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SmartSound Strata Series: Reality Drama TV (DVD-ISO)
Effects » Sound FX | автор: nimdA (20.01.12)
SmartSound Strata Series: Reality Drama TV (DVD-ISO)
Release Name: Smartsound Strata Series Reality Drama TV DVD-TSG
Type: Sound FX, Sound Library
Release Date: 02-22-2008
File Format: .iso (.sds)
File Size: 3.0Gb (Packed: 1.6Gb)

Smartsound Strata Series: Reality Drama TV - Музыкальная библиотека, включающая взрывные оркестровые треки, заряженные ударными и симфоническими инструментами, подчёркивающие весь хаос и триумф прямого состязания. Эти треки предназначены для совместной работы в различных драматических сценариях.
Smartsound Strata Series: Reality Drama TV - Explosive orchestral themes packed with a big-league, network-ready sound. Charged-up drums and percussion coupled with symphonic strokes evoke all the chaos and glory of head-on competition. These cues are designed to work together in various dramatic scenarios across an entire series. Includes matching title and end theme pairs and a collection of bumpers.

Tracks on "Reality Drama TV":

- Challenge Failure A: Contestants will pour everything they have into the last event, but one little slip and it all goes down the drain. Pumping brass and skittering drum loops blast towards a dramatic crescendo that says, 'see ya next time.'
- Challenge Failure B: Pulse pounding suspense is the name of this game, geared to amplify jangled nerves. Includes simmering, 'brain racking' passages as well as bombastic high points. It's made to mark that critical moment when everything slips right through th ...
- Challenge Success A: Turbulent drums, nonstop energy and a churning pulse make this track perfect for the final scene, where it's all on the line. Complete with an ascending, glorious swell of strings, it ends in a way that befits only a champion.
- Challenge Success B: Epic strings collide in perfect chaotic harmony on this ripping track. Featuring pounding drums and a manic piano passage, there's no better way to salute the team that really knows how to 'tough it out.'
- Development A: This plowing drum groove sets a perfect mood for the underdog that could. Roll up those sleeves and put a little mud under each eye - it's 'do or die.'
- Development B: Night falls and it's time to make it happen or go home empty-handed. Here you'll find the lowest, biggest brass section this side of Hollywood, with lush cymbals that will tighten the ropes around any tense plot line.
- Intro A: Launch your opening titles with grandeur using this vast, lilting drum-and-brass soundscape. Full of a wide range of orchestral textures that will jump off the screen. Use with 'Outro A' from 'Reality Drama TV' for a well-rounded episode.
- Intro B: With its galloping stride and massive undercurrent of powerful moments, this track runs the gamut of classic, big-production sound. Try it with 'Outro B' from 'Reality Drama TV' for musical continuity.
- Judgement A: Serious and stern, this plodding orchestral backdrop has a modern edge that nails the reality TV 'elimination' genre. Place your bets on who goes home next - it's judgement time.
- Judgement B: The drum rolls, the bell tolls, and nervous eyes dart left and right. Not everyone gets to stay tonight, and this heavy music says so instantly. Save this one for the episode featuring the 'toughest decision yet.'
- Outro A: Leave them with a big blast of energy that will carry straight through to the same time next week. Includes a bumping bass line and hot, sweeping drum loops that give it that 'remix' feel. Designed to compliment 'Intro A' from 'Reality Dram ...
- Outro B: Let your audience know the battle most definitely 'rolls on' with this big ensemble rock track. Made to ride under end credits, and used with 'Intro B' from 'Reality Drama TV.'
- Player Intros A: Beefy drum fills and swooping low strings make this a great way to introduce your next contestant. Meet the squad - do they have what it takes?
- Player Intros B: Like a hefty shadow walking down a smoke-filled tunnel, this snarling rock throwdown steps out with authority. Macho guitars and rich brass pack this track with just the right might to really shout 'hello.'
- Reality Bumpers: A collection of short cues designed to go with other tracks from the 'Reality Drama TV' library. These bumpers are tailor-made to take you to and from commercial, as well as other situations needing that perfect tag.
- Recap A: Pulsing, trance-inducing tracks like this make ideal underscores for intense footage. To get a consistent edgy tone throughout your production, lay down this mix of throbbing beats and restless string hooks.
- Recap B: A laid-back, sultry groove like this works well pretty much wherever you decide to put it. Cast a watchful mood behind any scene, and unleash the urban flavor coming from the tight, gritty drums. can practically feel the wind whipping in your face, your fists clenched tight, digging for the nerve to face this challenge. Features an insanely catchy main t ...
- Setup B: Round after round of lively percussion and bass will propel your images up and up. Establish the rules of the game with this high-spirited clip.

The SmartSound Music library is the most creative and flexible collection of royalty-free music in the industry. It's the only music that gives video editors access to perfectly edited music from any SmartSound software or embedded technology. All of the music on this page can be resized instantly to any length, freeing you from the limited set of :15, :30, :60 lengths you'll get from any other source.

All music in the Strata Series is designed to work with the Mood Mapping capabilities in Sonicfire Pro. Every track is delivered in Multi-Layer format, with up to 8 separate instrument layers. Preset Moods are included for each track to give users instant access to adjust the mix or feel of the music.

SmartSound audio CDs are designed to work directly with SmartSound enabled software. Our patented technology allows the user to rearrange professionally recorded music to meet their time needs. While the final product produced is compatible with almost any NLE style video software, the CDs themselves only work with SmartSound enabled applications:

SmartSound Strata Series: Reality Drama TV (DVD-ISO)

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