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video2brain: Fundamentals of Compositing Tracking and Roto Techniques with After Effects (DVD-ISO)
Tutorials | автор: nimdA (4.02.12)
video2brain: Fundamentals of Compositing Tracking and Roto Techniques with After Effects (DVD-ISO)
Name: Video2Brain Fundamentals of Compositing Tracking And Roto Techniques With After Effects-iRONiSO
Type: Tutorial, Training
Release Date: 03/02/2012
Publisher: video2brain
Language: English
Duration: 1 hrs 25 min
File Format: .iso
File Size: 1.12Gb

Fundamentals of Compositing, Tracking, and Roto Techniques with After Effects - Настройка и модернизация рабочего процесса. На этих видео-уроках Джефф Фостер - видео продюсер, художник визуальных эффектов, и автор книги "The Green Screen Handbook", - учит вас основам композитинга с зеленого экрана и созданию рационального рабочего процесса ротоскопинга в After Effects с планшетом Wacom.

Вы получите реальные советы по маскам и кейингу снимков с вашего зеленого экрана, стабилизации и контролю кадров в After Effects, и использованию функции Roto Brush. Вы также узнаете, как создать более правдоподобный композиции для переднего плана и фона знаков, используя roto-spline маски, и применение match-moving техники.


Fundamentals of Compositing, Tracking, and Roto Techniques with After Effects - Set Up a Streamlined Workflow. In this workshop Jeff Foster - video producer, compositor, visual effects artist, and author of "The Green Screen Handbook" - teaches you the basics of green screen compositing and setting up a streamlined roto workflow with After Effects and a Wacom tablet.

You’ll get real-world tips on getting the best mattes and keys from your green screen shots, stabilizing and tracking footage in After Effects, and using the Roto Brush feature to create quick and accurate mattes of anything that moves in the frame. You’ll also learn how to create more believable composites by matching your foreground and background plates, using roto-spline masks, and applying match-moving techniques.

The contents of this course include:

What Is Compositing? What Is RGBA?: Compositing is any creative work that involves layering multiple design elements together. With nonlinear editing systems like Premiere Pro, compositing makes use of alpha channels. This chapter explains the core technologies behind the creative tools.

Adjusting Opacity: Probably the most basic and common form of transparency adjustment is the opacity control. This is so common, Premiere Pro makes it the default keyframe adjustment on the Timeline. This chapter looks at the ways you can make keyframed adjustments to opacity using effect controls and the Timeline.

Garbage Mattes: Garbage mattes should really have another name. Something like “amazing mattes” would fit better, since these simple effects combine with others to create some of the most advanced compositing tools in Premiere Pro. This chapter introduces your new best friend in the world of compositing.

Luma Keys: Luma Keys calculate which pixels should be transparent based on their luminance values. They work best when you plan for them in advance and shoot with appropriate lighting. This chapter introduces the unsung hero of compositing.

Chroma Keys: Chroma keys are now so common they are public knowledge. Premiere Pro has multiple tools for creating a Chroma Key effect and this chapter focuses on the standard tools to explain the core controls.

The Ultra Keyer: The Ultra Key effect was originally part of a suite of tools intended to create virtual sets. The keyer in that suite was so good, Adobe put it into Premiere Pro. It provides super-fast, high-quality keys and this chapter shows you how.

Nesting Sequences: Nesting allows for some of the most efficient workflows and advanced effects work, but many editors are not familiar with it. This chapter introduces sequence nesting and gives some examples of how to use it.

Blend Modes: Blend modes were originally a part of Photoshop, but now they are a standard “fixed” effect in Premiere Pro. This chapter introduces one of the most powerful but subtle features for compositing.

Track Mattes: Track Mattes enable you to apply a simple principle to create complex, advanced compositions. This chapter shows you how to use this small effect to get big results.

- Broadband internet connection
- Up-to-date browser with Flash plug-in
- Screen resolution 1024x768 or higher
- Sound card with speakers or headphones attached
- Pentium 4 2.6 GHz or higher, or Apple Mac G5
- 512 MB RAM

video2brain: Fundamentals of Compositing Tracking and Roto Techniques with After Effects (DVD-ISO)

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