доступны с мобильных устройств. Службы Microsoft Office InfoPath Forms Services регистрируют попытки доступа к форме с мобильного устройства и автоматически отображают форму в формате, совместимом с этим устройством.


Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007 provides scalable, standards-based electronic forms solutions with enhanced security that can help your organization to extend the reach of forms-driven business processes to anyone with a Web browser.

Office Forms Server 2007 is a new server offering in the Microsoft Office system. It is a standalone server that delivers new Microsoft Office InfoPath Forms Services, which is also available in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This new technology uses server-based electronic forms to streamline business processes and make data collection, distribution, and integration more cost-effective than with paper-based forms.

Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007 top 10 benefits
Here are the top 10 ways that Office Forms Server 2007 can help your organization improve business processes and manage data more effectively.

1. Extend data-gathering solutions to anyone with a browser.
Make your forms-driven business processes accessible to customers, partners, and suppliers through a Web browser. By using the advanced browser-based form-rendering technology built into Office Forms Server 2007, you can design forms that provide a smooth, elegant user experience and distribute forms on corporate intranets, extranets, or the Internet.

2. Streamline business processes and connect forms to multiple line-of-business applications.
Develop easy-to-use forms solutions as front ends for business processes with less time, effort, and cost. Office Forms Server 2007 helps connect forms to multiple existing data systems through Web services.

3. Centralize the management and control of your forms solutions.
Use Office Forms Server 2007 to provide a centralized forms solution repository that helps network administrators control who can create and publish forms and helps users find forms easily. Connections to database systems can be shared across form solutions. In-place form version upgrade mechanisms help reduce downtime.

4. Reduce time spent filling out forms.
Provide easy-to-navigate smart forms to guide people through data entry. Fill in some of the form fields automatically by drawing appropriate information from network data stores. This approach helps avoid duplicate data entry and reduces the time needed to fill out forms, resulting in a more efficient user experience.

5. Develop advanced forms functionality without coding.
Use Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 to design sophisticated forms — including advanced data validation, calculations, and rules — without writing any code. After you deploy forms to Office Forms Server 2007, anyone with a Web browser can fill them out.

6. Validate data at the time of entry.
Check for errors at the time of data entry with validation rules built into InfoPath forms. These rules, which run in the browser, avoid network delays and help prevent rework later.

7. Help business users develop their own forms.
With the intuitive Office InfoPath 2007 user interface, business users can create forms, deploy them to Office Forms Server 2007, and automatically submit form data to a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services technology library, with little or no IT assistance. A design-once approach enables people to view and fill out forms in either a browser or a rich client.

8. Rapidly deploy sustainable forms solutions.
Provide developers with reusable code, rapid development and debugging tools, and the ability to write Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET managed code without leaving the familiar Microsoft Visual Studio environment. Intuitive forms design in Office InfoPath 2007 and tight integration with Visual Studio .NET enable developers to reduce the time and cost of delivering advanced forms functionality. Versioning capabilities and the ability to upgrade forms side by side reduce the time and cost of forms deployment and management.

9. Capture common form information consistently.
Design forms with reusable components, which are transferred from one form to another, to ensure that common data is collected the same way every time.

10. Access forms from mobile devices.
Deliver InfoPath forms through mobile devices. Microsoft Office InfoPath Forms Services can detect when users access forms with a mobile device and can render forms in a compatible format automatically.



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