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Apolisoft Font Fitting Room Deluxe v3.5.3
Software | автор: nimdA (1.11.11)
Apolisoft Font Fitting Room Deluxe v3.5.3Program Name: Apolisoft Font Fitting Room Deluxe v3.5.3
Program Type: Font Manager
Release Date: 2011-11-01
Homepage: www.apolisoft.com/ffr/index.php
Interface Language: English
Platform: WinALL
File Size: 3.8 Mb

Font Fitting Room - менеджер шрифтов с предварительным просмотром. Предназначен для установки и удаления шрифтов True Type font(*.ttf, *.ttc), Open Type font(*.ttf, *.ttc,*.otf), PostScript Type 1 font(*.pfm,*.pfb), и Microsoft Windows font(*.fnt, *.fon). Также имеется возможность обработки шрифта для более качественного отображения на LCD-мониторах.

Основные возможности программы:
- Просмотр как установленных, так и не установленных шрифтов с любых носителей, настройкой образца текста, его цветом, размером etc.;
- Просмотр Character Map;
- Просмотр метрик и прочей подробной информации;
- Сортировка по целому ряду параметров, настройка сетов и т.д.;
- Корректная установка и удаление шрифтов из системы;
- Распечатка образцов;
- Поддержка drag-and-drop.


Font Fitting Room handles the most popular font types used on PC today, helps you to quickly preview them, easily add them to and remove from your system. Supported font types include: True Type font(*.ttf, *.ttc), Open Type font(*.ttf, *.ttc,*.otf),PostScript Type 1 font(*.pfm,*.pfb), and Microsoft Windows font(*.fnt, *.fon).

Standard Edition: Has all basic font manipulation functionalities to preview both installed and uninstalled fonts, install/uninstall or load/unload them when needed.

Deluxe Edition: Based on Standard Edition, moreover, it provides an advanced, flexible and easy-to-use database to organize your working font sets or folders, cache full of font properties for extremely fast preview, and quickly find fonts that you are looking for. With Font Fitting Room Deluxe, you achieves maximum efficiency in font management.

Features for both Standard and Deluxe edition:
- Layout: The layout is easy to understand and configurable. Browsing in a familiar Windows Explorer-like interface make it more intuitive. Tabs used to display font Properties, Character Map or Kerning Pairs can be freely swiched on/off, depending on your needs.
- Preview: You can preview the custom sample text in a font list without actually installing them.
- Install and Uninstall: You can easily installed a font/fonts from anywhere accessible to system, or uninstall a system font/fonts, with multiple options.
- Load/Unload: Fonts can be temporarily loaded into system to be used by other applications for the current session. Unlike installed fonts, when the system restarts, they will not be present.
- Plug-in (New in v3.0!): To find unactivated font names in an opened document, send them to Font Fitting Room(FFR) v3.0 and above for activating. Once fonts become active, host software could display or handle fonts properly.
- Print: To print out the preview font list.
- Find: To find text in the preview font list. FFR will not only seach for font name, but also for manufacture, copyRight, and all other text fields avaiable in the column candidates.
- Property: 'Properties' tab provides detailed information of the selected font. Each font type has a set of attributes. In addition to general properties like font name, postscript name, copyright, etc., PANOSE and Metric Data also listed in details.
- Character Map: Character Map displays all the supported unicode characters of the selected font, no matter whether it be installed or not. Tool tip is available for each character which gives the unicode and description of the char.
- Kerning Pairs: This tab displays all kerning pairs defined in the font, using font preview size to draw each pair of glyphs.
- ClearType Tuning: If you are using a LCD monitor, probably you need this ClearType adjusting facility.
- Unicode based.
- Works on 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 platforms.

Features Specific to Deluxe edition:

- Font Sets Management: This feature helps you mark a group of fonts from different places to be treated as a collection set that could be activated or deactivated freely.
- Font Cache Database: Since database caches all the font properties, there is no need to re-parse each font when working on them, so we get the satisfied speed to preview a set created from a folder containing thousands of fonts.
- Search:You can search in whole database or current set, in simple text mode or advanced mode which provides more options including file size, creation date, weight or width class, number of kerning pairs, etc. The search results returned swiftly.
- Child-Parent hierarchy set structure provides a highly intuitive way to visually group fonts and supports inheritance. This feature enable you to create children sets under a parent set, sharing fonts in parent set, and managing fonts in a hierarchical way.
- Drag-and-drop is supported. You can drag-and-drop a set to move it around, or drag a folder from Explorer and drop in "Font Sets" tab/bar to create a new set.
- Shortcuts Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X and DEL are supported. You can copy font file/folder from Explorer or "Browse" tab/bar, then paste in "Font Sets" tab/bar to add font records or create a new set.
- New/Open/Save operations are available for set management database file(s), so you are able to work in different place with the same font sets.
- Each font set has a "default font path", that is set to the folder of fonts when the font set is empty. The set path can be altered as font files moved around to another place, so as to avoid adding them once more.

New in Standard vs. Deluxe 3.5.3 (2011.10.31)
- Addressed an issue of sample text edit-box, fixed .
- Deluxe version: Fixed a bug in database searching function.
- Deluxe version: Improved plug-in font auto-activator process.

Apolisoft Font Fitting Room Deluxe v3.5.3
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