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Digital Juice Animated Canvases Collection 02: Starting Point (2DVDs)
Effects » Video FX | автор: anonymous (4.05.12)
Digital Juice Animated Canvases Collection 02: Starting Point (2DVDs)
Release Name: Digital Juice Animated Canvases Collection 02: Starting Point
Type: Motion Graphics, Footage
Release Date: Nov 2011
File Format: .iso
File Size: 14.3 Gb

Animated Canvases Collection 02: Starting Points - Эта коллекция разнообразных анимированных фонов является важным инструментом для каждого трудолюбивого дизайнера анимации и видео-редактора, предоставляет в ваше распоряжение более сорока готовых к использованию Quicktime-анимаций в HD- и SD-разрешении, которые являются прекрасным материалом для всего, от промо и видео-поздравлений до свадебного видео, DVD-меню и многого другого.

Больше не нужно смотреть на пустую тайм-линию, надеясь на вдохновение, эта новая библиотека разнообразных анимированных фонов станет мощной отправной точкой для вашего дальнейшего творчества.

В отличие от более сложных Editors Toolkit или ready2go, сборники Animated Canvases не содержат настраиваемых слоёв и большого количества анимированных элементов. Они предназначены для выделения текста, видео и ваших идей, и являются идеальным фундаментом для оживления ваших проектов.

Animated Canvases Collection 02: Starting Point - Subtle animations - the perfect base for your motion graphics/videos. For the hardworking motion designer or video editor, this collection offers an animated jump-start to creativity. No more staring at an empty timeline hoping for inspiration. This exciting new library of fresh animated backgrounds provides an eclectic library of powerful starting points for your next motion graphics creation.

Unlike our more complex Editor's Toolkit or ready2go animated backgrounds and projects, the Animated Canvases product line is not about customizable layers and lots of motion elements. It's about giving your text, your videos and your ideas the perfect foundation to come alive and project your message against a subtle supporting backdrop.

The soul of every presentation or production is defined by its background. These 42 backgrounds, in HD and SD resolutions, offer a sophisticated mix of animated light, color and texture that creates a perfect backdrop for everything from product promos, wedding videos and network logo spots to corporate presentations, DVD menus and more. In this package, you get an interesting animated graphic base and a creative nudge to get your ideas flowing and your project moving. Animated Canvases Collection 2 provide an environment that enhances your video and text and makes your material stand out.

• Ready-to-use Quicktime files in HD format work with all non-linear editing tools. Drag-and-drop right from the disc into any video or animation software or use the free Juicer software to browse, manage and output files to any desired format and resolution.
• Seamlessly loopable animations with an average length of 15 seconds. Each animation is 10-30 secs long and can be looped seamlessly to infinity to fit any length production you may need to create.
• Subtle yet powerful designs. Some Animated Canvases may look simple but they are expertly designed with lighting and detail to provide a powerful stage for your text, video and motion design elements so that they can be the heroes of the piece.
• Interchangeable options. Since most Animated Canvases are virtually interchangeable you can give your client multiple options in minutes, not hours or days.
• 42 HD & 42 SD Pre-rendered Animated Quicktime files
• 2 DVDs
• 14.3 GB
• Compatible with all non-linear editing tools
• Compatible with both Windows and Mac
• Requires Juicer version 3.85 or above

Digital Juice Animated Canvases Collection 02: Starting Point (2DVDs)

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    (#1) написал: wahashem (4.05.12 18:28)
    Wonderful !!
    Thanks for sharing
    Beautiful!!! wink

    (#2) написал: fx-maker (4.05.12 20:20)

    (#3) написал: Emilioboblitz (4.05.12 20:38)

    (#4) написал: mnamol (4.05.12 20:59)
    Goooooooood , Very ThanX Bro , ...

    (#5) написал: makap (4.05.12 21:41)
    Thanks for sharing again ...
    I think the first two parts of the second Deposit are dead ...

    (#6) написал: nimdA (4.05.12 22:46)
    hi, makap, all parts are compatible!

    (#7) написал: blumel (7.05.12 04:31)
    Rapidshare, please.

    (#8) написал: tkmvideo (7.05.12 09:58)
    Спасибо за все время вы проводите вместе с нами!

    (#9) написал: Purgi (14.05.12 18:40)
    indeed, the second disk of this awesome share at depositfiles are gone...

    would be wonderful if anyone could upload it again

    thanks and cheers

    (#10) написал: Bulldozer (27.05.12 13:12)

    Sgt Hartman

    (#11) написал: thara (7.07.12 07:50)
    Thank so much
    file_acc_22.part20.rar reup please

    (#12) написал: nimdA (7.07.12 12:58)
    part20 is online!
    (parts are compatible)

    (#13) написал: mohali (21.11.12 19:28)
    Возможные ре-рейз
    на месте filefactory

    (#14) написал: mohali (9.12.12 12:30)
    Please Bring lifting part 20


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