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video2brain: Color Correction in Premiere Pro
Tutorials | автор: nimdA (29.01.12)
video2brain: Color Correction in Premiere Pro
Name: video2brain: Color Correction in Premiere Pro
Type: Tutorial, Training
Release Date: Sep 6, 2011
Publisher: video2brain
Language: English
Duration: 2 hrs 50 min
File Format: .mov
File Size: 764Mb (Packed: 486Mb)

Color Correction in Premiere Pro - Корректировка цвета в Premiere Pro. Как анализировать и оптимизировать цвет в вашем видео. В этих видеоуроках, мастер-редактор Максим Яго демистифицирует цветокоррекцию, подробно объяснения основные процедуры контроля, варианты, рабочие процессы, и делится опытом в области продвинутой цветокоррекции в Premiere Pro.

Познакомившись со стандартными инструментами для измерения цвета и света, вы узнаете о быстрой корректировке, трёхпроходной цветокоррекции и других эффектах коррекции цвета. Вы также узнаете, как исправить цвета, используя пресеты, а также как использовать After Effects и сторонние плагины чтобы сделать то, что не может Premiere Pro.


Color Correction in Premiere Pro - Analyze and Optimize the Color in Your Video. Color correction is one of those sets of skills many editors put off for another day - partly because they can make do with simple adjustments, and partly because many of the controls and options are a little alien. In this course, master editor Maxim Jago demystifies color correction and gives detailed explanations of the key controls, options, workflows, and best practices for color correction with Premiere Pro.

After being introduced to the standard tools for measuring color and light, you’ll learn about the Fast Color Corrector, the Three-Way Color Corrector, and other color correction effects. You’ll also learn how to fix and match color with presets, as well as how to use After Effects and third-party plug-ins to do the few things that Premiere Pro can’t do. After competing this workshop you’ll have all the skills you need to “fix it in post.

The contents of this course include:

The Color Correction Challenge: Color correction can make a huge difference to your finished video, but achieving the best results requires you to understand some core concepts that are beyond many editors. This chapter introduces the key features in Premiere Pro that all colorists use.

Standard Tools for Measuring and Adjusting Color and Light: No matter which application you use, there are some universal tools for measuring and adjusting the color and luminance of your pixels. This chapter will give you the core skills and understanding you need to make almost all color correction adjustments.

The Fast Color Corrector: There are many color correction tools available in Premiere Pro, but the Fast Color Corrector is one you’ll probably use every day. It can achieve most of what you need in very few clicks.

The Three Way Color Corrector: The Three Way Color Corrector gives you a high level of control, with shadow, midtone, and highlight selections and secondary color correction. This chapter introduces the color correction tool you will want to use for the more detail-oriented corrections.

Other Color Correction Effects: In addition to the primary color correction tools in Premiere Pro, there are also many additional tools that you’ll use from time to time. This chapter explores a few of them.

Fixing and Matching Colors with Presets: This chapter introduces the concept of using presets to save your color correction settings, then gives several examples of using Premiere Pro’s color correction tools.

Using After Effects for Color Correction: Though this is a course for Premiere Pro users, it’s quite possible you will also have access to Adobe After Effects. This chapter shows you how to benefit from using After Effects as a color correction tool for Premiere Pro.

- Broadband internet connection
- Up-to-date browser with Flash plug-in
- Screen resolution 1024x768 or higher
- Sound card with speakers or headphones attached
- Pentium 4 2.6 GHz or higher, or Apple Mac G5
- 512 MB RAM

video2brain: Color Correction in Premiere Pro

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