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NewBlue Sampler Pack v1.4 Build 110914 (Win32/Win64)
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (29.05.12)
NewBlue Sampler Pack v1.4 Build 110914 (Win32/Win64)
Program Name: NewBlue Sampler Pack for Windows Version 1.4 Build 110914
Program Type: Video, Plug-ins
Release Date: Sep 29, 2011
Platform: Win32/Win64
File Size: 35.3 Mb

NewBlue Sampler Pack включает 126 пресетов для 5 переходов и 5 эффектов из самых продаваемых пакетов эффектов и переходов NewBlueFX. Все модули были тщательно подобраны, чтобы наилучшим образом иллюстрировать эстетику и полезность каждой коллекции. Newblue Sampler Pack представляет рациональные средства управления, которые поддерживают важные функции и делает их еще проще в использовании.
NewBlue Sampler Pack features 126 presets in 5 transitions and 5 effects from our best-selling NewBlueFX effects and transitions packages. Each plugin was carefully chosen to best illustrate the aesthetics and utility of each collection. Perfect for first-time buyers, NewBlue Sampler Pack presents streamlined controls that maintain important features, but make them even easier to use.

The product is available for all major video editing software platforms, including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Express, Avid Media Composer, Avid NewsCutter, Avid Symphony, Avid Xpress, Avid Liquid, Corel (formerly Ulead) VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Thomson Grass Valley EDIUS.

This collection includes:
- Active Camera (Effect) from NewBlue Motion Effects simulates every variety of camera jitter, from agitated hand-held to jack hammer or a gentle train ride.
- Air Brush (Effect) from NewBlue Art Effects creates an air brushed effect by smoothing colors while maintaining sharp edges.
- Color Melt (Transition) from NewBlue Art Blends morphs between two clips by expanding and softening the colors.
- 3D Confetti (Transition) from NewBlue 3D Explosions turns the first scene into bits of three-dimensional confetti that blow off the screen to reveal the second scene.
- Detail Enhancer (Effect) from NewBlue Video Essentials strengthens the lines and edges in the video image, bringing out detail in a dull or foggy scene and resulting in a clearer picture.
- Film Look (Effect) from NewBlue Film Effects modifies the video's color characteristics and lighting to reproduce a particular film stock or create a unique mood or look.
- Paper Collage (Transition) from NewBlue Paint Blends blends between two clips as it builds the video image from layers of colored paper.
- 3D Pizza Boxes (Transition) from NewBlue 3D Transformations builds a stack of spinning boxes with the sides alternating between the first and second scene. The boxes eventually settle together and combine to create the second scene
- Smear (Transition) from NewBlue Motion Blends blurs the first clip along a motion axis, then clears the blur to reveal the second clip.
- Water Color (Effect) from NewBlue Paint Effects repaints the video scene so that it resembles a water color painting.

NewBlue Sampler Pack v1.4 Build 110914 (Win32/Win64)

Support Video Editing Hosts (Windows):
- Adobe After Effects 7.0 and higher (CS5/64 bit support; Transition Packages not supported)
- Adobe Premiere 7.0 or higher, Premiere Elements 3.0 or higher, Premiere Pro (CS5/64 bit support)
- Avid AVX 2 or higher NLEs, including: Media Composer, NewsCutter, Symphony and Xpress
- Avid Studio version 1.0 or higher
- Corel VideoStudio 9 or higher
- Grass Valley (formerly Canopus) EDIUS version 5.0 or higher
- MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus, Video Deluxe 17 Plus, Video Deluxe 17 Premium, Video Pro X3
- Pinnacle Studio versions 10 or higher
- Sony Vegas Pro & Vegas Movie Studio 4 or higher and Vegas Pro 10 OpenFX (32-bit versions)
- Sony Vegas Pro 8.1 & 9.0 and Vegas Pro 10 OpenFX (64-bit versions)

NewBlue Sampler Pack v1.4 Build 110914 (Win32/Win64)
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