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NewBlue Titler Pro 1.0 (Win32/Win64)
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (21.05.12)
NewBlue Titler Pro 1.0 (Win32/Win64)
Program Name: NewBlue Titler Pro 1.0
Program Type: Video plugin
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: NewBlueFX
Interface Language: English
Platform: Win32/Win64
File Size: 79.2 Mb

NewBlue Titler Pro - Новое решение для создания 2D- и 3D-титлов, разработанное для профессиональных видео-редакторов. NewBlue Titler Pro предназначен для улучшения и упрощения рабочего процесса. Нет больше необходимости создавать графические названия в других программах - Titler Pro дает вам быстрый доступ к сложным анимациям, профессиональным стилям напрямую в вашем видеоредакторе.

Работа в режиме реального времени с GPU-ускорением, создание эффектов и переходов и легкое перемещение текста по X-, Y- и Z-осям - всё это в пределах рабочего пространства вашего видеоредактора. Titler Pro является также прекрасным дополнением к 3D стереоскопическим инструментам.

Новая версия плагина теперь работает не только в Sony Vegas Pro 10/11, но и в других системах монтажа, таких как Adobe Premiere Pro CS5/6, Avid Media Composer 5/6, Grass Valley EDIUS 6

NewBlue Titler Pro - Take Control of Your Titling Once and For All. Once upon a time, you labored over video titling or outsourced it altogether. It was a painful experience and you probably never got the high-quality results you wanted. With Titler Pro, those days are over. Now you can create rich titles in a fraction of the time. With an native plugin interface so intuitive and simple, you’ll have zero to learn and more time to get on with your work day.

Fast and Easy Titling: That means you can create stunning titles yourself - no more outsourcing or sacrificing quality with titling freeware. It’s intuitive to learn and use with plenty of presets and professional tutorials available online. You’ll be creating sophisticated animated titles in minutes.

Hundreds of Plugin Possibilities: NewBlue's expansive collection of GPU-accelerated plugins broaden your creative possibilities directly within Titler Pro. Use NewBlueFX to transition, animate, stretch, paint, blur, glow, streak, shake, and make your titles come alive. Just hover over the text and see it transformed.

2D and 3D Titling Plus Animation: You don’t have to settle for static titles. With Titler Pro, you can create animated titles in 2D and 3D. You can easily customize animations plus use manual keyframing to get exactly the look you want. Don’t have time to animate? No problem, just pick from our selection of professionally designed style and animation presets for a quick, professional title sequence.

The Power of Presets: With dozens of professionally designed presets, Titler Pro allows you to quickly find and use the ones you like. Plus, you can make your own for styles, effects, animations, or complete projects to use again and again.

Real-Time Previewing: Just hover over library assets to see real-time previews or playback your sequences instantly to make split-second editing decisions. You can manipulate individual characters in real 3D space with a click while keeping relative positioning in your paragraph. Customize on the fly with drag-and-drop animations, professional style templates, effects, and transitions while your title project is playing. See all your edits in real time.

Compatible With Your Software: Titler Pro seamlessly integrates as a native plugin with the industry’s best video editing software, like Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas Pro, and Grass Valley EDIUS.

Top Features:
- Drag-and-drop animations allow you to apply rich animations without manual keyframing.
- 100% GPU-accelerated effects for real-time results in your NLE for previews and playbacks
- Import of images as textures so you can layer any JPG or PNG image onto your text or shapes.
- Advanced text animations, vectors, extrusions, and z-rotations to create feature-rich titles without the complexity
- 2D and 3D text layers to combine the benefits of raster effects and 3D animations into one stunning result
- Raster-based effects and transitions to create organic, beautiful looks like motion blur, light rays, and glows
- Animation-based effects and transitions allow you to move your composition through space character by character.
- True 3D space so you can move both 2D and 3D elements in a full-3D environment
- Credit tools to easily lay out justified credits and then apply animation for any kind of motion roll required
- Resolution independent projects so the same work can be used in a variety of aspects and resolutions

NewBlue had released both GPU-accelerated and Titler Pro plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 earlier this year for the Windows platform. Now, all 165 GPU-accelerated plugins and Titler Pro will work for both Mac and PC platforms and will work within the upcoming release of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

- Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 & 6
- Avid Media Composer 5 & 6
- Grass Valley EDIUS 6
- Sony Vegas Pro 10 & 11

NewBlue Titler Pro 1.0 (Win32/Win64)
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    (#1) написал: Gibson (22.05.12 17:11)
    Кстати, уважаемый, а плюги к этому тайтлеру не пробегали?

    Особо интересны "Motion Effects" и "Film Effects".

    (#2) написал: makap (5.06.12 18:17)
    This Titler didnt work with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

    (#3) написал: Kamin (10.06.12 22:58)
    На Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 у меня через 2 дня слетела

    (#4) написал: mnamol (21.06.12 22:15)
    Very ThanX , ...


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