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Curious Turtle Pro Video: Master Rotoscoping With SilhouetteFX
Tutorials | автор: nimdA (28.09.11)
Curious Turtle Pro Video: Master Rotoscoping With SilhouetteFX
Release Name: Curious Turtle Pro Video: Master Rotoscoping With SilhouetteFX
Type: Tutorial
Release Date: 2011
Publisher: Curious Turtle Pro Video
Language: English
File Format: .mp4(h264) + Exercise files
Duration: Over 6 hours
File Size: 2.48 Gb

Master Rotoscoping With SilhouetteFX - Погружение с головой в ротоскопирование! Ротоскопинг абсолютно необходим для всех видов работ по созданию визуальных эффектов. Этот туториал демистифицирует эту работу и быстро поднимет ваше мастерство до следующего уровня. Используя SilhouetteFX - инструмент промышленного стандарта пост продакшн, вы на самом деле узнаете, как анализировать свои ​​кадры, чтобы сэкономить время на очень долгой и трудной работе. Изучите полный набор инструментов, доступных для вас, чтобы создать идеальные маски.
Master Rotoscoping With SilhouetteFX - Dive headfirst into rotoscoping. Rotoscoping is absolutely essential for all types of Visual Effects works. The new video tutorial course, Master Rotoscoping with SilhouetteFX demystifies this work and aims to take your skills quickly up to the next level. Using SilhouetteFX, an industry standard tool, you learn not only button-pushing but actually how to analyse your shot, to save you time in what can be an extremely long and arduous job. Examine the full range of tools available to you to create the perfect mattes and masks.

This Curious Turtle original course takes you from the best strategies for structuring your project, breaking down the elements you need to roto and what are the best and quickest methods to achieve your goal. All video footage and project files are included, so you can practice the techniques and hone your skills.

All tutorials are fully edited. So you are never forced to sit and wait for a render bar to move slowly from left to right. There is enough information packed in here, so there is no need for filler. Unobtrusive highlights guide you to the important areas of the screen, so you never lose track of the presenter's mouse.

Exercise 1 - Golden Threads of Roto (4:35 min)
Exercise 2a - Getting Started - Part One (39:49 min)
Exercise 2b - Getting Started - Part Two (22:41 min)
Exercise 3 - Strategies for Multiple Object Roto (32:07 min)
Exercise 4 - Speeding Roto by Tracking (22:40 min)
Exercise 5 - Articulated Motion (40:43 min)
Exercise 6 - Planar Tracking (24:24 min)
Exercise 7 - Spinning and Occlusion (37:17 min)
Exercise 8 - Keying (25:42 min)
Exercise 9 - Dealing with Motion Blur (22:34 min)
Exercise 10 - Paint & FX (51:49 min)
Exercise 11 - Getting Data In and Out (22:51 min)
Exercise 12 - Shot Breakdowns and Analysis (20:29 min)

SilhouetteFX was chosen for this training course because of the great balance of the roto and effects toolsets, but most of the techniques that you learn will be equally valid when working in your compositing software. We aim to equip you with the strategies for tackling shots and not just what button to push for one particular and specific job.

Apart from the thirteen tutorials, you'll also get the video material to work along with. Check out the course outline to see exactly what files are included. All the final Silhouette project files are included. So if you get lost, you can work backwards and dissect where you went wrong.

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