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Lightmap HDR Light Studio v2.0 Pro + Picture Light Pack
Software » 3D | автор: SonyQ (7.08.11)
Lightmap HDR Light Studio v2.0 Pro + Picture Light Pack

Program Name: Lightmap HDR Light Studio v2.0.20101130 Pro + Picture Light Pack
Program Type: HDRI lighting/reflection maps
Developer: Lightmap Limited
Release Date: 06.08.2011
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7
File Size: 17.9Mb / 769.91Mb

HDR Light Studio - программа для компьютерной 3D-графики, позволяет 3D-художникам быстро проектировать, создавать и настраивать реалистичное HDRI освещение, отражения и эффекты. HDR Light Studio является идеальным партнером для таких 3D-приложений, как Maya, 3DS Max, Showcase, Cinema 4D, Luxology Modo, Bunkspeed HyperShot и HyperMove, Deep Exploration, а также рендеров Maxwell Render, Fry Render, V-Ray, Mental Ray и др.

В новой версии программы улучшен интерфейс, увеличена скорость обработки быстрого просмотра, добавлены пакеты HDRI Lights Packs, Синтетическое освещение и тёмное освещение.


HDR Light Studio 2.0 - The newest version of Lightmap’s flagship product for interactive image-based lighting, HDR Light Studio 2.0 provides 3D computer graphics (CG) artists with an interactive tool for designing image-based lighting environments for their 3D models, and an accelerated way to light a 3D scene with photo-real results.

For all their advantages, HDR images have suffered one serious drawback over the years: their fixed, static nature. Getting exactly the lighting you wanted for a 3D object has always been very labour intensive: hours of trial and error, fiddling and making things yourself or the 'buy something and hope it works' approach. Effectively, you were in the dark.

HDR Light Studio has changed all that. It has replaced guesswork with precision. By allowing you to adjust the image-based lighting in real time, now you are able to - quite literally - see the light. You can adjust and interchange a vast array of studio light sources and effects: all within the instant, with everything, including distortion, handled for you.

Experiment until it's perfect, tinker until you have created the ideal lighting design to maximise the character and dynamism of your object. Then render with one single HDRI that covers the entire light map, compatible with 99% of renderers. It can also be used to improve existing HDRI maps. HDR LIGHT STUDIO saves time, saves money, and improves quality. 9 out of the 10 largest global car manufacturers have seen the light. So have other household names. Have you?

Our Live plug-ins bring the full power of HDR Light Studio directly into 3D software that has real-time HDRI feedback in the viewport. Allowing users to light their scenes faster than ever and see the lighting interact with their shaders and scene. Plug-ins are available for: Deep Exploration by Right Hemisphere, Maxwell Studio by Next Limit, Deltagen by RTT, Patchwork3D by Lumiscpahe, VRED by PI-VR.
- Maxwell Render. The Maxwell Render plug-in is compatible with Maxwell Studio 2.5.1 by Next Limit Technologies. Find out more. Now available to download for HDR Light Studio Pro 2.0 users.
- Deep Exploration. The Deep Exploration plug-in is compatible with Deep Exploration 6 by Right Hemisphere. See it in action. Now available to download for HDR Light Studio Pro 2.0 users.
More CORE plug-ins coming very soon to HDR Light Studio 2.0 Pro...

Picture Light Pack. HDR Light Studio includes a wide range of image-based light sources. These consist of HDRI captures of real-world light sources plus a wide range of creative lighting effects.

What`s new in version 2.0:
• LiveLight. HDR Light Studio has evolved. Real-time preview of the lighting design on your 3D model.
• HDRI backgrounds. HDRI environment backgrounds are now supported (.hdr and .exr format). Now you can put your 3D objects into an existing environment and place additional lighting and effects to bring your models to life. It’s the best of both worlds.
• Transparent backgrounds (Pro Edition only). You can render an .exr of your lighting design with a transparent background. This isolates your lighting design so it can be adjusted or composited using a package like Adobe Photoshop - allowing for even more lighting effects and fine control.
• Brighter and larger lights. Even more dynamic range - simulate lights that are much brighter (10,000W). Create much larger lights or lights that appear much closer (Max size now 1,000).
• Show, hide and ‘solo’ lights. Lights can be shown or hidden whilst keeping their settings. Also ‘CTRL Click’ to ‘solo’ the light, or ‘CTRL Click’ again to show all lights.
• More ‘Picture Lights’. ‘Picture Lights’ is the new name for ‘HDRI Lights’. Picture Lights now support alpha channels for beautiful soft edges and effects. HDR Light Studio 2.0 comes with more than double the amount of lights found in version 1.5.
• Much faster render engine
• Fast preview can be selected at all render resolutions, not just 1,500 x 750
• Choose to ‘Flip’ the final render output in the horizontal direction
• A new location for user and license key files, making it easier to activate your software without read/write permission issues when generating keys.

System Requirements:
Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit and Windows 7 64 bit. (Windows 7 32 bit is not supported)
At least 2 GB RAM, 960MB free hard drive space, Web browser and Internet Connection for software activation and access to support.

LiveLight real-time preview uses CPUs only - there is no requirement for a special graphics card.


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