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PointStone MemOptimizer
Software | автор: nimdA (9.05.08)
PointStone MemOptimizer

Program Name: MemOptimizer
Developer: PointStone
Homepage: www.pointstone.com/products/MemOptimizer/
Release Date: 07.05.2008
Interface Language: English
Platform: WinAll
File Size: 1.48Mb

MemOptimizer - утилита, предназначенная следить за работой компьютера в фоновом режиме и освобождать системные ресурсы, когда это необходимо. В результате программы запускаются быстрее и более стабильно работают.

MemOptimizer следит за теми приложениями, которые после окончания работы с ними не выгружаются из памяти, и заставляет их освободить драгоценные килобайты и мегабайты RAM для других программ и процессов. Таким образом, ваш компьютер постоянно работает так же быстро, как после перезагрузки. В последней версии добавлена опция сворачивания в трей вместо закрытия программы при щелчке по кнопке "Закрыть", исправлены некоторые ошибки.


MemOptimizer monitors your system in the background and frees resources when these are required. The result is that your programs will run faster and be more stable than ever before!

- Speed up your computer by managing your memory
- Automatically recovers memory left by closed programs
- Optimizes your memory in critical situations and prevents crashes
- See exactly how much memory you have at all times

How does MemOptimizer work?
Whenever a Windows based program is running, it's consuming memory resources - unfortunately many Windows programs do not "clean up" after themselves and often leave valuable memory "locked", preventing other programs from taking advantage of it and slowing your computer's performance! In addition, memory is often locked in pages so if your program needed 100 bytes of memory, it's actually locking up 2,048 bytes (a page of memory)! Until now, The only way to free up this "locked" memory was to reboot your computer. Not anymore, with MemOptimizer!

Will it Work On My Computer?
MemOptimizer fully supports Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and 2003 Server. It provides its benefits with as little as 16M of memory and as much a 2048M of memory! MemOptimizer provides benefits on the oldest 386 to the newest Pentium 4 and Athlon computers. While no software can benefit every computer in every circumstance, we're confident that MemOptimizer will provide an increase in performance that you can feel, and it will do it when you need it most!

MemOptimizer Key Features:

- Defragmenting your physical RAM By defragmenting your physical RAM, the layout of your virtual memory more closely matches the layout of your physical memory. This increases your memory cache hit rate and improves locality of reference for data, thereby increasing the efficiency of the L1 and L2 caches present on your processor or motherboard.
- Increasing the amount of RAM available MemOptimizer attempts to reclaim RAM from the operating system and applications, so that when the application you are currently using needs memory, it is readily available. This avoids costly swap file access and paging, decreases load time and improves application performance.
- Recovering memory leaks By recovering memory that was allocated and forgotten (leaked) by the operating system and poorly behaved applications, MemOptimizer can increase the amount of both physical and virtual memory available for use.
- Flushing unused libraries and DLLs Many applications and portions of the operating system load libraries that are infrequently used or not used at all; to improve performance, MemOptimizer safely flushes these DLLs and libraries out to the system paging file, freeing up the RAM normally used by them. While in this state, they are immediately and transparently reloaded if needed.

Version history
3.10 (April 21, 2008)
+ Added option to Optimize Memory by right-clicking the the tray icon.
+ Full Vista support.
+ MemOptimizer now uses less cpu cycles when idle.
! Memory over 2 GB is now correctly reported.
+ Support for Windows 95/98/ME has been discontinued.
+ Minor internal improvements.

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